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20 March 2018 - PNW Migration Update

I’m not picking up any information of new arrivals in the Metro Area.

Birds are on the move, but at low levels.  I continue to believe this is waterfowl movement. 55 more words

Pacific Flyway

19 March 2018 - PNW Migration Update

There is continued light movement up the valley. Probably waterfowl re-positioning.

There has been really nothing to report in the new arrivals, but on the “it’s just around the corner” front: 77 more words

Pacific Flyway

12 March 2018 - PNW Migration Update

Rufous Hummingbirds have made it to the Portland area.

Bullock’s Orioles are in Merced Co. in the Central Valley.

Lots of birds are on the move; most likely waterfowl beginning to head north. 35 more words

Pacific Flyway

07 March 2018 - PNW Migration Update

Well here we are again!

So, vanguard Turkey Vultures and Ospreys have been reported in the valley.

Rufus Hummingbirds along the south coast in Coos County. 98 more words

Pacific Flyway

Planning for Sea Level Rise

The Reviving Your Wetlands—San Elijo Lagoon Restoration—will do more than restore natural habitat. It is preparing the lagoon for rising seas.

There is a lot going on in the lagoon. 711 more words

Reviving Your Wetlands

The Glorious Bald Eagle

A pair of bald eagles were spending the day at the refuge last week, perfect timing for our visit. A mother and her immature. America’s national bird hasn’t always been visiting the… 487 more words