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31 July 2018 - PNW Migration Update

So, i’m walking into work this morning (4:00 AM) and i hear a call note.  I stop and listen for a while and sure enough, there are Swainson Thrush moving through. 108 more words

Pacific Flyway

21 May 2018 - PNW Migration Update

Well, we’re approaching the end of migration.  There’s still a lot of birds on the move but most of the players have made their way into the area. 192 more words

Pacific Flyway

18 May 2018 - PNW Migration Update

Another decent flight last night, not spectacular but solid with good movement being able to be seen.

A couple more Willow Flycatchers in the area and no credible reports of Common Nighthawks anywhere in the state — they’re always last. 79 more words

Pacific Flyway

17 May 2018 - PNW Migration Update

Pretty anemic flight last night.  Darn right odd given the date and light winds.  They were out of the north but really light and i wouldn’t think they would be a deterrent. 55 more words

Pacific Flyway

16 May 2018 (late) - PNW Migration Update

Things are out of control so this is a day late. So i’ll just put in a short post.

Looking at a decent flight with discernible movement and a couple of eBird plots for Bullock’s Oriole and Willow Flycatcher. 39 more words

Pacific Flyway

15 May 2018 - PNW Migration Update

It’s been an odd season.  There has been lots of movement, but it is patchy.  If i recall correctly by the 15th of May we would be seeing “green doughnuts” regularly. 123 more words

Pacific Flyway

14 May 2018 - PNW Migration Update

I’ve been on the road so i’m not completely caught up on Arrivals but looking at eBird Swainson’s Thrush, Bullock’s Orioles and Western Wood Pewees are picking up; still early and singular sightings.  93 more words

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