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30 March 2017 - PNW Migration Update

We can see a few birds on the move darting and weaving between rain cells last night.  At least it’s something!

New arrivals being reported: Vaux’s Swifts, Common Yellowthroat, and now all five swallows. 35 more words


29 March 2017 - PNW Migration Update

Update?  What update? Not happening here.

Let’s look at something more enticing: the night flight across the Florida Straits. 32 more words


27 March 2017 - PNW Migration Update

This is way past getting old so lets not discuss it.

Black-headed Grosbeaks in San Diego, Ospreys, Rufus Hummingbirds, and most Swallows are firmly established in the Metro Region. 124 more words


23 March 2017 - PNW Migration Update

I skipped yesterday because this constant rain is getting old and keeping the birds grounded.

Last night started out the same but cleared fairly early, but still, very few migrants took advantage of the clear skies and south wind.  42 more words


21 March 2017 - PNW Migration Update

Rain, heavy at times and easing up through the night.  Sigh.

There was a nice south wind, so anxious birds braved the weather and picked their way north.  147 more words



Little Peridot had checked the calendar twice.  It wasn’t supposed to be this cold and wet.  Perhaps Daylight Savings Time had something to do with the unseasonable weather.  60 more words