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02 September 2015 - PNW Migration Update

The radar was obscured by the weather last night.  We could make out very low level movement between the cells but nothing to write about.  I did hear a number of Swainson’s Thrush nocturnal flight calls the past couple of nights. 36 more words


01 September 2015 - Migration Update

Looking at the wind mapping you can see that the inland pipeline is still being hampered by strong southerlies, especially in BC.  But the strong fliers coming out of Alaska may just hitch a ride out over the ocean and pass up Washington and Northern Oregon.  107 more words


31 August 2015 - PNW Migration Update

We had a wild weekend.  There was very little that could be seen through the heavy weather and i doubt very much was on the move. 116 more words


28 August 2015 - PNW Migration Update

As suspected the southerly winds of the advancing cold front shut down migration last night.  There was a bit, but probably just repositioning..

The radar just shows the clouds moving in so we’ll leave that out to save space and just put up the wind map today. 36 more words


27 August 2015 - PNW Migration Update

Migration is still concentrating in the east counties but picking up in the west.

It looks like we have a well organized low coming in from the Gulf of Alaska. 99 more words


26 August 2015 - Migration Update

Meh, we still have not had any major influx of migrants.  We are getting reports of arriving ducks (they all look just brown to me this time of year); Shovelers, GW Teal, and Pintails. 102 more words


25 August 2015 - PNW Migration Update

Pretty much the same as yesterday – movement, but moderately so.

It’s always a good thing to keep up with what’s going on up north at the BC… 90 more words