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24 May 2017 - PNW Migration Update

The RTX loop from last night shows what migration looks like as it begins to wind down.  Pretty decent conditions and diminished movement.  But there are still birds in the pipeline as the radar from Medford (MAX) shows. 125 more words

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23 May 2017 - PDX Migration Update

The migrants continue to fill the airways at night.  At this time it is just filling in – the major waves have moved through or are settling down and establishing nesting territories.  81 more words

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22 May 2017 - PNW Migration Update

Our ridge of high pressure is holding and we should have another day or two of this exceptional weather.  There is a deep trough behind it that we need to keep an eye on though. 145 more words

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19 May 2017 - PDX Migration Update

Short post today.  Migration is in full swing as the migrants fill in the gaps. 35 more words

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18 May 2017 - PNW Migration Update

A very good night for flocks flying free.  All alliteration aside, again we had clear skies and gentle winds out of the north.  The upper left corner was cooking green doughnuts last night with a really nice flight across the Strait of Juan de Fuca over to Vancouver Island. 50 more words

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15 May 2017 - PNW Migration Update

The RTX radar is on the fritz again

Message Date:  May 13 2017 23:26:26

KRTX will remain out of service until further notice due to failure of a critica
l component. 91 more words
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12 May 2017 - PDX Migration Update

We’ll save some disc space today.

The arriving squalls kept migration opportunistic and minimal.

No word on our Willow Flycatcher either.

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