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28 September 2016 - PNW Migration Update

Back from a wee vacation.  Only one birding stop.

Last night saw heavy movement along the I5 corridor from the Canadian border south.  In the Metro area the east counties had the bulk of the movement.  124 more words

Pacific Flyway

22 September 2016 - PNW Migration Update

Well, not as exciting as yesterday but lively none the less.  East counties saw the bulk of the movement again.

Barn Swallows exiting their roost is rather impressive this morning.  53 more words

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19 September 2016 - PNW Migration Update

Well, after a pretty miserable few days it looks like the current system weakened a bit last night.  We still had onshore crosswinds but the birds were on the move in the metro area last night.  122 more words

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14 September 2016 - PNW Migration Update

Pretty solid flight last night around the Metro Region.

In today’s loop: just as it starts look at the Yamhill/Marion County border along the Willamette River — Barn Swallows coming into roost!  88 more words

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09 September 2016 - PNW Migration Update

Excellent night for migrant flight!  The I5 corridor was just jammed with birds last night; from the Canadian border to the Metro Area and from Cape Flattery to Fort Stevens — bada bing.  82 more words

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08 September 2016 - PNW Migration Update

Decent flight last night in the Metro area and widespread as well.  I looked at Seattle and Grays Harbor — not so much happening.

Anyway, there is a big high pressure system spinning up offshore.  80 more words

Pacific Flyway

06 September 2016 - PNW Migration Update

While there was light movement last night most of it was obscured by clouds.  So we’ll take a look at the Hydrometeor Classification Loop so we can pick out the biological returns. 78 more words

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