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28 April 2016 PNW Migration Update

Light winds out of the north probably hampered migration a bit but not totally. We had moderate migration last night around the metro region.  Take a look: 64 more words

Pacific Flyway

26 April 2016 - PNW Migration Update

I’m back.  I have no idea what went on over the past few days.  I haven’t had time to check the listserves either.  And i only have a couple of minutes this morning. 73 more words

Pacific Flyway

20 April 2016 - PNW Migration Update

Another solid night of nocturnal flight.

I’m packing up for a road trip — be back next week some time.  The links in the side bar – you know what to do. 46 more words

Pacific Flyway

19 April 2016 - PNW Migration Update

Heavy, even extreme in places, migration last night.  Check out the LGX (Gray’s Harbor) loop and note the extreme, 30+ dBz returns, right at the wrack line. 54 more words

Pacific Flyway

18 April 2016 - PNW Migration Update

It’s been a non-stop bird fest throughout the weekend.  We’ve had heavy migration with more new arrivals being reported in the Region: Vaux’s Swift, Nashville Warbler, Yellow Warbler, Wilson’s Warbler, Western Tanager — all come to mind and i’m probably forgetting a few. 110 more words

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14 April 2016 PNW Migration Update

The wind is perfect for flight — strong and out of the south.  But there is just too much rain to get a sustained flight off the ground. 134 more words

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13 April 2016 - PNW Migration Update

Too much rain and heavy cloud cover.  There were birds jumping between the rain cells but very minimally.

We’ll save disc space and skip the regional loops today.  79 more words

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