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17 Apr 2015 -- PNW Migration Update

Yesterday the west side of Sauvie Island WMA opened — i was there at first light and did not take the time to post an update.  163 more words


15 Apr 2015 -- PNW Migration Update

We have an advancing ridge of high pressure and a retreating trough of low — always a dicey proposition for spring migrants headed north.  There was a bit of movement last night, but it was on the moderate side at best. 65 more words


14 Apr 2015 -- PNW Migration Update

The push of the cold front into the state, with its rain and westerly flows, pretty much shut down large scale migration last night.  So there’s really nothing to see on the radar except rain. 41 more words


10 Apr 2015 -- PNW Migration Update

It was a Pacific Flyway party last night.  Heavy migration from San Diego to Seattle.  Birds definitely took advantage of the south winds associated with the leading edge of the incoming cold front. 119 more words


09 Apr 2015 -- PNW Migration Update

With a bit of a break in the weather we had a significant, but not out of the park, level of movement last night.  So, check out today’s captured radar loop for a peak at the action. 108 more words


08 Apr 2015 -- PNW Migration Update

There was a moderate amount of movement last night.  Birds were picking out opportunities between the rain cells.

Only listserve chatter of note comes from San Diego where Chipping Sparrows, Nashville, Yellow and Wilson’s Warblers, Yellow-breasted Chat, and Hammond’s and Western Flycatchers were reported. 85 more words


07 Apr 2015 -- PNW Migration Update

An unstable set of atmospheric conditions continues to keep migration light and opportunistic.  We’ll save space and pass on the radar image today.

The Warbling Vireos have made it to the Portland Area, and a couple more reports of Black-throated Gray Warblers.  16 more words