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08 May 2015 -- PNW Migration Update

So, i said i would put up a migration update the rest of this season if anything extraordinary came up. While the RTX (Portland) radar was a solid green (heavy migration) doughnut last night, take a look at what’s going on in Gray’s Harbor! 227 more words


07 May 2015 -- PNW Migration Update

Chilly north winds kept migration to a minimum last night in the metro area.

However a strong river of southerly winds crammed a boat load of birds up the Central and Mississippi Flyways.  283 more words


06 May 2015 -- PNW Migration Update

Moderate levels of migration last night trickling off as a little rain started moving through and putting a damper on continued flight.  Could be a good day to check your favorite patch in the Metro area.  62 more words


05 May 2015 -- PNW Migration Update

A turn in the weather put a bit of a damper on last nights trip north.  There were birds in the air, just not many of them — comparatively.  118 more words


04 May 2015 -- PNW Migration Update

Moderate to heavy migration took place all weekend. New arrivals were everywhere out in the field.  I still haven’t seen any reports for Western Wood Pewee or Willow Flycatcher.  93 more words


01 May 2015 -- PNW Migration Update

A high pressure ridge is building just off shore.  The leading edge is not quite here yet so the north winds associated with that are probably a day out.  89 more words


30 April 2015 -- PNW Migration Update

No tail winds, but no significant deterrents as well.  There was a moderate amount of movement last night and even heavy in patches.

We’re still waiting on reports for Willow Flycatcher and Western Wood Pewee to close out this season.  61 more words