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The Pacific Garbage Patch

Do you ever think about what happens to all the plastic items you buy and use in your daily life? Do you ever give any thought to the fact that a plastic bottle can take up to 450 years to… 645 more words


A passive solution to the Pacific Garbage Patch problem?

Earth’s oceans have a problem. It is well known there is a huge area of plastic swarming in the Pacific Ocean. We thought the ocean was so large we could use it as a dump or not worry about stuff ending up there. 327 more words

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No, it’s a weathered, shredded plastic grocery bag.

Inevitably, when I’m out for a walk, I see plastic bags blowing in the wind or snagged by a branch and flapping in the air. 329 more words

Taking on ocean pollution, Boyan Slat

Boyan Slat, boy turned man genius may just save the oceans from the mounting pollution, mostly plastic and styrofoam, that threatens marine life as well as our own survival. 51 more words


Chula Vista students explore the impact of plastics

Today’s blog is from our Education Specialist, Grace! Grace is apart of ILACSD’s team of educators which leads thousands of students and adults each year in… 467 more words


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Myth Debunked

We have all heard the expression “I’m from Missouri”. This response is usually uttered by a person who is skeptical about what they have heard or read. 147 more words

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