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States cannot veto Congress' decisions to put federal lands to productive uses

For decades, the federal government’s ownership of vast areas of the west, and its decisions to restrict the productive uses of these lands, have been… 401 more words

What sort of federal environmental reform will we get?

With a Republican-controlled Congress and a new, unpredictable President who campaigned against several of his predecessor’s high profile environmental policies, it seems all but inevitable that some sort of environmental reform is coming. 566 more words

Should you go to jail if you can't recognize every endangered species?

Over on PLF’s Liberty Blog, I have an update on a case that seeks to radically expand the reach of the Endangered Species Act’s criminal provisions. 326 more words

SB 1161: Makes Questioning “Climate Change” a Sue-able Offense. Criminal?

Did you donate to the Pacific Legal Foundation?  Do you support Americans for Prosperity?  Are you a member of the California Republican Party, which has a platform approving of all forms of energy, including fossil fuel (oil)?  42 more words


Judge declares Seattle garbage check unconstitutional

In January 2015, Dr. Eowyn told you about how the City of Seattle residents could no longer throw food away in their garbage due to a new law… 171 more words


Judge Tosses Seattle's Absurd Ordinance Requiring Warrantless Garbage-Can Searches

National Embarrassment: Seattle Public Utilities Privacy Violating Ordinance Laughed Out of Court.

Under the 2015 ordinance, garbage collectors were required to determine by “visual inspection” whether more than 10 percent of a trash can’s contents were made up of recyclable items or food waste. 325 more words