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We need monumental creativity to resolve Antiquities Act conflicts

We’ve all found ourselves dug into an argument with a parent, spouse, or friend when they make an unanswerable point. Cooler heads would concede but, having dug in, we have no choice but to ignore the argument and continue to pound the table. 493 more words

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Bookseller Files Lawsuit over California's Autograph Law

The Bay Area’s Book Passage filed a lawsuit seeking the repeal of California’s autograph law. Read all about it on the Fine Books Blog.

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Competition among states is the driving force behind environmental policy innovation

Many environmental problems are extremely complex and involve solutions that require significant tradeoffs. For that reason, the state-level experimentation that our Constitution’s system of federalism protects is as essential for environmental policy as anywhere else. 463 more words

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Limits on states' influence over federal lands cut both ways

Last week, the Washington Times published my op-ed on PLF’s challenge to California’s ban on suction dredge mining. From the introduction,

If you ask a rural Westerner how he feels about federal lands, the response will likely contain plenty of four-letter words.

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States cannot veto Congress' decisions to put federal lands to productive uses

For decades, the federal government’s ownership of vast areas of the west, and its decisions to restrict the productive uses of these lands, have been… 401 more words

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What sort of federal environmental reform will we get?

With a Republican-controlled Congress and a new, unpredictable President who campaigned against several of his predecessor’s high profile environmental policies, it seems all but inevitable that some sort of environmental reform is coming. 566 more words

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