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Kipling the pacifist?

Poems often take on new lives and different identities once they get away from the poet, but Rudyard Kipling might have been rather interested, and maybe even amused, by the annexation of his work by pacifists. 607 more words


Punching Fascists: Reflections on an American Tradition

(This article was originally published at Yester.ly.)

The day of now-President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration, Richard Spencer was punched in the head during a live interview by a… 1,215 more words

SPI 2017: Logistics

When I first read about SPI (the Summer Peacebuilding Institute), I saw that it consisted of five, one- to one-and-a-half week sessions. Each session offered several, simultaneous classes; participants could take one class per session. 633 more words


"Fire and Fury" - What Would Jesus Do?

I have  to admit, the title of this post is misleading. The most important question to ask here is not the preverbal, “What would Jesus do?” but it is to task instead, “What would God have us do?” 587 more words

The Denome’s Advocate: Time For the U.S. to Become Pacifist

It’s that time of the month again. The time when North Korea again threatens to engage the U.S. in nuclear war, President Trump issues some vague response and North Korea then shows off their latest technological progress towards making a nuclear weapon that can reach the U.S. 524 more words

If You're Wrong about War, then Maybe Sex Also

Alan Jacobs picks up slack for Jamie Smith’s argument that modern Christians should not reduce orthodoxy to heterosexual sex (about which I tend to agree). But he loses me when he seems to agree with the analogy between sex and pacifism: 276 more words

Spirituality Of The Church

Some thoughts on pacifism

Some Thoughts on Pacifism
By Neil Lock

Christian Michel has posed the question: “Is pacifism not only inept, but also morally abhorrent (evil everywhere should always be fought)?” 544 more words