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Practical Pacifism: Nonviolence in the Workplace

by Geralyn Wichers

When we think of pacifism, it is unlikely that we apply it to our workplace. Most of us  don’t engage in fisticuffs with our boss. 1,127 more words


Help Catalonia: Apadrine a un "indepe".

Cataluña ha pedido ayuda, y aunque lo haya hecho en inglés y casi nadie haya entendido qué decían –lo que no es muy distinto de cuando hablan en castellano—, los españoles, en un nuevo alarde de esa solidaridad que está en nuestro ADN, lanzamos la campaña de acogida: «Apadrine a un…

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Blade runner, 1982 - our favourite quotes

Some of the things to learn from the original “Blade runner“, 1982 and the quotes to back up the findings.

1. One’s truth and identity – is only the result of what one’s learned one way or another. 245 more words


A Biblical Case for Christian Nonviolence

On December 4, 2015, Jerry Falwell, Jr. – the president of Liberty University – stood in front of 10,000 Christian students and faculty members during a weekly chapel service and said, “ 2,793 more words


The Pacifism Papers 1: Answering the Objections to Pacifism

In the last couple of years, I have been working on a project funded by the Marsden Fund of New Zealand about how pacifism is suppressed and subjugated as a theory and practice of politics. 4,829 more words


What is happening?

What is happening has been the fevered query of my mind and heart lately, coming to a fevered pitch with the Las Vegas mass murders and maimings, following closely on the heels of the callous, presidential response to the devastation in Puerto Rico; all of this against a backdrop of political chaos and the very real possibility of nuclear war with North Korea. 520 more words


Today's Quote of the Day...

…is from page 155 of the Liberty Fund’s edition of Adam Smith’s 1759 book The Theory of Moral Sentiments (emphasis added):

In war and negotiation, therefore, the laws of justice are very seldom observed.

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