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Lincoln Peace Walk

Organised by Lincoln Interfaith Forum, the walk for peace was a coming together of faith groups in the Lincoln area to discuss, commemorate, and pray for peace. 261 more words


Suffrajitsu and The Road to Peace

Pacifism is a western luxury. I am able to remain a pacifist because I take it for granted that we have a 21st century legal system that works and that evidence of abuse will be taken into account in a court of law. 981 more words

The missing peace in the Democratic Party convention

Ted Grimsrud—August 1, 2016

It seems that the recently concluded Democratic Party convention (DNC) was a success. Clearly, the convention was orchestrated to show a direct contrast with the Republican Party convention the previous week—highlighting diversity, care for the poor, positive hope for the nation, and the like. 2,312 more words

Peace Theology

Violence and Theology? Just War and Pacifism?—William Cavanaugh Interview—part 1

Cavanaugh is Professor of Theology at DePaul University in Chicago. He holds degrees from Notre Dame, Cambridge, and Duke University, and has worked as a lay associate with the…

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William Cavanaugh

On Fatherhood, Selective Service, and a Space for Nonviolence

“There are no makers of peace because the making of peace is at least as costly as the making of war—at least as exigent, at least as disruptive, at least as liable to bring disgrace and prison and death in its wake.”

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Ursula Franklin: Rest in Peace

Ursula Franklin, physicist, feminist, peace activist, and Holocaust survivor died last week in Toronto at the age of 94. I had the great privilege of knowing her and of serving with her on the panels of several conferences devoted to the subject of how to make this world a place where peace and justice replace war and violence. 2,402 more words

Pray for the World

In case you didn’t know, I am a Christian and an avid pacifist. My faith has been up and down throughout my life but at this moment in time I’d argue that it’s at it’s strongest. 521 more words