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Anarcho-Pacifist Economics

The misconception that socialism constitutes “absolute state control over the market” and laissez-faire capitalism “absolute state disregard for the market” is irksomely common. ‘State socialism’ is not particularly socialist; nor is laissez-faire capitalism particularly laissez-faire. 1,697 more words


How the Church of England profits from the arms trade

Pope Francis last week attacked the “duplicity” of those who profit from the arms trade but “call themselves Christian”. Meanwhile, St Paul’s Cathedral in London has adopted a policy of refusing to host events sponsored by arms companies. 1,097 more words

Human Rights

Fidel Castro punk, June 26, 2006

This article recalls the hypocritical u-turn in Castro’s regime regarding rock music. Castro himself appeared in the consecration of a statue of the late John Lennon. 308 more words


On Pacifism

I wrote this piece during my final term at New College in Oxford last year. Since it represents well my desire to use this blog as a place to discuss the ideas that shape our interaction with the world, I decided to use this as my first post.  2,738 more words


Fighting Terrorism Like Jesus

France has once again been subject to an attack which the president has dubbed “terrorist”. A man has been decapitated and the aggressor has been said to wave a black Islamic State flag. 644 more words

Bible Study

Socialism in One Person

This is the state of nature: every human being in love with every other. Egoism is the primal corruption from which all misery in our history has arisen: war, slavery, hatred, apathy, fear, domination and exploitation. 4,401 more words


Violets beget Violets

My girlfriend is such a cruel gardener. She’s ruthless in her selection of what lives and dies. Which makes no sense to me, she’s a pacifist you see. She simply hates violets.