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Peace Making, Self Esteem, and a bit of a tangent into the Death Penalty.

I think that too much has been said about self-esteem, and not nearly enough has been said about being a person who makes peace.

I was surpised, today, when I saw that these were connected so closely. 450 more words

Writing war and peace in 1914-15: pacifists, peace-plotters, and peacettes

In terms of language, peace and war exist in a state of mutual definition. Peace, as Samuel Johnson states in his Dictionary of 1755, is ‘Respite from war’. 1,351 more words

Albert Camus's Common-Sense Case for Pacifism

In Neither Victims Nor ExecutionersAlbert Camus presents an interesting framework by which we can view the relationship between war, innocent civilians, and the moral responsibility of those who advocate war.  205 more words

Tomorrow the 15th May is International Conscientious Objection Day

The 15th of May is International Conscientious Objector’s Day

Kevin Clements

with help from the Peace Pledge Union, ICOM, Te Ara and even Wikipedia!

In London each year a brief ceremony is held at the Commemorative Stone, to Conscientious Objectors in Tavistock Square London. 669 more words

# Honouring The War Dead By Abolishing War

International tranquility, or just tea

In the same way that Sun Tzu’s classic Chinese military treatise, ‘The Art of War’, has come to be widely seen as a useful manual for a surprising range of non-military activities (everything ranging from… 1,290 more words