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American Gun Laws & Why I'm A Pacifist

The percentage of households with privately owned firearms in the U.S., based on national surveys distributed in 2016, is estimated to be around 36% to 49%. 389 more words


The Hardest

Metaphors can make you or break you, friends. A good metaphor can take the superstructure of a complex theology and fold it up into something portable, something you can stow in your pack as you journey in and out of those shadowed valleys, then erect with a whip and a snap to climb and escape the teeth of wolves. 1,367 more words

Bible Commentary

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp

Another high point of the People Power exhibition was their array of memorabilia from the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, which was formed in 1981 and officially disbanded in 2000. 757 more words

Palm Sunday Sermon: Whose Triumph Is It, Anyway? #palmsunday #holyweek #jesuschrist #God #peace #grace #sermon

For a change, I got to preach today, and I am so grateful.  I love preaching!!!  And I re-discovered my Jesus, and why he is Christ to me, as the message came to me.   2,159 more words

War and Law

Half of Canadians will disagree vehemently with the following, but those people ought to examine carefully the arguments herein, and also their own consciences, lest they become a problem they wish to avoid. 886 more words


A licence to kill?

The recent news around “Marine A’s” (Alexander Blackman) successful appeal to have his conviction changed from murder to manslaughter made headlines. The act which led to Blackman’s conviction took place in Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2011. 466 more words


When @JeremyCorbyn talks more sense on #Syrianbombing than @NZGreens

My statement on the US missile attack on a Syrian government air base. pic.twitter.com/wGZkCK6Y54

— Jeremy Corbyn MP (@jeremycorbyn) April 7, 2017

I know things are complicated, doesn't change the fact violence begets violence.

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