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On Religion and Violence

You are not really a Christian (or Hindu, or Muslim, or Atheist)

In order to understand violence and religion, we have to define “religion.” If we view religion as a community of people, then our religious labels are fine, as they don’t indicate belief, but rather an association or social connection. 1,231 more words


Rakka is bombed after terror attacks in Paris

It seems the most obvious to thing to do: get hit, hit back harder.
But the answer is too simple and it doesn’t solve anything. 150 more words


Can a Christian Refuse a Refugee?

This week I received a question from Switzerland regarding warfare and refugees. Specifically, how a Christian should be mentally and spiritually processing terrorism, borders, and the influx of refugees who are ignorant to, or outright opposed to, the Christian faith. 888 more words


Use of Force

I’m reading “Everything Voluntary: From Politics to Parenting” and I came across this gem from Reverend Horatio Potter’s 1837 sermon on “Intellectual Liberty”.

“error is to be refuted, that truth is to be made manifest and its influence extended not by eternal force, but by reasoning…Produce your strong reasons – employ your intellect to shew wherein my intellect has erred or led others into error, but abstain from violence, which can prove only that you are powerful and vindictive, with-out proving that you have truth on your side.” 23 more words

Confessions of a Pacifist Wannabe

The recent outbreak of terrorist attacks has once again pushed me into a corner.  As a follower of Jesus, I long to respond appropriately.  I am sad for our world.  739 more words


128 Dead -- People Like You and Me

The news reports say at least 128 people have died as a result of the most-recent Paris terrorist attacks. It’s heart-breaking, of course. They were massacred in one of the world’s most glamorous cities — people like you and me. 317 more words