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Three Passages that Prove Jesus was Violent (or not)

Most people who have investigated Jesus even a little bit would agree that Jesus taught peace.  His ethic of enemy love, praying for those who persecute you, and blessing those who curse you are not hard to find.  913 more words


I’ll allow it,
for as long
as I can tolerate
probably won’t be
for very long,
I’m being honest.

I’ll allow things… 37 more words


Which Man Would You Vote For?

Well, people sure do have their opinions about things, yours truly included. The national debate about gun control continues to fire people up in ways that few topics do. 598 more words

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Originally posted: Jan. 24th, 2015


I think learning how to appreciate something is one of the most powerful things that some people have forgotten in today’s society. Whether it’s as small as getting your coffee for free or enjoying something as magnificent as a sunrise at the beach, humans need this ability to be able to keep things in mind and not take them for granted. 153 more words

On Resisting Supremacist Islam

“Pacifist Care-frontation of Hateful Hearts”

A Muslim ex-terrorist says we Infidels must be wary in resisting supremacist, violent Islam.

Here are the recommendations of Dr. Tawfik Hamid, a committed…

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Jesus Following

A Christian Pacifist's Reflection on Guns

by Jason Rodenbeck

This is a piece I published on my personal blog last year.  You can read the original and subsequent comments here.  I publish it again on… 1,844 more words

Jason Rodenbeck

get the fuck home

you’ve been deployed again.
a rifle sprouts from each shoulder
as you stomp into paradise. you skip
past territorial borders
decorated with limbs. a maze… 199 more words