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April Notes

Creation Sunday

Creation Sunday or Creation Care Sunday is celebrated today. It is generally observed the Sunday nearest Earth Day (April 22).

The Psalmist tell us: “The heavens declare the glory of God… 865 more words

"Waiting On The Lord"

Beyond Violence and Nonviolence

It is not about which team wins symbolic points in the violence-nonviolence debate; it is about how different groups’ tactical approaches can work in harmony to build power.

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This To Is Violence

Most pacifists aren’t opposed to violence, rather they merely oppose efficient violence. Millions of people starve to death every year, hundreds of millions go without adequate nutrition, shelter, or healthcare. 206 more words


Open Letter From the Militant Pacifists of America

In light of America’s 154 mass shootings since January of this year (in which four or more people were shot), we in the Militant Pacifists of America would like to openly express our adamant distaste for violence in all its forms. 452 more words


ESSAY: “A Plan of a Peace-Office for the United States” by Benjamin Rush

Blogger’s Note: One of the first three departments created in 1789 in the new executive branch of the United States government was the War Department—now called the Department of Defense. 1,534 more words

Visual Art


Beautiful German weapon sale of the week.

Because somebody has to admire them.

Es sind besorgniserregende Zahlen: Laut Rüstungsbericht hat Deutschland 2016 fast doppelt so viele Kriegswaffen an Drittländer geliefert als noch ein Jahr zuvor. 6 more words


Jesus the Divider Part III: You Want Us to do WHAT?!

Here’s what we know so far:

For those who see Jesus as a model for bridge building, making peace, and striving toward reconciliation, … 1,234 more words