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Winnie-the-Pooh was a Pacifist

Seriously, Pooh Bear didn’t believe in war, thought it was stupid, ignorant, childish (in a gruesome sort of way). Here’s what Winnie’s creator, A.A. Milne, had to say: 329 more words

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Indiscriminately Valuing Non-Violent Games

Starting with the 1980s arcade games Galaxian and Missile Command, games and combat became nearly synonymous. This was only exacerbated in the 90s by the advent of wildly popular shooters like Doom. 922 more words


Pacifist Illusion … April 17, 2016

Is it possible to be a pacifist? It would seem nearly impossible to be a total pacifist.

How can a pacifist be safe? In some way a pacifist would not be so, as they would have to rely on a non-pacifist to protect their safety. 199 more words


A porn actress relax atmosphere between China and Japan

How did a porn actress to “relax” atmosphere between China and Japan. Shortly after China and Japan started a cold war right over the Senkaku islands in the archipelago, a famous Japanese actress who appears in erotic films, tried to make a nice gesture, pacifist. 11 more words