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I live in weird Country...

I was born on 16th of December 1987, like Beethoven, but many years later. I’m left handed like Da Vinci and very intelligent. I’m humanist, I don’t like numbers, counting etc. 105 more words

Hello Friends!

My name’s Santiago (spanish). I’m left-handed and the only one illness I had, was depression. I will try to give you more information about me in future! 17 more words

Why this blog

Who knows how long this blog will stand as I’m not yet convinced that I fit into the gun-toting scene.

I am a vegetarian, a pacifist, and believe in the power of Love. 843 more words


So F*cking Pacifist

Like seriously when are things never shitty? It seems like the mandatory condition of an IB college kid to just cope with things. THINGS!

My immune system has been shit these past months. 329 more words


I Am a Pacifist - D, E

It’s funny to think that I would learn more about myself through education than any other outlet/activity that I’ve ever encountered. Throughout the year, class has been divided up by varying topics that are all discussion-provoking, thought-numbing, and opinion-ratifying. 613 more words

Ap Language

Four Common Misunderstandings: Pacifism

1) Pacifists ignore justice.

You may have heard this famous Edmund Burke quote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” A misconception of pacifists is they are those good people doing nothing against evil. 771 more words