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1 Year of Undertale

A year ago today there was a phenomenal surge of popularity for video game Undertale. The game was created by Toby Fox, a recording artist who also helped with the popular webcomic Homestuck.  249 more words

A Pacifist and a Veteran walk into a Mental Institution . . .

On my final day in the tank, a red-bearded whirl-wind flopped down on the sofa next to me and said the most outrageous thing, “Is there anything to watch other than this constant Planet Earth loop?”  Radical talk right there.   657 more words

REVIEW: By a Man's Face Shall You Know Him (1966)

1966, Shochiku Eiga

Tai Kato
Yoshitoshi Masumoto
Seiji Hoshikawa
Tai Kato
Tetsuo Takaha
Iwao Ishii… 781 more words

Action Films

Word Cloud: DEEP


Some poetry is bold and LOUD.

Some poetry is full of  SymbØli℠.

Some poetry is full of RAGE, or… 1,685 more words



I was going to entitle this: Clarification, For Whatever It’s Worth, but that seemed rather lengthy.

Anyway, it occurred to me that people who read my blog might think I’m plummeting into the ever sinking whirlpool of anorexia and although it sometimes feels that way I am, in fact, doing okay. 775 more words


The Sometimes Mind of an Angry Pacifist with Skinny Legs

Disclaimer:  Intricate Blog about Getting Cross, there’s the S word and the BS word in it. I’m not normally a potty mouth but…

Anger. It’s an interesting bedmate. 1,687 more words