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Social justice in an unjust world




What do those three hash tags have in common? They are the voice of the oppressed, the mistreated and derided. They are voices calling into the wilderness of ignorance and trying to show that human beings in all that varied forms are more than labels and are indeed precious and important. 61 more words


Q&A: Replacing a broken Mail app

Q I want to give my old Mac, running 10.6.8, to a friend, and in the process of preparing it seem to have misplaced the Mail application. 282 more words


Sunny day

The bumper sticker read,
“war isn’t working.”
Mr. bumper sticker,
you are mistaken.
Of all the typical
human endeavors
war alone
has not taken a day off… 32 more words


COVERSCRIPT TIPS - Character Arc & Theme

A character arc is the change a character goes through as a result of what he experiences from the start to the finish of the story. 326 more words


Why this blog

Who knows how long this blog will stand as I’m not yet convinced that I fit into the gun-toting scene.

I am a vegetarian, a pacifist, and believe in the power of Love. 843 more words


So F*cking Pacifist

Like seriously when are things never shitty? It seems like the mandatory condition of an IB college kid to just cope with things. THINGS!

My immune system has been shit these past months. 329 more words


I Am a Pacifist - D, E

It’s funny to think that I would learn more about myself through education than any other outlet/activity that I’ve ever encountered. Throughout the year, class has been divided up by varying topics that are all discussion-provoking, thought-numbing, and opinion-ratifying. 613 more words

Ap Language