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7 Unexpected Things That Happen When You Become A Pacifist

Back in college I came across the Hindu concept of ahimsa, or nonviolence in English speak. Because I’m an evil straight white male and “cultural appropriation” is apparently my hobby, I fell in love with it instantly. 1,260 more words

The Pacifist Bee

Bees are the perfect Pacifist. Not in the truest sense of the word mind you, but in my opinion. They will not attack unless threatened, but when they do their intent is to kill and they give their lives for that purpose.


There are many similarities between the teachings of Buddha and Jesus

Some 500 years before Jesus Christ, the Gautama Buddha, a prince who is considered the founder of Buddhism taught many doctrines that were very similar to what Jesus would teach five centuries later. 140 more words

Christian History

Mahatma Gandhi statue unveiled in London's Parliament Square

Once a pain in the neck of the colonial Masters, the iconic Indian pacifist and independence activist was today honored with a larger-than-life statue.

The unveiling of the 9ft (2.7m) bronze statue marks 100 years since Gandhi returned to India from South Africa to begin his struggle for independence. 41 more words


The making of a COMT

A lifetime journey led me to make the moral choice to become a COMT—a “conscientious objector to military taxation.” World War II was raging when my journey began. 658 more words

Mennonite women as conscientious objectors

Shortly after the Second World War began in 1939, women in Ontario organized their local sewing circles into the Nonresistant Relief Sewing Organization. In describing the humanitarian assistance and moral support given to conscientious objectors in camps and war sufferers overseas, secretary Clara Snider said: “We are representing a common cause and stand for the same principles. 709 more words

Many of the greatest and best-intending people have at some point encouraged or even personally resorted to violent methods. While it’s good to be pacifist, it’s important to understand that pacifists have witnessed their slaughter, and taken up struggle by bodily means to preserve what’s in their minds. 40 more words

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