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Confessions of a (former) passivist.

I didn’t realize right away that I was grieving. It took an article with a headline about post-election grief for me to recognize that ache in my heart, that cold pit of fear in my stomach, for what it actually was. 912 more words

Violence is never the answer

In the womb, in the home and in the world, violence is never the answer.


Free Undertale Cross Stitch Pattern Snowdrake's Mother

Cross stitch pattern of the amalgamate that was once Snowdrake’s mother from the true lab in Undertale’s pacifist route. This pattern is meant to be stitched on black Aida however it can be stitched on white if you use black thread. 162 more words

Video Games

Installing and removing software in Sierra

Software which is designed to be installed on macOS Sierra should not be a problem, as its developers should ensure that it negotiates its way through the additional protection now built into macOS. 1,034 more words



WHEN? Peace, like a soap bubble; eludes us, Poverty, like a stigma; sticks to us, Prosperity, hmm much sought after, Pestilence, though is striving to destroy us, Why SARS, AIDS, CANCER and several…

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By Marilynne Robinson

Gilead is not a book I would have chosen. I read it because it was a chosen book of the Journey Book Group. 340 more words


1 Year of Undertale

A year ago today there was a phenomenal surge of popularity for video game Undertale. The game was created by Toby Fox, a recording artist who also helped with the popular webcomic Homestuck.  249 more words