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Not This Time: A Costly Lesson

I dream in horses…well…actually horse clinics of the Vaquero tradition.  Last year I actually got to go to a Buck Brannaman clinic after many, many years of not being able to (thanks to TBI). 769 more words


Back to the Beginning: Company's Comin' (posted July 10, 2010)

On Tuesday Richard will drive the 60+ mile trip to pick up his nephew and his fiance, do a little shopping, and then return home. We’re not planning on my going because we both know full well it’s probably too much for me. 394 more words

Back to the Beginning: Exhausting Week (posted June 6, 2010)

I wish I had better insight into pacing and planning than I did this week. The yard sale being just last weekend, I really should have planned in more rest and not schedule the cat’s vet appointment for this past week. 802 more words

Back to the Beginning: Tough 24 Hours (posted Nov. 24, 2009)

My dear dog Rudy has stopped eating her normal food. She’s moving pretty slow and this morning I tried juicing for her, she lapped it a couple of times and walked away. 344 more words

Back to the Beginning: Neurologist (posted May 23, 2009)

Appointment with Neurologist Thursday went well.

I shared I’m still struggling, I definitely have limits of only a half day now or I crash. I mentioned caffeine used to help extend my brain budget, now it is not working at all! 879 more words

Back to the Beginning: Understanding this New Injury (posted Apr. 13, 2009)

Hi Everyone,

The last week or so have been a complete whirlwind as I go back into the world of daily appointments, paperwork and phone calls. 1,139 more words

Back to the Beginning: EXCELLENT Brain Budget Analogy from rehab (posted Feb. 22, 2009)



(Posted with permission. If you share this helpful document with others, please give proper credit to the authors and do not alter document in any way. 572 more words