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So I’m a massive nerd (I’m a few weeks off a PhD after all) so I like to measure things.

I’ve also decided (possibly entirely foolishly) that I’m at a part where a formal fitness plan should be a thing. 183 more words


Not doing things.

Today I have tried to do nothing on my to-do list. On top of that I’ve also tried to not do things that are not on my to-do list but probably should be. 328 more words



There’s another reason I am feeling particularly lousy right now.

I’ve had to not do something. I am struggling to not plan to do things, I have to keep optimistic and assume that I’ll be well enough to do things. 352 more words


I need to slow down

I’m speaking mentally, more than physically. Of course I need to keep making sure I pace myself physically too, and work out how this “treat in exchange for going for a walk” works – particularly today when I am too exhausted to go for a walk (maybe later, right now I’m staying in bed!). 413 more words


Got My Head Shrunk

So of course it was fine, she didn’t laugh at me and send me away and didn’t say there was nothing that she could do. In fact it was very positive. 465 more words

Mental Health

I need a thing

Being ill is more difficult when I’m feeling better. When I’m very ill, not doing thing is a lot easier because I don’t actually want to do things. 521 more words



Recovery verses living life a little. I’ve been putting a lot of thought in to how much I want to recover as fully as possible and as quickly as possible as opposed to actually doing some stuff, which although will slow my recovery, will actually make me feel like I’m living my life and about what compromises can be made where. 164 more words