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"Perception is reality"

Paradox.  Irony.  Ambiguity.  Life!


Dad used to say, “Perception is reality.”

I wish I could talk to Dad right now.  I miss him.

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Pacing Myself

A Card in the Mail

Today was a DOOZY.  (actually…make that Wednesday was a doozy….I started this five days ago)

I’ve been looking forward to this morning because I had an appointment to see Charlene, my counselor. 854 more words

Pacing Myself


Buddha gained enlightenment under the bodhi tree.

This week I had some awesome conversations under trees about trees (specifically The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil).   199 more words

Pacing Myself

Starting Over

Have you ever spent a lot of time on something, only to discover you needed to stop and start all over?

Maybe it was a complicated piece of IKEA furniture. 413 more words

Pacing Myself

170117 - Fog is lifting, slowly...

Weird mood at work when I came by. Strange. Although I really don’t care at the moment, I am alone here now and I have more important things to worry about. 253 more words


Pacing Myself

The last few days, I have been taking things slowly. Frustratingly slowly.

I find that I am generally in one of two states. Either I am feeling really low, and unable to do anything… or I feel positive, and energised, and that I can do many things. 121 more words

Mental Illness