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Pack Out Volume 1, Part 2: Controlled and Uncontrolled Chaos

Our pack out happened on Tuesday, and it went beautifully and really quite smoothly. That does not mean, however, it was not without its craziness. 1,388 more words


Pack Out Volume 1, Part 1: Marie Kondo on Steroids

We have now begun packing in earnest. Or rather, we’ve begun organizing for the pack out in earnest. (We’re not actually allowed to pack boxes ourselves, everything must be packed by the movers.) I hate the actually logistics of packing, but I secretly love tidying up. 419 more words


Elk Shape Part II - The Pack Out

Anyone who has been hunting elk for even a short amount of time knows that elk hunting is hard work. You often cover miles of rugged terrain in less than ideal conditions. 209 more words


Five Lessons from a Serial Mover

Moving frequently has taught me a lot over the years. From efficient packing methods and letting go of possessions to settling accounts associated with the soon-to-be old address, I have learned something from each move I have made in my life. 1,418 more words

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A pretty successful packout!

We had our packout on Monday.  We packed out quite early – almost 3 weeks before our departure – because it was basically the only day JR could be there given his current work schedule.   766 more words

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We have tickets - kind of

When I started this post it was titled “Holy cats, we have plane tickets!”.  But it was silly of me to think things could be so simple! 525 more words

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Preparing for our next move

It seems like all I do these days is look at the calendar, make plans and make lists.  We have less than 3 months left in Kosovo! 898 more words

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