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Our life in boxes

To begin the journey of being a foreign service officer, it begins with A-100. But first we have to get to A-100. The trek from OK to DC is roughly 1,212 miles and about 18 hours long. 511 more words


The Pack Out Paradigm

Monday was Pack Out Day (cue Jaws dun-uh-dun-uh music), the day our entire household got disassembled and dissected, all our worldly goods boxed up and labeled for their journey to our South American onward assignment. 1,012 more words


The Freetime Paradox

Have you ever noticed how when you have more time you get less done?

I’m not sure if that’s a universal thing, but for me, I’m waaaaay more productive when I’m working within time constraints. 239 more words


The First FS Challenge: Packing

With 19 days until I move to Arlington for my A-100, I’m preparing for my first challenge as a Foreign Service Officer (obviously not counting the application process): packing for my move. 420 more words