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The Sculptures of jonathan (Part1)

This week, I have had to work with sculpture. This project is challenging me because I never ever create a sculpture before. The sculpture is about jonathan livingston seagull which I have to read all the jonathan livingston seagull book, then transfer the story to the real sculpture. 153 more words

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Once upon a time

In February, there are many good exhibitions that is in the center of Bangkok. I and my friends went around the city to visit the exhibitions. 106 more words

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Hello Pop-Up

Morning morning, today i woke up early because I can’t wait to share my story. This week I just finish my Pop-up project. This a project is about creating Teaser Pop-up for To-Klom musical. 95 more words

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My logo is me

Hello world, this is my first post on WordPress, I am very excited to share my story, work, and other experience of my life to you. 219 more words

Package Design

Mucha Liga Tequila

I stumbled upon this remarkable tequila in Kyoto, Japan, of all places. In a lovely tequila bar, this bottle stood head and shoulders ;) above most of the others on the shelf. 22 more words


Multipack Concept

Title: Project Semicolon

Date of Creation: October 2016

Project Description: This multipack concept targets those who have submitted their story. As a kind of care package, you will receive a box that is painted like a book, and this box contains all the materials needed to stay positive and know you are not alone as your continue to write your story. 58 more words


Ultimate Soapbox

I did a soap box for Ultimate Soap, went with a ‘Men only’ vibe to get attention and market this as a rugged soap for outdoors. Isometric render coming soon!!