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Tea Triumph and Tea Tragedy

Where We Left Off

So this is the final post of my Svathya tea project and the final post of this semester. And I have a quandary. 980 more words

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Packaging Design: The Trick ...

Packaging Design: The Trick Is Getting Your Dielines Right

by Christine G. Adamo

Were you hired to design product packaging? Are you scared to death of dielines? 381 more words

Tempest in a Teapot - The Storm Gains Strength


I sketched 21 ideas over the course of two days and found a few that I thought held promise. You’ll see a variety of takes based on yoga poses which was my very first spark of an idea. 674 more words

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A Tea with No Name

The Project:

Design the structural packaging and surface graphics for a new range of tea bags that includes three types of tea. Choose the varieties or names for the new range and develop a descriptive strapline for each variety to explain the character, quality, flavor, and properties of each.  581 more words

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DASANI brand

DASANI® Sparkling is possibly the most refreshing way to stay hydrated. The cans of sparkling water come in absolutely delicious flavors, like Black Cherry and Raspberry Lemonade, that are naturally flavored.



There are two types of people. Wig People and people who aren’t Wig People. I’m a Wig Person. Why did I become a Wig Person? And is there anything I can I do to help the disadvantaged people who lack the opportunities to become Wig People themselves?  366 more words

Obsessive Compulsive