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LaTeX Package bundledoc in Ubuntu 12.04


I need a technique to do collect output in my LaTeX document. So, my LaTeX document will be exactly same with any LibreOffice document in which a single file contains all resource files. 255 more words


Finally, I've Found Offline Package Management System I Need


For many years, I was waiting for offline package management system in Linux. I got it at 2013 and I implemented it at end of 2014. 295 more words


Bower for package management, it makes sense now

I finally see the point of using Bower for package management for front-end web development. It’s made for larger projects where you’re going to be upgrading components every few months and the dependencies really need to be managed for that. 203 more words


Putting some "Salt" on Azure

It doesn’t matter if you simply need to run a single Bash command on multiple machines or deploy some package to multiple machines, the key is when you have more the 2 machines you need to deal with having some sort of distributed command line tool or package management system is key. 717 more words

Thiết định cho editor Sublime text 2

Sublime text 2 là một editor hiện đang rất hot, được rất nhiều người tin dùng.Với phong cách Simple is the best, Sublime được nhiều người yêu thích vì sự gọn nhẹ, đơn giản và hơn nữa là thư viện các chức năng hỗ trợ đa dạng không thua kém gì các IDE khác. 539 more words

Control Key

Announcement - Technical issues.

Unfortunately I only have one machine and when things do not work properly I try to fix the issues. I was going to do some gaming videos as well as Linux tutorial videos. 277 more words


Solaris Package Management

I needed to install GhostScript on a Solaris 10 SPARC server to support a project where we are moving a customer from printing and snail-mailing paper invoices to e-mail a PDF of the invoice each night.   521 more words