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Missing Libraries or Packages from vRealize Orchestrator

Time and again, many of my customers who use vRO or have just started using it have spent many hours puzzled as to why dont they see even after many reboots. 60 more words

Vegware 8-Ounce Kraft Cup, 50-count Packages (Pack of 2)

Our hot-drink cups have a corn starch rather than plastic lining. This means that they are fully compostable. They are available in 4, 8, 10, 12 and 16oz sizes, and can be supplied with a custom print for orders of 50 cases.
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Check if package installed already

Problem: You want to make sure that a package is loaded before running your script.r


Basic Idea:

  • Create a function that checks whether a package is installed previously or not…
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Hadley Wickham's Advanced R in Amsterdam

On May 19 and 20, 2016, Hadley Wickham will teach his two day Master R Developer Workshop in the centrally located European city of Amsterdam. 75 more words


What do m&ms and Burt's Bees have in common?

They make a great mail combo!

Well, not the actual m&ms, but the container they come in. You know. . . these tubes.

We ended up with several of these because my daughter opened them at the store when I wasn’t looking. 96 more words

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