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Testing vs. Doing Handout

Packet Handout that fits the branding already in place. Handouts describe the position of the educators administering standardized tests.

View the PDF of page #1 here: TestingDoing


Turning a Raspberry Pi 2 into a packet station

I keep thinking it’s a good idea for emergency communications to have a packet station. Since I’m cheap, I didn’t want to get extra hardware – instead I wanted to use what I had. 562 more words


Seeds of All Evil

  There it was in my mailbox, an innocent looking envelope addressed to me. Yes, I thought it was interesting that there was no return address, but I overlooked that in the excitement that someone had mailed me a letter. 260 more words

Much Ado About Nothing

EIGRP – Packets & Neighborships


EIGRP is Cisco proprietary Distance vector routing protocol, that works on Internet protocol number 89.

EIGRP has four components

  • Protocol-Dependent Modules 
    • EIGRP implments modules for IP,IPX and Apple talk.
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Analyse tshark capture in Kibana

Tshark is the terminal version of the packet capture application Wireshark. Using Tshark in combination with an ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) it is possible to display your capture results in graphs. 287 more words


Waste Not!

I hate to waste and one thing I find goes to waste is the excess chicken seasoning left over after shaking a chicken leg. Being single, there is too much seasoning in a packet. 51 more words

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