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Foil Packet Tilapia

Cooking things in foil packets makes me think of camping. In particular, I remember one camping trip where we made foil packets with chicken, potatoes, and carrots. 332 more words


Scapy , perfect tool for wireless attacks .

Download and installation

  • Install Python 2.5
  • Download and install Scapy.
  • (For non-Linux platforms): Install libpcap and libdnet and their Python wrappers.
  • (Optional): Install additional software…
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The Importance of a Network Analyzer – Packet Sniffer. Must-Have Features for Demanding Engineers & Administrators

Find out why a Network Analyzers are considered the most important tools for any Network Engineer or Administrator and how they can help troubleshoot simple or complex network problems. 13 more words

The jinx that was the KShs 1,000 note

Dear person who dropped (or threw away, I wouldn’t know for sure) a Ksh 1,000 note that I found lying by a roadside,


When I picked up that currency note, my soul was utterly glad and I hummed songs of thanksgiving and praise.

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Wednesday, April 1

Today we watched Zeffirelli’s interpretation of the beginning of the play and compared it with Luhrman’s interpretation. SSR projects are due today! Next Tuesday I will be collecting the packet for Act I. 30 more words


I am a packet of light.

I live at the center of a bulb with my friends in a cottage near the sea. My bulb is near a window so I’m not switched on often, but my light is the brightest of them all – inside the cottage and inside my bulb. 855 more words

Not So Shorts

Packet Capture on High-End SRX devices

To obtain packet capture on High-End SRX devices, perform the following procedure:

Configure the datapath-debug on the device under the hierarchy:

To configure the device for data path debugging: 9 more words