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Waste Not!

I hate to waste and one thing I find goes to waste is the excess chicken seasoning left over after shaking a chicken leg. Being single, there is too much seasoning in a packet. 51 more words

Random Thoughts

Inquiry + Welcome Packets | Business 

I’m not meaning to be quiet over here. I’m in the process of building my inquiry packets and my wedding welcome packets.
I feel like having these to give to potential clients and then clients who have booked gives you a bigger voice and having all of your information in one place to present to potential clients can give you a head start to the inquiry/booking process. 380 more words

Erika Ritschard Photography


The idea for this cartoon comes from my dear friend and fellow INFJ, Stephanie, @cosmickismet on Twitter. Everyone needs to be understood and appreciated. What better way to help those along who want to be in relationship with us?




패킷헤더 구성

  1. Source IP
  2. Target IP
  3. Source Port
  4. Target Port

Get Your Goals Going

A few days ago I posted on a creative Facebook group about finding an accountability partner to keep me on track towards my goals. It was intimidating basically advertising the fact that I was in desperate need of help, but I received a good response. 194 more words

Creative Collectively

The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old # 58

Margarine/butter used to be sold in sticks of white, as we all know-
Until the ladies, added that packet, included, that turned it yellow.