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A Day Math III Homework 2.24.15

For next class you need to be through the Try These C in the the 1.1 DVD Promotion packet.  Additionally, you need to complete #1-12 in 12.1 College Tutoring.

Math III Homework

Yoani Sánchez: "The Packet" Bringing Foreign Media to Cuba

“Do not talk about politics or religion,” says the number one rule of the most extensive illegal data network in Havana. Those who join the network of routers and antennas that make up SNET accept such guidelines as a matter of survival. 425 more words


New Teacher Letter

In the past I have assumed that people called to teach in Primary knew what was expected and what they were to do.  Recently, I have realized that is not necessarily the case. 667 more words


How to change timezone while analyzing pcap file ?

In this article I am going to show you, how we can convert the time zone entries into pcap file.

I have taken two servers running in different time zone. 328 more words


B Day Math III Homework 1.13.15

2B – For next class please complete 1.6 CYU and make sure you have completed packet 1.6 and #1-9 in 4.1

3B – For next class please complete #4-13 on p. 14 more words

Math III Homework