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The term “encapsulation” is used to describe a process of adding headers and trailers around some data. For example, when you send an email using your favorite email program (like Outlook or Thunderbird) that email is sent from the Application layer to the Transport layer. 216 more words



On May 30th, 2017, the world had it’s first official J-Day. Rules were in my Advanced Writing class under Corrina Wycoff in Spring of 2017 that we had three authors workshopped a day (our of 12) and everybody else had one of the authors to critique. 40 more words


Conan Writing Submission

Just like any ambitious writer, I am making a name for myself without asking for any favors. That’s why, when my friend’s father’s friend’s friend said he has a friend on  69 more words

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Topps Superman: The Movie trading card packet (series 1) (1978)

This is an unopened packet of Superman: The Movie trading cards.  Produced by Topps in 1978, the entire set of series one cards totaled seventy-seven and also came with great silver “foil” stickers.  108 more words


ESP to Wireshark

Everyone’s favorite packet sniffing tool, Wireshark, has been around for almost two decades now. It’s one of the most popular network analysis tools available, partially due to it being free and open source. 168 more words


Naishapur Cigarette Empty 10 Count Tin Packet 1901 Stamped Oriental Tobacco Co.

Naishapur Cigarette Empty 10 Count Tin Packet 1901 Stamped Oriental Tobacco Co.
NAISHAPUR CIGARETTES Empty "10" Count TIN Pack From The Oriental Tobacco Co. This Tough To Find Tin Example Was Preserved In A Collection, Remains In Good Condition. 155 more words