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Hey Senti

There’s the senti version of myself that I have been trying to avoid throughout this process of tying loose ends, packing up, and getting ready to go. 343 more words


Brigid Keenan thinks my book is amazing!

Having a bit of a serious fandom moment here – one of my favourite authors and the writer of one of the best ever books about expat life, Brigid Keenan, loves my book! 285 more words

Accompanying Partner

Day 146

Today I am grateful for temporary chaos.

My apartment currently looks like a war zone. Boxes everywhere. Complete chaos. I have two weeks to go until moving day. 128 more words


1 Week 'till Blast Off

This last week, my first off work and my second to last in England for a while, has been spent attempting to tie up loose ends, saying my goodbyes and generally trying to organise my life into some kind of acceptable shape before I jet off. 344 more words


Empty Rooms

I remember standing in this same empty room when I first moved into The Slater House two years ago. The walls were an unpleasant Pepto Bismol pink and when you entered the room a lingering dusty antique smell greeted you, making you choke if you inhaled too deeply. 1,200 more words

The End Is Near | Part Three | Adventures Of Shy Girl


Well, today marks the last day of classes and the week of finals is upon us. The stress is mounting. At a meeting for Writing Underground last night we did a free write, this is a revision of what I wrote. 552 more words


Packing up

Pictures: American Avocet, and these pictures taken in Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in NM. Maybe 4 or 5 year ago.

Blythe: Made my last trip into Blythe today and did my laundry and some shopping. 71 more words