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Oh, the joys of . . .

Moving while working overtime. Oy. I should pick up the keys to my  new place this week, which is AWESOME, but the amount of crap I have surrounding me is just the opposite!  156 more words


Leaving Brussels

The other day when I was in the cellar, I came across a lamp base with a red sticker on it.

It brought back the memories of leaving Brussels so I will now share with you what I wrote then and why the red sticker bought back memories…. 436 more words

August 10, 2015

We loved Seattle when we visited the city in May of this year. It’s a city that has everything: spectacular scenery, plenty of culture, great food and coffee and a chocolate factory. 498 more words


Moving all our stuff

We were still saving money for land (hopefully) but were also seriously considering just buying an existing home and renovating it over time. We were looking around Campbelltown, Ruse, Raby, etc The houses there were generally run down and needing some love but it was going to be a long process. 256 more words

Empowering Women, a Reason to Walk

It is invigorating and terrifying to begin uprooting and relinquish a stable life here in the Default World. According to my city friends, these past 4 years tucked up into the Colorado Rockies, hiking, biking, skiing, and otherwise adventuring hardly counts as such but it is about as much civilization as I can handle. 848 more words

Half The Sky

Hey Senti

There’s the senti version of myself that I have been trying to avoid throughout this process of tying loose ends, packing up, and getting ready to go. 343 more words


Brigid Keenan thinks my book is amazing!

Having a bit of a serious fandom moment here – one of my favourite authors and the writer of one of the best ever books about expat life, Brigid Keenan, loves my book! 285 more words

Accompanying Partner