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Moving Cities 3 times in 2 years- with kids in tow....

Packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking twas a vicious cycle!

Pad and I first met when we were both living in Sydney, we worked together, hit it off (with lots of wooing on his part 😝) and now here we are. 949 more words

Looking back at packing it all up

Clearing up old photos and deleting content that is no longer required, I stumbled across photos of our possessions back in South Africa. I looked at a few items and felt sad that we had sold those pieces. 441 more words

Breaking Camp


So I completely understand that rafting season is over for me for this year. Not my idea obviously, but sometimes things are what they are and moping over it doesn’t change anything. 308 more words

Magic Moments

The road ahead

Six days till our departure date. We’ve done our practice pack, checked for excess weight, separated the unnecessary things and put them into a give- away pile. 647 more words

Sailing Adventures

Eureka! Grass Valley, California

THE MOVE – Part 1

Wednesday June 28

We made it. Not exactly on time, but with the help of several people we made it out, and not forgetting the additional boxes we had to go out and buy. 414 more words

A Date is Set to be in Germany

Good Afternoon!

Since I have gotten a few comments, I thought  I should update everyone on the details of when we will be officially in Germany. 269 more words

Preparing To Move