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Beaver Creek - Summit (no) Trail

Kasey and I decided to take advantage of an early (hot) June weekend and explore her new stomping grounds in Fairbanks. Beaver Creek is a National Wild & Scenic River just north of Fairbanks in the White Mountains with road access. 578 more words


Epochal Moments.

The river was high, fast, and swift. I was full of adrenaline and fear and we were not even on the river yet. Most of it had to do with my mishap last weekend where I flipped out of my boat and had a bit of trouble gaining back my composure. 89 more words

You Gotta Be a Wolf to Catch a Wolf

Gearing up for summer means planning for upcoming trips and preparing ourselves for what we are going to put our bodies through. Training is an essential element to our preparation and should not be overlooked. 310 more words

Foxtrot. Uniform. November. Clear for takeoff.

Congratulations to our team member Ryan Conti on working really hard over the last year to earn his private pilot’s license. We took advantage of his expertise and qualifications to fashion a quick day trip.

Off-Season Daydreams

It seems incredible that the warmest place we went in Alaska last summer was the Arctic, but such is the case. The sandy corridor of the Kobuk River was almost overpoweringly sunny and warm at times and we squirmed for self-created shade in our packrafts. 738 more words


Near Misses

I kicked steps into the wind blasted slopes, each one sending tufts of floor down to the valley below.  The snow was shallow, my steps often punched right through to the rocks inches below.  1,604 more words


Packrafting Portage.

Our awesome friends borrowed packrafts and invited us on an adventure. We loaded packrafts into our backpacks and drove to Whittier. It was our first time to Whittier and our first time through the Whittier Tunnel, I mean the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel. 623 more words