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Off-Season Daydreams

It seems incredible that the warmest place we went in Alaska last summer was the Arctic, but such is the case. The sandy corridor of the Kobuk River was almost overpoweringly sunny and warm at times and we squirmed for self-created shade in our packrafts. 738 more words


Near Misses

I kicked steps into the wind blasted slopes, each one sending tufts of floor down to the valley below.  The snow was shallow, my steps often punched right through to the rocks inches below.  1,604 more words


Packrafting Portage.

Our awesome friends borrowed packrafts and invited us on an adventure. We loaded packrafts into our backpacks and drove to Whittier. It was our first time to Whittier and our first time through the Whittier Tunnel, I mean the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel. 623 more words


Never Alone

Day 7

It was August 1st. After raining all night, we got a break in the morning. I had decided that with the weather the way that it was that we needed to get to our pick up spot because then they would know where to find us. 1,488 more words


Silver print Wallace!

I’m such a bad photographer, it’s almost cool.

As some people know, I’m a rewarded artist. Everything I do can be seen as art. My drawings are so amazing that Leonardo DiCaprio bought one of them. 247 more words


Inclement Weather

Day 5

The sun greeted us with a forceful handshake on the morning of the 5th day. We were all so happy to see it and knew we were getting a treat. 1,003 more words


Long Walk in the Weminuche

This trip to the Weminuche has been in my mind for the past two years now and it finally all came together this past weekend. The trip would be a 12 mile out and back to a high elevation lake hidden away in the San Juan mountains of southern Colorado. 596 more words