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Pac-Man Connect and Play - 12 Classic Games

Pac-Man Connect and Play – 12 Classic Games

Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Pac-Man; Bandai’s Pac-Man Connect and Play brings back your favorite classic video games right to your television… 20 more words

Episode 65.- Cheating

Hello Everyone!!

On this week’s new episode Motoi, Brent and Edgar talk about some of the latest news, such as the passing away of Masaya Nakamura, who’s company created Pac-Man and the controversy surrounding the APA Hotels’ CEO. 97 more words


How I came down with a case of Pac-Man Fever at an adult arcade

“I’ve got Speedy on my tail, and I know it’s either him or me.”
–“Pac-Man Fever,” Buckner & Garcia

It’s Saturday night in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and I secure my place in line, which is already 50-people deep.

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Picture of Today 2/18/17, Pac-Man Fever..

A little side-walk art in Seattle’s Capital Hill district, placed last year by the Seattle Department of Transportation.

I think it’s cool, if not to think too much of it all. 54 more words



Created by video designer, Toru Iwatani and released in 1980. It was designed to have no ending so you could keep playing and rack up mega high scores. 63 more words


All Frogs go to Heaven

What frog acts like a paratrooper? What frog has see-through skin? What will some frogs do to protect their eggs? What is a pacman frog? In my last… 527 more words


Namco founder and “Father of Pac-Man” has died

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Masaya Nakamura, the founder of Japanese video game company Namco, has died at age 91. Nakamura is widely known as the “Father of Pac-Man” for his role in bringing the arcade classic—created by designer Toru Iwatani in 1980—to Japan and to the US via a licensing deal with Midway. 200 more words