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Non-Review Review: Pixels

Pixels has a fun concept.

The idea of video game characters invading the world is a delightfully gonzo piece of pop culture nostalgia. It is easy to see why Sony picked up the option for Patrick Jean’s 2010 short film, even if the concept was not new. 1,462 more words


495th and 496th Balloon Sculptures, Blinky and Pacman Revisited

I made these 2 centerpieces for a Pixels movie premier event. These were quite big.

I was perfect for this because making pixelated balloon figures in this style is one of my signature innovations as I used no gridz or anything underlying. 48 more words

Daily Balloon Sculpting Progression

'Pixels' failed to be a decent film

Don’t watch ‘Pixels’ unless you’re with some people you genuinely like being around. When I went to see this movie again by myself, it sucked.   559 more words

Adam Sandler

January 24, 2006

If I had the time, I would write a letter to a famous sports columnist and tell him how brilliant and witty his essays are. Of course, I would tell him my views too, especially about Pacman being used by politicians who take advantage of his popularity. 47 more words


Pixels (July 24, 2015)

Earth is being attacked by old-school arcade games characters. They destroy everything on their path, leaving behind a jumble of pixel-like blocks.  Conventional weapons are not being helpful and there is worldwide panic. 89 more words


A Capella Science - Puffed Up Cores!

A Capella Science – Puffed Up Cores!

Love it! Great video, great effects (including a power drunk black hole), great tune. The chorus is so well done. 18 more words


Playing Urban Pacman in Berlin

Lately I noticed movie posters for a weird looking new film called Pixels all over town. It reminded me of a short film by Sergej Hein that was commissioned by SZ Magazine a few years ago. 25 more words