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Utang na loob, huwag niyo nang gawing pangulo si FLUNKman!

Manny Pacquiao (left) and Freddie Roach (right). Courtesy of AP via Philstar.

Freddie Roach, thru a Philstar article, said,

“I would say maybe at some point soon .

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Mission 3 Podcast: Gamers Gotta Eat!

“The Mission Starts Now”

Will you accept?

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1. The Xbox Scorpio Situation

2. Agent’s Choice Mission: Favorite Gamer Snacks

3. Underrated 7th Gen Titles (PS3, XB360, and Wii Era.) 20 more words


Racial Discrimination in Games

I want to start a campaign for the rights of game players to be treated equally on the basis of the skin colour, body size, gender choices they make vis-à-vis the characters they choose to use. 77 more words


Automated Game Balancing in Ms PacMan and StarCraft using Evolutionary Algorithms

Incredible paper presented as a talk at EvoGAMES 2017 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) by Mihail Morosan.

Co-authored by: Ricardo Poli.


Games, particularly online games, have an ongoing requirement to exhibit the ability to react to player behaviour and change their mechanics and available tools to keep their audience both entertained and feeling that their strategic choices and in-game decisions have value. 136 more words


How to play pacman game on google directly with 1 click

hello guys in this post we are gonna see how to play pacman game on google directly so lets get started

  1. first go to google and search pacman doodle.
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The Golden Years Part I

Soon after when space invaders were big, came the golden years, a time of gaming greats. So in a week that saw Birmingham City FC finally jump off the Zolacoaster, PFTP’s bluenose trio Bri, Gaz and Ste celebrated with a trip to the arcades like it was 1982… 663 more words

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The Most Iconic Video Game Characters

Throughout the years, video games have introduced hundreds of characters with different background and personalities. But only a few stands out and has the right traits and elements to become an icon in the video game industry. 530 more words