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Here's Why We Are OBSESSED With The Kipling x PAC-MAN Collection

When it comes to the early arcade game era, there are few images as iconic as that of PAC-MAN. Developed by Mr. Toru Iwatani and his team, it became one of the most influential video games of all time. 353 more words


Games Architecture - Review (16/12/18)

I was going to do a post covering what I had done and what I plan to do over the holidays. However, the more I wrote, the more I felt like I was doing an analysis of my submission, which begged the question “why not post a review?”… You can probably see where this is going. 556 more words


Changes (25/11/18)

Carrying on from my previous post, there are a few changes that I have made to the engine that I will discuss.

First of all, I added a simple ghost AI. 465 more words


Level Creation (05/11/18)

Obviously, when making a game, you need levels for the player to explore/use. Unfortunately, they don’t make themselves, which leaves someone the job of creating it. 250 more words


Update your 66? no, you 66-update your 66

Coming up, any day now, is your new 66 package.

obcore-testing/66 (base s6-suite)
  small tools built around s6 and s6-rc programs
… 301 more words
Systemd-Free Linux

Pacman Fever

I have a fever… but surprisingly cowbell is no remedy for Buckner & Garcia’s dreaded Pacman fever! This is a fun song, and I hope someone enjoys listening to it?

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[Linux]Arch Linux installation until xfce desktop

This is a personal note for me if I need to install Arch Linux on virtual box again.

Arch Linux is unlike Linux Mint, it only comes with a shell after installation you will need to install the software you need by using pacman. 963 more words

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