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5 of the weirdest creatures on Earth

When animals were evolving on this planet, a few of them got the short end of the stick when it comes to looks. But they often make up for it in abilities. 804 more words


Time to put the nut-munching Pacu on Lochte-down?

Nothing in this world can beat the feeling of Americans figuring out ways to look like complete and total jackasses on the world stage.  The U.S. 649 more words


Architectural Firm Compares PACU Designs with Ease Using MedModel

A post-anesthesia care unit, PACU, is a vital area within every hospital where patients can recover  from general anesthesiaregional anesthesia, or local anesthesia… 243 more words

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The Venturing Angler Podcast: Jungle Fly Fishing Exploration with Rodrigo Salles and Marcelo Pérez

Rodrigo Salles and Marcelo Pérez of Untamed Angling are true angling explorers. Rodrigo and Marcelo have uncovered extraordinary fly fishing in the jungles of the Amazon and now take anglers to some of the most remote destinations on the planet in pursuit of fish ranging from golden dorado to arapaima. 58 more words


Photos: Bizarre fish with human teeth 'which can rip off testicles with single bite' found by terrified fishermen

A fish called Pacu with human teeth was caught by fishermen in a Russian pond in the town of Tula’s central park. The fish is nicknamed the nut cracker due to reports it can rip of a man’s testicles with a single bite. 67 more words

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Mekepung Tradisi Jembrana yang Harus Dijaga Kelestariannya

Bull Race, jika kita mendengar istilah itu, pasti pikiran kita langsung tertuju ke Madura. Namun di Bali, tradisi seperti ini juga terdapat di Kota Jembrana Bali. 796 more words