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A Letter from a Friend

I got my head full of  boredom, uncertainty, sadness, doubts, worries, and everything else. and then I wrote a letter to a friend.

 Please give me stronger shoulder.

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Fish Valley Semenyih - Bun Fight (29.12.16)

Yet another return visit to Fish Valley to try to get on the hot Pacu bite of recent weeks and learn how to be consistent with the “floating buns” method of bait fishing. 508 more words

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Fish Valley Semenyih - Floating Buns [Part 1] (19.12.16)

This was a return visit following last week’s successful outing.  The aim of this trip was to catch a bunch of pacu on floating buns, just as I’d seen the anglers next to me do the previous week. 738 more words

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Fish Valley Semenyih (12.12.16)

It was a long public holiday weekend and the weather forecast was favourable – (relatively) cool and overcast and no rain.  I took the opportunity to visit FV Semenyih with wifey to get some fresh air and, potentially, catch some fish. 591 more words

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Pediatric Post-op Nausea Identified With the BARF Scale

After an article of Michael Vlessides for Anesthesiology News

San Francisco 9 Nov 2016

Postoperative and post-discharge nausea may be very common in children, but it is woefully undertreated, according to a Baylor College of Medicine study. 871 more words

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Travel Journal: Fly Fishing Kendjam Day Six - Bouldering

Meredith McCord and photographer, Matt Jones, of Tailwaters recently returned from jungle angling in Kendjam in the Amazon Basin of Brazil with Untamed Angling… 1,230 more words