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Fish Valley Semenyih - Mixed Bag [Part 2] (03.03.17)

Me and the wife finally managed to get our hands on a sack of expired flavoured buns …. and expired they were, some packs were already turning green with fungal growth. 335 more words

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Fish Valley Semenyih - Mixed Bag [Part 1] (10.02.17)

Frustrated from our visit here the previous day, my wife had managed to find close to sell-by-date discount sweet potato buns for sale in the bakery at Jusco. 411 more words

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Fish Valley Semenyih - Thaipusam (09.02.17)

Another public holiday, and once again me and the wife headed south from KL for an afternoon fishing at Semenyih. We’ve been doing alright there over the past few months but we are still looking for a session with a big catch of pacu. 498 more words

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The First Week..

I have successfully made it through my first week of my graduate degree.
I have sat through two days of general orientation, spent a day being orientated to theatre, and then spent two days of supernumery in Recovery/PACU (Post Anaesthetics Care Unit). 220 more words


A Letter to Myself.

This is a letter for Me to read in a years time:


Dear Me,
Today was your first official day of employment at -. It was the day you received your lanyard, your badge, your swipe care with your photo ID and employee number on it. 598 more words

Fish Valley Semenyih - Bun Fun [Part 2] (01.02.17)

Another public holiday in KL, hard on the heels of Chinese New Year and some free time to enjoy. The wife and I have had a particularly hard time of late with family issues and decided, despite the weather forecast for showers), to spend a few hours fishing at Fish Valley. 479 more words

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Fish Valley Semenyih - Bun Fun [Part 1] (27.01.17)

My first fishing foray of 2017, and my first visit here since late December. After the last trip I came down with a nasty cough that laid me low for a few weeks and curtailed my fishing activity …!! 698 more words

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