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Photos: Bizarre fish with human teeth 'which can rip off testicles with single bite' found by terrified fishermen

A fish called Pacu with human teeth was caught by fishermen in a Russian pond in the town of Tula’s central park. The fish is nicknamed the nut cracker due to reports it can rip of a man’s testicles with a single bite. 67 more words

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Mekepung Tradisi Jembrana yang Harus Dijaga Kelestariannya

Bull Race, jika kita mendengar istilah itu, pasti pikiran kita langsung tertuju ke Madura. Namun di Bali, tradisi seperti ini juga terdapat di Kota Jembrana Bali. 796 more words


Fish Valley, Semenyih (09.02.16)

It was the  Chinese New Year holidays (Gong Xi Fa Cai) and my good mate wanted to take his son, Abdullah, out fishing and to get some (relatively) fresh (relatively) country -side air. 646 more words

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Shah Alam - Empangan Air Kuning (29.11.15)

Noru had been researching a trip to Air Kuning for some weeks and I was delighted to be asked to join him. I’d visited this location some years before on a recce mission, but this was my first time fishing here. 1,272 more words

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Writing 101: Funny


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Retrospectively Funny.”

I had a hard time picking a word.

The first word I thought I’d write about was synchronicity. 623 more words