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Let's Have A Cup Of Coffee And Catch Up - Writing 101 Day 11

Trying to catch up my readers seems a bit redundant. I feel like I’m forever updating on current projects, or lack of projects, but let’s see what I come up with just an overview. 719 more words


Sonnets We Are Not - Or, My Attempt At Writing Them

I am dabbling in the PAD (Poem A Day) Chapbook Challenge for the Month of November. You can find the information over at Writer’s Digest, and you can see… 481 more words


Chapbook Party!

On Friday, June 26th, I had the launch party for my chapbook, My Mother’s Child. Thanks to my tango-friend Mariana, I was able to have the party at Terra Nova Global Properties new office in downtown Durham. 82 more words


May Days

I had to rest up after writing all those April poems for the Poem-a-Day Challenge. It took 3-4 days before I could read the poems, and I have to say, I’m quite happy with the result. 236 more words

Work Products

April 2015 Poem-a-Day Challenge, The End

As much as I love National Poetry Month, I always get to the point where I am DONE with writing poems. Unfortunately, I run of energy before April runs out of days. 128 more words

Creative Process

PAD: Bury the (Blank)

April is National Poetry Month. I’m celebrating with Writer’s Digest’s Poem a Day Challenge. The last prompt is to write a poem titled Bury the (Blank). 54 more words


Bury the Baby Under the Yew Tree: PAD Chapbook Challenge, Day 30 (!)

There’s no use now in crying.
He’ll be wanting his dinner,
and there are a great many things
to see to, since you’ve been
lying-in and taken ill. 103 more words