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She Disappeared - Or, Now She's Back

Hello dearies,

After Writer’s Digest’s Poem a Day (PAD) and sending in my five poems, I kind of crashed when it came to writing. I found it apropos that on the Wednesday following PAD, Robert Brewer posted the poem prompt, When Everything Stops. 345 more words


Dead End

Take it all in, the
cracked bricks and broken bottles –
make a poem of it. 6 more words


PAD Day 30 - Dead End - Dead Ends and Roads, and Endings?

Well, it’s here.  Yesterday was the last day of the Writer’s Digest Poem a Day challenge.  How will I ever survive without a poetry prompt every day? 779 more words


Beowulf's Funeral

Phew! Here we are at the final day of PAD Challenge 2016. It’s certainly not an easy task to produce a poem each day. Kudos to all. 212 more words



Never sure-footed
I somehow feel my way from
corner to corner
distracted by shiny things
yet haphazardly happy


PAD Day 29 - Haphazard - My Books are in Upside Down Pyramids

Today’s prompt, from everything I have gathered, since Writer’s Digest seemed to be down all day, was ‘haphazard’. I had read it wrong earlier in the day as hazardous and started writing about things that are hazardous to our health.  306 more words


Important: Please Call Home

I can hear your voice
before I can hear your voice –
I know that he’s gone
too soon for me to know the
loss, save as it’s etched on you