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NaNoWriMo 2016 Aftermath - the poetry

Aftermath has been one of my favorite words ever since I purchased the Rolling Stones album Aftermath in the mid-1970’s. But as I write these words, I realize I may never have used it before; though I must have, somewhere. 1,004 more words



Before you launch, secure the pad.
Before you spring, fix the board.
Before you kick, remember to start.


moon voyage


we long to press our footprints in
-to her milky skin, see once and for
all if she truly is made of stone,

reflecting light that’s not her own. 83 more words

Poetic Asides


L., of course I have known about you and R. And yet, because of everything you’ve been through, I didn’t want to say anything. We don’t want to approach certain kinds of communion with words; in part because we are afraid that such an encasing will stifle the new and fragile, and in part, because we don’t want to grasp at it. 28 more words


Potted Plants

I debated between two:
Lavender and thyme

In the end
I went practical

I might cook
With thyme

But I would waste my days
Pinching leaves… 14 more words


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measuring the moon


we never did learn the metric
system, so for us it’s always
been a game of
inches. she swells,
she sways, she goes away. 77 more words

Poetic Asides