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Project 365: Days 22 to 28


I’ve been entering lots of competitions again, the dog has won two this year already so I’m trying to catch up!


Another 6am dog walk find! 149 more words


The notepad every bitch needs for every bitch in the office

We all have one: that chick that either makes you want to literally jump out the window of  you 37th floor office or the one who makes each day tolerable. 124 more words

sleeping in syllables

she dreams in couplets,
breathes in metered feet.

she snores to the beat of
words that treat themselves

to feathered phrase
and counting sheep.

Prompted by… 9 more words

EBC Brakes DP41274R Yellowstuff Street and Track Brake Pad

The new EBC Yellowstuff compound is essentially a race pad but with a big difference in that it works from cold and can be safely used on the highway. 87 more words

Pendapatan Asli Daerah

Dalam satu perjalanan pulang, teman yang asyik mengendarai sepeda motornya bertanya pada saya, “Bagaimana daerah-daerah ini bertahan sementara PAD (pendapatan asli daerah, pen) sektor industri tidak ada?” 213 more words


Incredible India - A to Z, a month long discovery of India

In 2003-2004, as I was learning photography, I was publishing a photo a day and was part of one of the first online photography communities at Pbase.com. 4,915 more words


Om Ma Ni Päd Me Hum

Om Ma Ni Päd Me Hum is the mantra made up of six syllables, which most Tibetan and Bhutanese people would chant everyday either quietly or sing out loudly, every opportune moment. 352 more words