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“The boy. He your son?”
“No. He is my Padawan. Something between a student and an apprentice.”

―Grecker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, discussing Anakin Skywalker…

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In Hospital Far, Far Away

Once upon a time there was a baby docling who was filled with all the excitement and anticipation that comes with the start of every adventure. 175 more words

Darth Maul #5 + Poe Dameron #17

Comic book day, ya’ll! I’m looking forward to this batch (and yes, it’s another batch – Marvel is churning out Star Wars comics with reckless abandon lately) because it includes the finale of the Darth Maul series! 1,876 more words

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Forces of Destiny: The Padawan Path

Full disclosure, I was pretty bummed that we weren’t getting a second episode of Leia and ewok cuteness today. However, this very well might be my favorite bit of Ahsoka I’ve seen to date. 691 more words

Star Wars

Book Review - 5Q: Reactivating the Original Intelligence and Capacity of the Body of Christ

To start this review off, I would first like to say how much I appreciate Alan Hirsch and the work he’s done to encourage believers into a more authentic, Jesus-centered life. 584 more words


Meme Monday: When Your Young Padawan Makes a Good Call

This meme was my gateway drug to the Star Wars Meme universe, and I always snort-chuckle whenever I see it. Three things:

  1. A while ago I was watching AotC with my little sister and we kept laughing at how Obi-Wan always addresses Anakin with too many modifiers.
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