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Star Wars Rebels gets it's own Prequel Comic

Spin offs are everywhere and it’s not just confined to TV shows, comic books have been doing them for years. If a character or storyline is interesting then it gets its own comic line, even if it is short-lived. 171 more words

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The Care & Feeding of a Comic Book Husband: A Field Guide for Dave's Next Wife

What a week it’s been! Between double-checking our Kraft Macaroni & Cheese boxes for metal shavings, Jack’s parent-teacher conference (Every.Single.Teacher.Complained…about Jack’s class clownery–yes, my DNA runs strong in the young Padawan), and getting the news that the friend we call “Texas” is moving to Colorado, it’s a good thing my addictions veer towards sugar-free Bubble Yum and reading. 767 more words

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Farewell 1st Job: Innoventions

Innoventions is Closing?! Like forever?

Either your reaction is similar to mine or you’re saying, “What is an Innoventions?”

Innoventions is that huge spinning futuristic building in the back of Tomorrowland. 559 more words


Subway Mouse Intro

Hey there!

So here’s my story. I practically lived at Disneyland growing up. My mom used to take me out of school so we could go on Disney adventures. 272 more words


“Kung-Fu Cat” by Dena Harris

This story appears in the anthology “Not Your Mother’s Book…On Cats.” 

My husband and I enjoy a soothing morning ritual of relaxing with the fish. We sit together on the couch in semi-darkness, sipping coffee and watching the fish dive and swerve through the water in the fish tank. 655 more words


You Know You've Raised Your Kids Right #11

#11: When your child puts a piece of candy in the shopping cart, then waves their hand in the Jedi motion and says “You saw nothing.” as if they them self is now a Jedi Knight/Master. 277 more words

You Know You've Raised Your Kids Right