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You Know You've Raised Your Kids Right #11

#11: When your child puts a piece of candy in the shopping cart, then waves their hand in the Jedi motion and says “You saw nothing.” as if they them self is now a Jedi Knight/Master. 277 more words

You Know You've Raised Your Kids Right

A wee bit of fairy dust #2: Jedi Academy Lost and Found

So Little E wasn’t the only one who had the opportunity to have a very personal magical experience at DisneyWorld – J had his moment when we were at the… 647 more words


Padawan in Training

We’re still deschooling, so a lot of video games, books, and stone cold chillin’ happened this past week. Not as much outdoor time as I would’ve liked, but it was cold and damp for most of the week until yesterday. 274 more words


Envy vs. Jealousy

Today’s Weight of Words post serves to clarify the difference between envy and jealousy. Too many times to count, and yet I cringe every single time, I have seen these words used interchangeably. 159 more words

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