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The Tiger in the Smoke

I had forgotten just how much I liked Margery Allingham’s writing, though not how much I enjoyed her stories. As always, the class accents trouble me, but Campion is more a mockery of Sayers’ Lord Peter Whimsey (though I confess I enjoy those too) and these books are rather more self-aware of their station. 562 more words


A layover in London

We left Dallas August 7, so our day technically began at 6:30am on that day. We had one international flight and a 10-hr layover in London, we made it (barely) to our flight to Romania on Saturday night, after 32 hours straight with no sleep. 114 more words


Underground Humour

This sign was displayed at Paddington Underground station today.

The staff do try to lighten the journey. 32 more words


That London

Without fail, when you mention London, someone will say: “Oh that London. So dirty, so busy, so noisy, it’s too big, everyone is in such a hurry, no one smiles, there are too many people and everyone is fighting each other when they’re not blowing each other up, then there’s the everyday crime, what about the crime, you just don’t feel safe, do you? 641 more words


I Don't Want To Go

Thursday, May 21st

I could not believe that I was already leaving England. The trip whirled by much too quickly and it was with a sad heart that I finished packing, ate an early breakfast, and began saying goodbye to those who would be staying longer. 314 more words


Bronzes along the way

Updated to add that a week after I posted this, Sir Nicholas Winton died, aged 106.  I join many in thanking him for saving innocent children’s lives in the 1930s. 259 more words