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CUSTOMS - Detained!!

I was given the third degree at customs because I didn’t have reservations and flights to back up my travels through Europe. Thank goodness I’m staying with a friend in London. 56 more words


Pompe, Pompe, Pompe with Galitzine Mackenzie in the spirit of Dionysus!

A tragic-comic canal procession of art performances and music from Regents Park to a remarkable crypt underneath Saint Mary Magdalene Church.

Be a part of  293 more words


Tribute to Alan Turing unveiled in Paddington

Mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing (1912-1954) was one the most important figures in the 20th century. He played a pivotal role breaking the Nazi enigma code at Bletchley Park during World War II, which is widely believed shortened the war by several years. 302 more words


London Part 9: The Last Morning!

Before we left London, I wanted to visit Chinatown to buy some gifts. We checked out of the hotel at around 9am in order to make the most of our last few hours but I didn’t realise that almost everything in Chinatown opens after 10.30am! 184 more words

Press Visit: Pizza + Beer = Happy Face - Heist Bank, Paddington

The Boozy Bunch was invited to the Heist Bank event “Pizza And Beer In Your Face”. As Andrew was busy, I stepped in to fill the gap and Thank God I had the chance. 811 more words


First new Paddington for ages!!!

Woohoo I am back in the game people!

So excited! I deadlifted this morning for the first time since 15th August!!

It was awesome!! I am not at as heavy a weight as I was…but I had 5 weeks off!! 46 more words


Bath Spa station closure expected during April, 2017

I am hearing the next period of major rail disruption for Bath is currently expected to come during April next year.

The canopy at Bath Spa Station is a listed structure,  so cannot be cut back to allow space for the run of power-carrying pylons that will have to follow both up and down tracks as part of the electrification of the main line from Paddington to Bristol and beyond. 136 more words