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Bye bye sister swans 🙋🏻

I wish to not have regrets of not played things in London on the day when I leave – bye bye Regent’s Park swans – London failed to show me that London likes me – I have been patient – as patient as two years – but my heart went cold already – I am so fed up with the gossiping culture here driven by jealousy – I cannot imagine one day if I have a family here the jealous girls are gonna gossip about my husband’s look salary all day long – I am so fed up with the brining other people down culture here already – the first iceberg hit me when I realised that when my PI in UCL realised that his code was unstable – he didn’t choose to fix the problem – he chose to ask me to stay quiet in front of the insurance company – I’m so fed up ppl not thinking of improving themselves but to bring other ppl down and blame other people – this is unhealthy – Altho I know the cute swans and ducklings are innocent – that’s why I’m here – farewell ducklings… 23 more words


Mr. Right and Mrs. Wrong

“I like parks,” Tom cheerfully observed. He sat back, resting his hands supportively in the thick grass and closing his eyes in the warm spring sunshine. 934 more words

Long Story

Wednesday ~ July 26, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

I have four images for today.  I would encourage you to at least look at the 4th one for a fluke of luck.  :) 191 more words

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Enjoying two parks is better than one

The summer is always busy with plenty of things to do. So, when we have a rare weekend day with no plans it can be difficult to decide what to do. 1,310 more words

Family Fun

Aranged mariege part five

They fell asleep in each other’s arms.they woke up the next morning. “Hunnie, what do you want for breakfast?”she asked. “Um. Whatever. I usualy do a sinple breakfast. 1,871 more words


Left to Go Left

I had the honor of chaperoning Full Speed and some classmates for their sixth grade trip to Sea World.  Thankfully, Mad Dog was able to attend.   496 more words