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Ignoble Perch

Last week, when the snow was rapidly vanishing in the sun, Cyndie captured this poignant portrait of Delilah perched regally on one of the manure piles in the paddock. 164 more words


Good Footing

It’s the time of year again when the thawing ground turns to mud, especially in areas where the horses walk. The first couple of years after we moved here were extremely wet in the spring, so we got a thorough lesson in worst case scenarios. 522 more words


Hill End NSW Australia

Mid last year we went for a trip out to a beautiful rural, historical town called Hill End.  It is full of fantastic photographic opportunities and I’d highly recommend it to anyone that is thinking of heading in that direction.  35 more words

Allport Photography

Where I call home.

I live in a beautiful little town called Muswellbrook, which is situated in the Upper Hunter Valley, NSW Australia.  Population around 12,000.  Lately I’ve been trying to find opportunities to take more photos of this beautiful town so even if we take our dogs for a walk I have my compact camera with me.  291 more words

Allport Photography

Hay & Stockpile Lab Results -2015

Lab Results 2015 – Purdin Paddock 8 Old stockpile from May-June growth

Lab Results 2015 – various

Lab Results — 2015 – Oldfield purchased  hay 2015… 67 more words


Quick Pic: New Obsession: Hedgerows

While traveling across Ireland, I saw an endless number of hedgerows. They make me very excited for a variety of apple related reasons. Wildlife corridors, local genetic repositories/testing grounds, paddock enclosures, windbreaks, micro-climate, insectary, pollinizers, wood for fire/smoking, diversity, etc… More later.

Orchard Managment

Challenges and Rewards

So, the annual wheat harvest has started again and as Murphy’s Law would have it, so have the storms. Barely a spot for months and as soon as we kick the big green machine into gear, up come the threatening clouds to add a little more stress and urgency to the situation. 367 more words