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Levy statements in sectional title schemes

By Dr Carryn Melissa Durham

I was inspired to write this article after reading a recent post on the Paddocks Facebook page.

The questions which arise from this post are : 748 more words


?s - Keeping Stallions - 1

I commonly frequent several Forums on Miniature Horses and Ponies and a few on horses as well.  Recently – there was a post asking questions about stallions.  1,816 more words


Adding Oxygen

A sure sign of spring being in full swing is when we finally start dealing with the piles of manure that accumulate in the paddocks over winter. 367 more words


Ignoble Perch

Last week, when the snow was rapidly vanishing in the sun, Cyndie captured this poignant portrait of Delilah perched regally on one of the manure piles in the paddock. 164 more words


Growing Grass

We have been working steadily for quite a few months now, to get our middle 2.5 acre paddock ready to grow some good grass for the stock.   651 more words


Good Footing

It’s the time of year again when the thawing ground turns to mud, especially in areas where the horses walk. The first couple of years after we moved here were extremely wet in the spring, so we got a thorough lesson in worst case scenarios. 522 more words


Hill End NSW Australia

Mid last year we went for a trip out to a beautiful rural, historical town called Hill End.  It is full of fantastic photographic opportunities and I’d highly recommend it to anyone that is thinking of heading in that direction.  35 more words

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