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Quick Pic: New Obsession: Hedgerows

While traveling across Ireland, I saw an endless number of hedgerows. They make me very excited for a variety of apple related reasons. Wildlife corridors, local genetic repositories/testing grounds, paddock enclosures, windbreaks, micro-climate, insectary, pollinizers, wood for fire/smoking, diversity, etc… More later.

Orchard Managment

Challenges and Rewards

So, the annual wheat harvest has started again and as Murphy’s Law would have it, so have the storms. Barely a spot for months and as soon as we kick the big green machine into gear, up come the threatening clouds to add a little more stress and urgency to the situation. 367 more words


Looking After the Pastures

This time of year really shows if you’ve taken the time and effort to look after your horses fields. Well managed land will still have grass, will have a good sward, no weeds, and with no patches that will soon become poached. 1,043 more words


the cows of Belgium

There is also something lovely about Belgian and Netherlander paddocks. On the train they are these cushioney, wet, nutrient-rich green spans of sun-soaked goodness, large fat cows enjoying feeds too large. 87 more words


Near the edge of the Derwent River again

Having farewelled the walking cyclist, I spotted a style built giving anglers access over a fence and at the same time I appreciated a grand curve in the Derwent River down below. 108 more words

Derwent River

Leaving Ivanhoe’s cows behind

Day 2 and the vista looked splendid.  Despite my fingers seeming to freeze as I released the tent and repacked my backpack, the sun shone and the landscape sparkled after the evening’s shower of rain – any dust in the air was long gone. 284 more words

Derwent River

The railway bridge


When I sighted the railway bridge crossing onto the southern/western side of the Derwent River, I was excited because my maps indicated I had every chance of getting off the main road and beginning to walk in paddocks closer to the river. 97 more words

Derwent River