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Review: The Girl With All The Gifts

As one would imagine also applies to Mike Carey’s novel (admission; I’ve not read it), the best way to approach The Girl With All The Gifts… 904 more words


The Girl With All The Gifts

Calling the zombie movie genre oversaturated was right about five years ago. Today, it’s gone far past that. We’ve had classic zombie movies, we’ve had running zombies, we’ve had zomromcoms, and we’ve had Arnie looking sad zombie movies. 663 more words


The Girl with All the Gifts: Review

Since Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later was released in 2002, I struggle to think of a zombie film that’s come out since which is quite as brilliant as The Girl with All the Gifts. 698 more words


The Murder at Road Hill House (2011) - reviewed by George

This British television movie, based on a true crime book by Kate Summerscale, was written by Neil McKay and directed by James Hawes. It is excellent in every department, and I suppose that excellence is what caused the creation of three additional movies under the umbrella title “The Suspicions of Mr. 615 more words


The Girl With All The Gifts

“Once upon a time, there was a woman. The most beautiful and amazing woman in the world. One day, she was attacked by a monster but then a girl cam running up and killed it. 653 more words


The Girl With All The Gifts: Movie Review

OK I’m a sucker for a Zombie movie.  (One of my all time favourite genres.)

But this trumps mere Zombie movies.  This is a ‘kid’ Zombie movie and that raises the bar in its horrificness. 278 more words

The Girl With all the Gifts Review

With its sense-deprived fungus zombies, cities retaken by nature, and young girl at the centre who might be the key to reversing the apocalypse, The Girl With all the Gifts… 850 more words