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Lunch by the Paddy Fields of Kedah

A friend of mine once remarked,’You will never have a better lunch than one in the middle of paddy fields. Hot steaming rice, freshly cooked dishes, nothing too fancy. 851 more words


Hello Luang Prabang and a boat to catch a Steamboat!! - Day 212 - 18 August

Our next journey was another humdinger, this time from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang – just to hear it, the journey sounds quite musical. I must admit to once again being very impressed by Laos’ countryside, it was a most beautiful drive. 758 more words

Heavy nights, heavier hangovers and a heavy price to pay at a local Tourist Trap! - Day 209 - 15 August

Well they say that heavy nights lead to heavy hangovers and for myself, at least, today was no exception. Mrs Hughes was feeling fine and actually seemed to delight in informing me of her wellbeing whilst I felt like the invisible mad axeman had entered our room in the night and planted his invisible axe right in the middle of my ‘visible’ and somewhat throbbing head – argh! 880 more words

Sekinchan - Of Fishes & Paddy Fields

The holidays are swooping in and the urge for wanderlust sneaks into your bone and soul. But here’s the catch. You live in a pricey city and you are pretty much broke. 318 more words

Fishing Village

Idle and Blessed

Mary Oliver is perhaps my favorite poet. Here’s a poem of hers that I came across today, combined with some pictures  (mostly my little sister’s photography). 170 more words


Cinghalese Rice Fields and Mode of Life

අඩි 50ක් විතර උස පොල් ගහේ කඳ දිගේ කෙලින්ම ඉහළට නැග්ග පුංචා බොහොම අවධානම් සහිත ගමනක් ගියේ. කඹයකින් හදාගත්ත තොණ්ඩුවක්, යටි පතුල් දෙකෙන් පොල් කඳ තදින් බදලා අල්ලගන්න පුළුවන් වෙන විදිහට කකුල් දෙක වටා දාගෙන, අත් දෙකෙන් පොල් කඳ බදාගෙන, දණහිස් දෙක කන්දෙක වෙනකන් උස් කර කර නගින්නෙ හරියට ගෙම්බෙක් පීනනවා වගේ.