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It wasn’t a good day for Paderborn yesterday. I’m not talking about football or the state of the roads around the city, but more so the weather. 118 more words

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With all the recent rain, and spending the afternoon working in Bielefeld, I haven’t had much chance for decent pictures for the blog.

I did get this one last Saturday though. 44 more words

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Rain, Rail and the Thin Blue Line

Not one of the best days today. Three pubs had to be cleaned after last nights revelries. They weren’t as bad as I’d expected, but with the rain and the threat of rape and sexual assault hanging over the German female population, it’s hardly surprising that many sadly stayed at home. 133 more words

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Today is Carnival in Germany, and as much as I like the wet and rainy weather, today it is doing me no favours.

Weiberfastnacht, or womens night is when the Germans dress up and hit the town. 170 more words

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Stone Blocks

Stone blocks placed between the grass and the footpath in the Riemekepark in Paderborn.

I like this shot, but I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the simplicity of it. 8 more words

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Day 73 - Night Vision

A minimalist picture of a Security camera with night vision on a house in Paderborn.



Water pouring into the lake on the Riemeke Park in Paderborn.

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