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Week 26 - I've turned into a puffer fish

Well what has week 26 brought? It has brought A HEAT WAVE!  Pixie and I have been cooking like a chicken on a spit and I have felt like a puffer fish. 949 more words

Take me to the April sun in...Ireland!

The April sun saw us basking in the end of calving, making the momentous decision to call time on our gap year, a whistlestop weekend to London town, a mini-moon to Ireland and Cornwall and most importantly: finally the unveiling of Ken’s trusty Dunlops at the Lydney Golf Course (all 9 holes worth). 2,122 more words

Weeks 24 & 25: Where has the time gone?!

The past 2 weeks have flown by, so much so that I missed a week of my blog! I’m not going to blame the so called ‘baby brain’ that some people say you get but my mind has been FULL of various things and looking forward to our babymoon in Padstow, Cornwall! 1,240 more words

Giclee's, giclee's everywhere!

Hi All,

Sorry for not posting in a while — bit of a scatterbrain.  Only time for a small post anyway…

Been working recently on the giant tangle of string that is giclee printing. 61 more words


Day 636 - #29 Go out for 12 meals

Well, I’ve just come back from a lovely week away in Padstow.  Despite a dodgy weather forecast, the week has been mostly glorious sunshine with the odd bit of sea-mist thrown in to keep things fresh.  251 more words

Meals Out

Added 19th June


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padstow in the mist

its amazing how the weather can change a landscape – yesterday padstow was deep in mist – beautiful and poetical.

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