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Mansfield and East Stroudsburg Universities Added to List for PASSHE's Budget Axe

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Earlier today, administrators at Mansfield University informed the local chapter of the faculty union, APSCUF, that they are planning on cutting approximately… 469 more words

APSCUF Issues Letter to Students: NO STRIKE this semester

APSCUF President Steve Hicks issued a letter to students on Wednesday: NO STRIKE this semester. Here is the full text of the letter:

Faculty know you are worried that your professors will go on strike.

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16 Months without a Contract: Let's Go Grocery Shopping 2

I ran the numbers a different way and turns out the news just gets worse. This time, I did the graphic with percentages. APSCUF members are now in the 16th month without a contract. 30 more words

WFMZ Coverage of Strike Authorization Vote

Last night on the 10pm newscast, WFMZ ran APSCUF’s strike authorization vote as the lead story. It was a pretty good story and from what I am told, WFMZ actually beat the Associated Press to the story. 386 more words

February Issue of Raging Chicken Press Is Up! Happy Birthday Wisconsin Uprising!

It seems like getting the February issue out took FOREVER! I don’t know if that’s what it felt like for all of you out there, but it was certainly my experience. 1,251 more words

Raging Chicken Press launches 100 day fundraising drive

Why We Are Raising Money

While there are a number of excellent, progressive publications across the country, there is a significant lack of regionally based progressive publications that focus on local, state, and regional issues. 652 more words

"Let's Take Apathy Out To The Shed And Shoot It In The Face" - MOC #45 by comedian Lee Camp

I love this guy.  Not for anyone who considers politeness and civil discourse to the only mode of political engagement.   Go get ’em Lee.