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BBC PAEDO WORSHIP INTENSIFIES....BBC refuses to axe show by paedophile supporter which calls for age of consent to be lowe



  • BBC JEWS have sparked outrage by broadcasting documentary film
  • Historic film is presented by notorious child sex campaigner NONCE Ian Dunn 
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Politics And Political Corruption

1974-75: Keith Hose's concurrent NCCL-PIE roles

PIE was ‘officially’ formed in October 1974 by three co-founders from the Scottish Minorities Group not just Ian Dunn and Michael Hanson who have previously been identified in the press  575 more words

1978: PIE raids, William Blake and Lord Margadale's estate at Fonthill Wiltshire

Children of the future age

Reading this indignant page

Know that in a former time

Love! Sweet Love! was thought a crime

(A Little Girl Lost – William Blake from Songs of Innocence & Experience) 2,123 more words

June 1975: Who was PIE's 'Man in New Zealand?'

In May/June 1975 Keith Hose took over as Chairman of PIE. Two of PIE’s co-founders from the Scottish Minorities Group, Ian Campbell Dunn and Michael Hanson, ostensibly handed the reins over to Hose, a recent graduate. 354 more words

PIE Newsletter No 8 (late 1975) - Save the Children advert?

Cyril Smith was snapped by PA (left) in 1991 in a Save the Children t-shirt, included in a gallery of Smith photos at the article below: 785 more words

Jan 1976: A 3rd co-founder of PIE? Keith Hose writes to Mary McIntosh

*with thanks to researcher wishing to remain anon for now for finding these documents

Mary McIntosh (1936 – 2013), turning forty, was working at the Home Office Policy Advisory Committee on Sexual Offences in 1976. 330 more words

With compliments from Ian Dunn & while you were out, Tony Smythe called

Throughout Grey’s correspondence it is clear he places pressure on various people at various times to write letters to the press, as part of his eminence gris role in shaping others to shape public opinion and acceptance of paedophilia. 467 more words