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What can we do about child abuse? Phase One - Sexual

I would just like to say this is purely my opinion based on the knowledge and research I have undertaken.  I would like to also note that I have absolutely nothing against consenting adults indulging in whatever they agree upon but this is not the case with child abuse.

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Kait King Author

Appeal - BBC Paedos in Need of Children

It beggars belief that the BBC – despite having singularly failed to deal with their long-standing and deep-rooted paedophile problem – continue, with bare-faced audacity, to hold this annual charity event where they attempt to portray themselves as profoundly caring people striving conscientiously for the betterment of poor, sick and disadvantaged children. 270 more words


Dear SoZ Satire

I think I may have uncovered a clandestine paedophile ring in my local hospital. My mate’s pregnant wife told me that during a routine check-up, a doctor smeared a lubricant on her belly and then took a number of photographs of her unborn child while it was completely naked. 16 more words


On John Key, Pony Tails, Disappearing Ministers And Roast Busters. Oh, And The One Who Can't Be Named

I have nothing much to say about John Key’s nasty remarks about Labour defending rapists and paedophiles really seeing as we can’t mention names. And that of course is exactly what John Key and Crosby & Textor, his PR team want. 349 more words

Economic Meltdown

My Opinion of the John Lewis Advert.

It used to be the case that until once glimpsed the Coco Cola lorry pulling into town, Christmas hadn’t arrived. Now, a different company gives you the okay to start bedecking your home with realms of tinsel, lights and inflatable father Christmases acting drunk in the wind as they wobble on your front lawn. 543 more words


Anger at paedophiles 

i’ve just looked at a picture of my partner at around the age of 11. About the same age as her youngest daughter. It really hit home to me what she had to deal with. 138 more words

Invisible Scars - Tonya Lee Wins Victory in Child Abuse Case


I have purposefully not titled this with Rolf Harris’s name.  I am happy to publicize his shame and make sure that he gets as much disgust as he once received accolades but I am tired of the story being about the abuser, in that we forget that victims and the cost to their lives. 1,090 more words

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