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What can we do about child abuse? Phase One - Sexual

I would just like to say this is purely my opinion based on the knowledge and research I have undertaken.  I would like to also note that I have absolutely nothing against consulting adults indulging in whatever they agree upon but this is not the case with child abuse.

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Kait King Poetry

paedo humour - second installment

Put down all sharp objects, refrain from food and drink and make sure you have a spare pair of underwear to hand – for here is the second of what will probably be many installments of Paedo Humour! 679 more words


Boys get raped too...

Recently as always, the media have created a high level of public awareness on girl child rape/molestation by the adult male. This is good, but I wonder why very few or nobody is talking about the male child rape/molestation by the adult female which goes on everyday? 440 more words


Child abuse victims murdered and bodies dumped in lake

Child abuse victims murdered and bodies dumped in lake
THE detective who cracked the Stephen Lawrence case has been investigating claims that child abuse victims were murdered decades ago and their bodies dumped in a lake. 204 more words

Child Abuse

The lie about ‘unelectability’ that Blairites are desperate for you to believe

Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents have given many reasons for not supporting him, ranging from the thought-provoking (his comments about Hamas and Hezbollah being ‘friends’ – hmm…) to the absurd (he wears silly hats and carries pens in his shirt pocket – what a loser!). 1,185 more words

Ex Labour MP #LordJanner attends Court to face 22 historic charges of #ChildAbuse yet still remains a lifetime Peer in the #HouseofLords

On Thursday this week Lord Janner stood before Westminster Magistrates in London to face a total of 22 charges of Child Sex Abuse allegations which have been made against him. 1,245 more words

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