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Is Telford the new Rotherham? Horrific reports of widescale grooming and abuse in town dubbed Britain’s ‘child sex capital’ 

Police in Telford, Shropshire have been accused of failing to follow up a ‘Rotherham-style’ abuse scandal in the town. 227 more words

The shame of child-abuse paints all our hands red.

Child abuse is the vile crime which holds the perverse British Establishment together.

Nearly every day more and more evidence is coming to light that demonstrates the huge and monstrous scale of child abuse in modern day Britain. 1,020 more words

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Paedophiles - Monsters, Patients or just a Preference?

Whilst at my friend Iona’s, we (Io, her sister Millie, her friend Sam van and I) discussed the debate surrounding paedophiles and child molesters. We discussed many different points of views and opinions on the matter and came to similar conclusions within the group. 694 more words

#2x - The 'Sugar Daddy' Infestation

Why do we always manage to excuse the decisions of grown men as “they’re just being men” even when their behaviours are tantamount to ruining an entire generation? 440 more words

Andrea Leadsom thinks men shouldn't be employed to look after children in case they're paedophiles

New Cabinet minister Andrea Leadsom has warned it would be sensible not to employ a man to look after children in case they are a paedophile. 35 more words

Aizawl witnesses dramatic increase of thefts, burglaries and paedophilia cases

The number of thefts and burglaries as well as paedophilia cases has dramatically increased in Aizawl District compared to the corresponding period last year.

Thefts and burglaries have come to such a point that Aizawl District Superintendent of Police Lalhuliana Fanai has instructed his officers to book not just thieves but those who buy stolen goods in all theft and burglary investigations that lead to arrests. 184 more words