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When the Establishment Willingly Destroys itself

When the establishment is willing to destroy itself to prevent the people from have a real say then we know that we are governed by the insane. 1,108 more words


Children Bleed Too

On many scores, I do not understand paedophilia.  The role of adults is firstly and always to protect children.

The advent of the internet has clearly been a boom to those who feel compelled to satisfy their own wretched sexual needs by preying on children. 201 more words


consequences no one should have to suffer

On my lunch break I popped into WH Smith to grab an ink cartridge and walked past the ‘just released’ books on the shelf and saw a book with a picture of a beautiful happy little girl, April Jones. 262 more words

The Public Interest to Protect Powerful Paedophiles

‘Janner is on “leave of absence” from the House of Lords. But according to the parliamentary website, he still retains the following positions, and it appears that not one of these organisations has repudiated him: 84 more words


In the absence of control… seize control.

It’s evident that there is no political will to run an inquiry into CSA that’s fit for purpose.

The operations that are being run successfully, as admirable as they are, and prosecuting paedophiles are creating a false impression.  104 more words

CSA Inquiry