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Peters, Northland and paedophiles

In an already bizarre by-election in Northland Winston Peters has maid yet another pledge, “to remove name suppression from paedophiles in cases where the victims say they do not want it”. 314 more words


Ex-cop claims a ROYAL was in paedophile ring but inquiry was closed to shield Buckingham Palace from scandal

The former Met Police officer says a vice squad cop told him an investigation into Establishment figures was axed for reasons of national security

A royal was in a suspected paedophile ring being investigated by police before an Establishment cover up, it was claimed. 52 more words


Because this is 'A Cause' that no one (normal) can disagree with…

… we’re being told that child sexual abuse and or exploitation, historic or otherwise, is endemic in our society.

It’s not endemic in MY society. I don’t knowingly associate with people who indulge in this kind of behaviour. 265 more words


MP paedophiles protected by Officials Secrets Act - Theresa May hardly reassuring!

It is now quite apparent that leading MPs such as Cyril Smith were protected from prosecution by the use of the Official Secrets Act.

That is appalling. 383 more words


Rochdale child sex ring - No officers to be charged over Rochdale child abuse failure, say police, Clergy Sex Abuse Victims In Montana's Diocese of Helena To Receive $20 Million In Payments

Rochdale child sex ring
No officers to be charged over Rochdale child abuse failure, say police

Greater Manchester police examined the conduct of 13 officers between 2008 and 2010 but found only one warranted disciplinary action… 604 more words

Clergy Abuse

Some lines cannot be crossed back over

“A fine line exists, where once you cross into the darkness you can never return to the light.”
– Christopher Breen, 2015

Audio version of this article…

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How Thatcher’s government covered up a VIP paedophile ring - Nico Hines

“The allegations included in the Home Office papers that about 16 MPs and members of the House of Lords, and 30 high-profile figures from the Church of England, private schools, and big business, were members of, and advocates for, the Paedophile Information Exchange. 2,528 more words