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What can we do about child abuse? Phase One - Sexual

I would just like to say this is purely my opinion based on the knowledge and research I have undertaken.  I would like to also note that I have absolutely nothing against consenting adults indulging in whatever they agree upon but this is not the case with child abuse.

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Japanese child sex dolls: Outraged parents react to 'sick' toys aimed at stopping paedophiles committing crimes

January 25, 2016

Source: Independent

‘Sooner or later they wish to have a real person instead of plastic’

Shin Takagi, founder of Japanese company Trottla, produces lifelike child sex dolls for paedophiles. 515 more words

Housing the paedophiles

It’s not covered in the Chronicle this week but out in the world there’s been an on-going discussion on an issue that may get more pressing in years to come — where to house paedophiles. 993 more words

Anti-Islam Solicitor Robert Remo Balzola loses again

Anti-Islam Solicitor Robert Remo Balzola
loses another NCAT encounter with anti-discrimination campaigner Garry Burns.

See below case law.

Civil and Administrative Tribunal

New South Wales…

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Baby rapist paedophile found hanging in prison cell

One of Britain’s worst paedophiles Robin Hollyson, 31, was found in Bristol Prison on Friday and died two days later in hospital. He is believed to have killed himself after being found hanged in his cell. 341 more words

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18 January 2016


A former candidate from Bob Katter’s Australia Party who likened gays and lesbians to pedophiles during an interview on the campaign trail in 2013 had been found to have engaged in homosexual vilification under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 ( NSW ) by the former NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal ( ADT )  and ordered the defendant to publish an apology in the Sydney Morning Herald pursuant to the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977. 561 more words


Company creates lifelike child sex dolls to help paedophiles control their sexual attraction towards children

A company has created childlike sex dolls for paedophiles who want to control their sexual urges. According to the founder who admitted to being sexually attracted to children, the dolls may well be a valuable weapon in the fight against the sexual abuse of real children. 148 more words

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