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Paedophiles are stealing parents' Facebook pictures of their kids to share on sick pages

According to Australia’s new Children’s eSafety Commissioner, Alastair MacGibbon, half of the material found on certain paedophilia websites has been sourced or stolen from parents innocently posting images of their families online, The Independent reports. 372 more words


The Road to Slavery is Through Misplaced Sympathy

The mainstream media has been falling over itself to extract every ounce of political advantage on behalf of its Elite string-pullers from the engineered ‘refugee crisis’ ever since it began, whether it be in Europe or the US. 82 more words

Dad sues Facebook after 11-year-old shared photos and messages with men

The father of a young girl has sued Facebook for failing to enforce its age restriction policy after claiming his daughter was exposed to sexual predators when she signed up for an account at age 11. 700 more words


7 men sent to jail.

7 men in the UK are tonight behind bars, 3 of them for sexually abusing young children, and when I say children, I mean babies less than 1 year old! 92 more words

paedo humour - second installment

Put down all sharp objects, refrain from food and drink and make sure you have a spare pair of underwear to hand – for here is the second of what will probably be many installments of Paedo Humour! 691 more words


Boys get raped too...

Recently as always, the media have created a high level of public awareness on girl child rape/molestation by the adult male. This is good, but I wonder why very few or nobody is talking about the male child rape/molestation by the adult female which goes on everyday? 440 more words