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Paedophilia, & Respect

I have been planning a new post for some time but simply have not worked up the energy to write anything at all. Even the material I am writing about now has been waiting for a period of time, partially because I have not been sure there is any point in writing about it. 1,557 more words


Roger Casement - Sicko Or Hero?

The following video gives a brief and incomplete introduction into the life of Roger Casement, the Irishman who was a humanitarian and ultimately a martyr for Irish freedom. 169 more words


Rooting out the pussy-grabbers - are we heading for cultural chemotherapy?

The shame-storm is turning into a hurricane, as we knew it would. Everywhere we look, women, and sometimes men, are stepping out to accuse the great and the good of acts that sit somewhere on a scale between inappropriate and illegal. 1,734 more words


Paedophilia and the slippery slope of psychologizing sin

In 2014,  the New York Times, a well-respected progressive US newspaper published an opinion piece called Pedophilia: A Disorder, not a Crime. The article, by Rutger University law professor Margo Kaplan strangely begins with a call for the reader to remember back to their first childhood crush. 2,222 more words


Parlt supports stricter punishment for paedophiles

Parliament on Tuesday passed a proposal to introduce stricter punishment for sex crimes against children below the age of 12. 143 more words


Bitterroot   by James Lee Burke

Alas, the love affair that had blossomed between Rebel Voice and James Lee Burke has at last floundered upon the rocks of inconsistency. 874 more words

Book Review

Why is There Double Standards When it Comes to Sex?

By Patrick Brogan

Harvey Weistein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K. and producer Andrew Kreisberg have all seen their careers take a major nosedive after various allegations of sexual misconduct. 612 more words

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