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Biffer justice

I haven’t posted for a while. That’s because we took the girls up North to York for a little break. Our littlest has now decided she wants to be a Viking ‘shield maiden’ when she grows up. 460 more words

Britain First

Double standards in society

In this post I want to explore a strange double standard I see in society which stops many good people from living normal, healthy lives. 916 more words


Sir Cyril Smith child pornography inquiry dropped due to ‘lack of evidence’


Northamptonshire Police said they could find no records or witnesses to corroborate the allegations made by Labour MP Simon Danczuk

The late Sir Cyril Smith child pornography inquiry has been dropped due to “lack of evidence”. 208 more words


Child Abuse ‘Almost at an Epidemic Level' in U.S., Human trafficking: The lives bought and sold

– FBI: Child Abuse ‘Almost at an Epidemic Level’ in U.S.
– Sex trafficking: Lifelong struggle of exploited children
– Human trafficking: The lives bought and sold… 542 more words

Child Abuse

The waywardness of sex

Keith Hudson

Sex still rules the world — as the spur, and the reward, especially of males seeking social status, especially of highly ambitious males — but, rather against the tenor of our times in the advanced countries, it may not be . 698 more words

New files show how spooks tried to cover up child abuse


by Simon Basketter

The MI5 security service pushed for a cover-up of child abuse allegations against Peter Morrison, according to Whitehall files.

Morrison was a Tory MP and aide to then prime minister Margaret Thatcher. 527 more words


The Story of Moira Greyland (Guest Post)

I was born into a family of famous gay pagan authors in the late Sixties. My mother was Marion Zimmer Bradley, and my father was Walter Breen. 3,218 more words

Gay Marriage