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Memories of a Machine, or the Machine of Memory?

Watching the much-debated ten-minute-film ‘Memories of a Machine’, which has been accused of justifying paedophilia, I remembered this woman:

I met her, a young woman professional working at Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram – where else, in these days, but in the queue in front of an ATM . 1,683 more words

Bad Ideas

Truther Girls Advise Caution to those Traversing the #PizzaGate Alt-Media Frenzy

The Truther Girls offer some words of caution about traversing the latest alternative media frenzy…

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Addressing the recent rumors. Look at the evidence and decide what to believe. 53 more words


Is #PizzaGate Yet Another PsyOp? Probably.

Richie From Boston contends that #PizzaGate is psychological warfare (PsyOp) to normalize paedophelia and discredit the alternative media. I tend to agree. If there were any real teeth to what is being uncovered, the Shriners and Royal Order of Jesters would be exposed by now. 80 more words

Organized Crime

BREAKING: @SGTreport Debunks @BBC Claims that #PizzaGate is #FakeNews

My two cents: people investigating this need to look into an organization called “The Royal Order of Jesters” Members include Shriners (ever wonder why they work with hospitals for sick children?)

Organized Crime

Ex-football coach Barry Bennell charged with eight sexual assault offences

Former professional football coach Barry Bennell is at the centre of a child abuse scandal after ex-players alleged the convicted paedophile abused them as trainees. 9 more words


Post-Rotherham, white people distrust Labour, this is why

links h/t to Anonymous Conservative

Labour party.

There is so much medical and psychiatric evidence of child abuse that at this point in time, anyone denying it is practically outing themselves as a pedophile. 298 more words