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• Coming Legalised Perversion

America has legalised gay marriage… next will come polygamy, beastiality, paedophilia and what other forms of perversion you want to throw in there. Don’t say it won’t happen; the flood gates have been opened.

— M.A. Williams

Mark Anthony Williams

Gay rights. What's next? Paedophilia?

There’s no way to pose this question without sounding sarcastic, but I swear it isn’t. America has made an amazing stride in liberty and it’s fucking fantastic. 421 more words

The Hell beneath the Headlines

Child abuse dominates the media, but few understand or talk about the reality of this epidemic

Note: I am posting this piece on behalf of a friend in order to protect their identity. 5,311 more words


INfocus - Paedophilia: Britain’s Dark Secret

from Press TV News Videos: 

How far and widespread does institutional child abuse really go in Britain? Following the Sir Jimmy Savile scandal, there was a floodgate of allegations against the disgraced entertainer. 190 more words

The International Reporter

Life sentence for predatory paedophile who ran children's homes in North Wales

John Allen a former successful entrepreneur who ran children’s homes in North Wales has been sentenced to life in prison for the historic molestation of children who had been in his care. 633 more words

Social Justice

10 North Wales child abusers took their guilt to their graves

TEN suspected paedophiles would have been charged with abusing children in North Wales care homes if they were still alive, it has emerged.

So far, 59 people have received correspondence from detectives to provide reassurance their stories were believed, despite the fact their alleged tormentors can now never be brought to justice. 128 more words

Social Justice

In the very building in which we now sit

This venerable home of democracy,this harbinger of concupiscent….yeah I’ll think I’ll stop there given the latest revelations about Lord Janner. And I quote,

‘Lord Janner abused children inside the Houses of Parliament, an MP has claimed as the allegations against the suspended Labour peer intensify. 252 more words