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Before Saying No

“So you want to go to college?”

Father Simon leered at me from across the desk, his gray t-shirt stretched around the frayed seams. “But you’re a girl. 1,232 more words


A Call for Social Justice? Social Justice normalizing paedophilia.

Self-Discovery: A Call for Social Justice

This is fucking disgusting, and encourages more child pornography being made. How can anyone justify that?

Source: A Call for Social Justice

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A Review of Lolita

Author: Vladimir Nabokov

Publisher: Olympia Press

Year: 1955

“A man with an unfulfilled childhood romance whose obsession with a young girl leads to a trip on the wheels of tragedy.” … 972 more words


Μητέρα σχεδίαζε τον βιασμό της 7χρονης κόρης της από παιδεραστή


Αποτροπιασμό προκαλεί η είδηση ότι μία 54χρονη σχεδίαζε τον βιασμό της 7χρονης κορούλας της από έναν παιδεραστή, με τον οποίο επικοινωνούσε μέσω τηλεφωνημάτων και μηνυμάτων στο κινητό τηλέφωνο.


German Streets Descend into Lawlessness

The rape of a ten-year-old girl in Leipzig, the largest city in Saxony, has drawn renewed attention to the spiraling levels of violent crime perpetrated by migrants in cities and towns across Germany — and the lengths to which German officials and the media go to censor information about the perpetrators of those crimes. 277 more words