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The Heart Broke In by James Meek 2012

James Meek is a journalist and it shows. He sometimes uses adjectives and metaphors like a thriller writer who hasn’t grasped the implications of point of view, dropping in the colour of a shirt for example, the particular glint of a wrist watch face, worn out stand ins for character and/or plot development. 599 more words


Ghosts in a ghost's place

A lot of my recent thinking about the nude has revolved around naked children in art photography, at least partially because these are the most contentious nudes produced in the contemporary world. 2,258 more words


At the End of the Day

Very briefly tonight, British Home Secretary Theresa May in the Daily Telegraph ten days ago:

Bit vague on the ‘other institutions’ there.

A sadly high proportion of the paedophile accusations flying around at the moment are the result of (1) Newscorp distraction (2) Met Police desperation and (3) wannabe victims following the money. 58 more words

At The End Of The Day

Sex offender's register could be replaced with white list

Demon Headmaster lookalike Theresa May has expressed support for replacing the current sex offender’s register with a white list of non-offenders, which would consequently initially exclude everyone ever involved with the BBC. 157 more words


Anarchists, this is why

Anarchy seemed like the natural way for me to go. When you’re convinced reform is not the answer and the world needs tearing down and rebuilding; to be free from rulers is a state I’ve always wanted to be in. 246 more words


Stories of surviving. 1. 

I waited to hear your snore.

Hours passed.

Still. Sweat. Silence.

Thank something that you were obese.

Waiting for those airways to narrow.

The snore came. 23 more words

Child Abuse

For the EU Fact Finding Mission into UK #ChildAbuse visiting the UK


From ardent blogger, researcher and historic journalist William Shepherd:

Jersey, Britain’s greatest centre for tax dodging and money laundering…second only to the City of London…also enforces a culture of denial about child abuse and punishes reporters and public officials who investigate it. 404 more words

Public Interest Advocacy