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The Gift Of The Fae

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I wrote on this blog or anything. I have truly abandoned all accounts for some time. I feel like I own some reason for this but I don’t believe I have a good one. 1,356 more words


Police Watchdog Statement On Shocking Jimmy Savile Failings

The failings by the services to catch the sick paedophile Jimmy Savile were lamentable. And it was not only the services, but the systemic and widespread culture that allowed the abuse to happen. 1,017 more words


Common Institution comments

Victim told not to report abuse claims

‘Don’t talk to the police, we’ll deal with it. He won’t take the tour again.’

(Commissioner) McClellan he let me know that ‘the teacher you’re here about has been made known to us on a number of occasions before’.” 139 more words


Facts about Child Sex Abuse (maltreatment)

A child cannot consent to any form of sexual activity, period.

Physical abuse is just one type of child abuse.

– physical

– neglect

– sexual… 41 more words


PCUSA; PCI and the C of S; the ABC and the EU; Academics and Paedophilia; the Supreme Court and the Bakers.

Yesterdays post was an eye-opener to several people – thanks for your feedback.  But the half was not told.   Here are a few other snippets of news that show where we are going. 759 more words


This Congressional candidate has admitted to being a pro-incest paedophile and rapist

Content warning: rape, incest, paedophilia, GENERAL ALL AROUND DISTURBING THINGS.

Nathan Larson, aka Quite Possibly the Most Vile Man Alive, is running for Congress as an independent candidate in Charlottesville, Virginia. 735 more words


The EDL have paedophiles in their ranks but Tommy Robinson evidently doesn't condemn them

‘Tommy Robinson’, former leader of the English Defence League arrested.

A senior member of the English Defence Leagure (EDL), a far-right group which has a long history of tirades that conflate Islam with terrorism, paedophilia and sharia – accusing Muslims of paedophilia on a generalised basis – has been sentenced to 17 years for the grooming and sexual abuse of a 10 year old girl.  1,898 more words

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