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Lord Janner argues dementia no bar to prosecution; original Inquiry docs here

Lord Janner, whom the CPS wanted to prosecute for child sex abuse but decided not to because he was suffering from dementia, was himself a vigorous advocate (see extract from Jewish Chronicle article above) of prosecutions taking place against an accused regardless of their age and their health condition. 2,164 more words


Children Bleed Too

On many scores, I do not understand paedophilia.  The role of adults is firstly and always to protect children.

The advent of the internet has clearly been a boom to those who feel compelled to satisfy their own wretched sexual needs by preying on children. 201 more words


A to Z Challenge - P is for Petrol

This poem is one that some may find offensive or distressing. I wrote it after seeing a “Lateline” programme on ABC TV about the predations of a paedophile in Mutitjulu (Ayers Rock Aboriginal community in the NT). 118 more words


Janner child sex abuse: legal failures presage alternatives to prosecution/inquiries

Yesterday the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) made it clear in a statement that it, together with previous police investigations, had failed in its prosecution of Lord Greville Janner, against whom the CPS had in its possession substantial evidence of child sex abuse – enough to have brought a prosecution if it had not been for Janner’s health. 965 more words


Leicester Molester

An MP who served Leicester West/
Sought children, it’s said, to molest/
But due to dementia/
The former backbencher/
Can keep on avoiding arrest.
/// 37 more words

#CSA It was foolish to think we could rape children with impunity. D-Day 11 April blocking #Whitehall #PedoPalace

The subject line is a quote from text over a Hitler film, where he realises that the war is lost.

Amazing insights, realisations, admissions and accusations before this Nazi backdrop! 227 more words

Child Sexual Abuse

Kincora – Westminster child sex abuse scandals: the links exposed

Today Britain’s Channel 4 News ran a story on Richard Kerr, who was a victim of child sex abuse at the notorious Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland and was also taken to London where he was trafficked as part of the equally notorious Westminster/VIP paedophile ring, centred on Elm Guest House and the Dolphin Square apartments. 4,158 more words