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Why were they searching for paedophiles between MP's and not in Rotherdam?

The stories about British MP’s being part of a paedophile ring broke up in the press last year. The media was outraged, accusers, which remembered their trauma 30 years after everything allegedly happened, were paraded like freak show curiosities, one former MP died without his name being cleared, nothing has being proven and the story somewhat died. 193 more words


AWL - Shocking lines on Child Abuse 

A series of screenshots appeared on popular Facebook page Red London last week showing reference to a “disturbing” discussion which took place at the Alliance for Workers Liberty Conference in 2003. 760 more words

Indonesia treating white sex tourists like animals

New law to castrate and execute paedophiles after gang rape of 14-year-old girl

The south east Asian country is a hotspot for peadophiles from the west, with more than 100 caught in the last two years from Australia alone.

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Madeleine - paedophilia in Portugal post-Madeleine

What has been the coverage of paedophilia in Portugal post-Madeleine?

The case generating the most media attention was the Casa Pia scandal, which I have covered earlier. 867 more words

When Do We Take This Seriously?

It’s hardly a little known secret in 2016 that paedophilia is at it’s peak with more and more cases of child sex abuse as the days go by.  337 more words


Childhood sexual rights

Michael Seto (footnote 3, Seto 2012 234) summarises the general view on children desiring sex with adults:

I realise that adults have more opportunities to speak and be heard, at least by other adults, but I have never heard (directly or indirectly) a child speak on behalf of his or her right to have sex with an adult.

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A 'Filthy Fellow' in Southwark

In the last quarter century or so modern society has been particularly concerned with child abuse and paedophiles, largely as a result of the advent of the internet and of a raised awareness of the crime and better ways of dealing with victims. 446 more words