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LFF 2015: The Club

Pablo Larraín put himself on the map in 2008 with his film Tony Manero, set in Santiago in 1978, where, against the backdrop of Pinochet’s brutal regime, a man goes on his own psychopathic killing spree whilst simultaneously trying to get onto a reality TV show to perform a… 456 more words


#Bookreview 'The Opera House' by @Hans_Hirschi. Re-defining family an emotion at a time.

Hi all:

First, a word of warning. I’ve been having all kinds of computer trouble (I’ll tell you about it later) and I hope to be able to get it fixed during the week, but if you don’t see me replying to the comments straight away, that could be the reason. 749 more words


'Satanic Panic' or devious cover-up?

Simple summary:
The mainstream view is that some time ago, in places like Orkney and Nottingham, large numbers of children were taken into care by over-zealous social workers obsessed with the idea the children were the victims of ‘satanic abuse’. 1,176 more words

Child Sex Abuse Denial

Value the data

In this post I want to discuss the importance of good data when developing solid arguments rooted in fact, something vital when dealing with a subject as important as child welfare. 1,242 more words


Email to spinwatch.org

I’m impressed by your site, and happy to see you cover a broad range of topics under the umbrella of “spinwatch”.
One notable topic missed off your list so far is the way in which in the UK (and possibly in the U.S. 292 more words

Child Sex Abuse Denial

The Guardian - 4th October 2015

“Because the British state was rotten to the core, Bro Jack got away with it. Nothing could be allowed to threaten masonry, because the whole venal dinosaur of the Victorian ruling elite couldn’t function without it.”

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Child Sex Abuse Denial

The Sexual Child – The Ultimate Obscenity? Part 2

In the first part of this essay I meandered my way towards the hypothesis that the “goal of laws relating to sexual images of children the effective eradication of the notion of child sexuality from the popular discourse, culture and the minds of the citizenry”. 2,631 more words