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What's a Voyeur, Sir?

A teacher’s perverse contravention/
Secured him a 3-year detention/
His slyly-filmed vids/
Of 100s of kids/
Attracting the old bill’s attention.

A teacher's perverse contravention Secured him a 3-year detention His slyly-filmed vids Of 100s of kids Attracting the old bill's attention.

— Mick Twister (@twitmericks) August 27, 2015

paedo humour - second installment

Put down all sharp objects, refrain from food and drink and make sure you have a spare pair of underwear to hand – for here is the second of what will probably be many installments of Paedo Humour! 679 more words


Hate Child Molesters, Not Paedophiles.

Crimes of child molestation have been a huge topic of conversation over recent times; celebrities; businessmen; politicians; musicians etc. all being found guilty of the crime in one form or another. 1,643 more words



I recently had the pleasure of some time away from work which provided much needed rest and time to reflect on important areas of my life such as my career and how I’m performing as a good husband and parent. 1,504 more words


Rotherham child sex abuse: Most victims have not yet come forward for help, says lawyer


The Jay Report estimated that more than 1,400 children were sexually exploited

Only a small fraction of more than 1,400 victims who were sexually exploited as children in Rotherham over a 16-year period have come forward for help, according to a lawyer representing survivors. 269 more words


Jimmy Savile report 'tears the BBC apart': Victims' fury as findings are secretly handed to Corporation bosses


  • The £5million inquiry, led by Dame Janet Smith, was completed in May
  • Publication has been delayed several times due to ongoing inquiries
  • Questions over why BBC senior management have seen it before victims  
  • 257 more words

Pedophile Scandals in the U.K.


Britain has been rocked by incessant pedophile scandals since the revelations that the former DJ and BBC television presenter, Jimmy Savile, was involved in widespread child sex abuse. 423 more words