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My posts so far have felt rather like “Myth Busters” where I’ve looked at common misconceptions that I’ve found jar quite profoundly with the reality that I’ve experienced. 667 more words

Take away sexual desire, what's left for a paedophile?

I read a question earlier today which asked whether for paedophiles, if we strip away sexual desire what are we left with? Is all that remains feelings the same as most adults feel for children? 767 more words

How I learned to cope

In this post I want to talk about how I’ve been able to cope with my sexuality in a world which often only projects hate towards us. 797 more words

The question of consent

In this post I want to talk about the contentious question of consent and whether a child is capable of giving it.
The argument goes that a child is incapable of giving consent since they are not sufficiently experienced to understand what sex is or the implications of having sex. 741 more words

Sex and morality

So far feedback about my new blog has been mostly positive which I’m very thankful for. One criticism that I have received is that that I’m shying away from more controversial subjects such as the morality of sex between people of different age groups and the contentious issue of whether a child is capable of giving consent. 740 more words

The taboo that stops children seeking help

One thing that constantly surprises me is the number of posts on parenting forums from worried parents about their children sexually stimulating themselves.
“Help, my daughter/son keeps touching themselves. 761 more words

What I've learned about MAA's over the years

As a minor attracted adult (MAA) I’ve had the privilege over the years to make many good friends of my sexuality. In this post I want to share my experience of what MAA’s are like and hopefully dispel a few myths which seem to regularly come up. 745 more words