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Outline #03

I’m struggling to express this now. It seems that not only have I been killed by this paedophile f**k, but I’m also his wife! I mean, not now – obviously; I’m dead after all, but like, in a previous life. 502 more words


Outline #02

That ‘revealing of knowledge about myself’, the ‘self-realisation – how do I portray it when I realise something? I need to have a look at unreliable narrators. 634 more words


Shamanic Soul Retrieval and the Paedophile Elite

Yesterday Wiltshire Police finally reported their conclusions from Operation Conifer which was their investigation into whether the late Sir Edward Heath, the PM who took Britain into the European Union in the early 1970s, was a paedophile who murdered young boys brought to his yacht, Morning Cloud, by Jimmy Savile from a children’s home on Jersey. 554 more words

Ordo Ab Chao

Prime Minister Suspect

There was an old man named Sir Ted/

Of whom the police have now said/

He’d be down the station/

For interrogation/

If only he wasn’t so dead. 39 more words

"The World is sicker than you think" (Viewer Discretion Advised). God will take Vengence.

I’m posting this 15 minute 30 second video as a public warning specifically about pedophiles and homosexuals. Satan’s devils are in these people, and innocence from God (children) are in great danger from these people. 62 more words

Articles Written By Me

Breaking News: Brian Houston exposed lying to Royal Commission - pedophile father STILL preaching months before death

This video of Frank Houston was recently uploaded to YouTube on the 30th of September, 2017.

This was the brief commentary attached:

Confessed paedophile – serial child sex offender supposedly never preached again after being stepped down in 2000. 2,300 more words



I have only vague memories of my childhood; reels of memory, broken and unlinked. Most of them are of my uncle, as my parents were busy. 799 more words