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Sex and Taboo – a discussion review

I recently attended a Café Psychologique meet-up-style discussion in Brighton: a good turnout of probably 30-odd people and a talk by local author / academic / researcher Katherine Johnson set a good scene. 807 more words

IMO - Paedophilia

One of my daughters sent me this link a while ago, and its taken this long to get round to watching the entire thing.
Anyone that knows Me Well, knows Me disdain for all things ‘kiddie-fuckerish’ and my passion for doing away with them completely. 434 more words


U.N. in PANIC After Report Shows They Enabled Pedophilia ~ Feb. 16, 2018

Nope…it ain’t gettin’ any better out there yet, my friends as Earth still has a ways to go in understanding the deeeeeep depths of depravity on our planet. 569 more words

Don't Gossip About the Pedo!


One day in the mid 1980s the members of my congregation were shocked and appalled to read an article in the local newspaper stating that the Police had investigated a paedophile ring and the names of those who were involved were listed.  1,221 more words


Does Big Mouth promote paedophilia?

In a hilariously self-aware moment, the characters of Big Mouth mull over what can come of their awkward experiences going through puberty. “A show about a bunch of kids masturbating?” Andrew suggests. 597 more words


Paedophilia, & Respect

I have been planning a new post for some time but simply have not worked up the energy to write anything at all. Even the material I am writing about now has been waiting for a period of time, partially because I have not been sure there is any point in writing about it. 1,557 more words


Roger Casement - Sicko Or Hero?

The following video gives a brief and incomplete introduction into the life of Roger Casement, the Irishman who was a humanitarian and ultimately a martyr for Irish freedom. 169 more words