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Moralfagging Over The Recent 'YouTube Kiddiefiddler Exposé' Trend

There has been a bit of a recent trend emerging in the (so-called) “Skeptic™ Community”, whereby some You Tubers have been drawing attention to and castigating, certain content creators whose particular penchant is good, old-fashioned paedophilia. 1,420 more words


We used to hang people for this

While obviously I do mean the paedophile, I also mean the entire family. Know a tree by its fruit. The signs must’ve been there and they knew what they let into that house. 90 more words

Bestiality brothels shouldn't surprise you

PETA is suspiciously silent.


“Lifestyle choice” now where have we heard that before?
R-types = animal rapists and violent abusers.
Germany = animal porn illegal, rape of animals legal. 362 more words

Video: Muslim in Canada defends pedophilia

They’re getting so bold, aren’t they?

I think the only sensible reply to this is Deus Vult.

“Silence is consent.”

The feminists say nothing.

This completely contradicts the notion of consent, which is a positive construct that must be actively… 103 more words

Trump in Epstein's Black Book

It went down the memory hole but recent cuckey events have made me ponder.

The PDF is on Gawker, of all places.
Still yet to hear a convincing explanation for this. 275 more words