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Mini Humbucker Sound Clips

Here’s a collection of our mini humbuckers from neck to bridge with a clean and overdriven sample at each position.

Porter Pickups

Classic Caches

It seems like at the moment My cache count is creeping up at a more rapid rate than usual, although my statistics tell me my caching rate hasn’t changed, so it must just be me. 2,529 more words


It Has a Name

We finally made it to the Autonomic Dysfunction clinic at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

As my step-dad once again led us on a journey to another appointment, this time he traversed three states to the sound of dueling GPS voices. 1,658 more words

Autonomic Dysfunction

8 Life Values You Can Learn From A Military Training

            Choosing to serve your country and other people is not just a job, but a calling. And that calling will require you something: to pay the price. 630 more words

Decoding the PAF - Premier Guitar

What is it about the genius of that original PAF design that makes something so compelling and musical. I found 14 more words

The Airdevils

I’ve seen him around a couple of times, but today was the first time I realized that I sat across a seasoned gentleman. Despite his age, Khan sahib still has the old world charm, dressed to the nines in an immaculate suit – it was the blue, striped tie that drew me in. 772 more words

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