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Basic Alchemy Symbols!

Alchemical symbols are basic short cuts for planets, stars and metals for rituals. Here is a simplified version for a simple Book of shadows recipe!


Who Am I?

Even if people don’t think it’s true, I’ve come to realize that this is the most fundamental question of our existence. It’s much deeper than just our name. 491 more words


Nyx- My Beloved Queen of the Night!

My Goddess is Nyx!

I am a child of the night and she is my mother.

She marked me at birth, On my back I have beauty marks in a perfect shape of the Big dipper and nothing else on othe parts of my body I have other constellations as well. 1,794 more words


Tarot Tuesday: The Empress

Use your creativity and innate wisdom to improve your situation – why not make use of any artistic skills you may (or may not!) have, even if it’s just for your own benefit? 107 more words


Tarot Tuesday: Wheel of Fortune

Life works in cycles and as one ends, so another begins, be it good or bad. The Wheel is turning and is at the end, and therefore the beginning, of a cycle. 105 more words


Modern Witchcraft

Found a quote that I love, and I think it’s accurate.

“Modern witchcraft is a form of spirituality that seeks harmony with nature. Usually celebrating eight seasonal festivals, witches honor nature – both within their bodies, which are seen as sacred, and the wider environment. 39 more words


We live~ We breathe~ We die~(sometimes we even reincarnate just to start all over again.)

We live. We breathe. We die.

we swallow creativity whole

like gulping down the horizon

the place i see

deep into your eyes

where earth meets sky. 83 more words