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Oracle Cards: Building Blocks and Breathe

Now is the time to start laying the foundations for the future, whether that be your career, a hobby or relationships. Take it slowly; good, solid foundations can’t be rushed. 60 more words


Tarot Cards: Hermit, Death and The Sun

You’ll need to take time away from the crowd this week to think through some things. Something big is leaving your life and you are going to need time to process that, to figure out what it means for you and what might be taking its place. 28 more words


Education Wednesday: Know Your Runes - Fehu


Name: Fehu “The Rune of Luck”

Pronunciation: “Fay-Who”

Meaning: “Cattle” (literal translation)

                Other meanings: New Beginnings, Wealth

Key Concepts: Wealth, money, luck, personal power, financial strength, prosperity… 54 more words


Oracle Card: The Horse

Don’t try to do everything this week. Accept help from others if it’s offered, or ask for it if it isn’t. It’s no weakness to accept that you can’t do it all! 7 more words