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Oracle Cards: The Gate and The Knight

It all might have come to a stop and it seems that you can go no further, that there are things preventing you from continuing. However, keep at it! 32 more words


The Witch in Wildcat Country

A few days ago myself and my boyfriend took a trip to wildcat country (Badenoch and Strathspey), in particular Newtonmore.

Newtonmore is the land of Clan Macpherson, a clan I have ties to through my father. 846 more words


Oracle Cards: Imagine and Co-Create

Get together with friends/colleagues/family and allow your imaginations to fly free. Then set about making one or more of the ideas become a reality – imagine it, dream it, make it so! 7 more words


Oracle Cards: Energy and Humor

Fun and laughter will provide you with an energy rush – use it well!

Cards: Magical Times Empowerment Cards, Jody Bergsma


Oracle Cards: The Chimera and Water

Emotions are running high this week, so try to be aware of that and don’t let them cloud – or form – your judgement. If you can, leave any decisions until things are calmer; if you can’t, note how you’re feeling about things and how that is influencing your thought processes, and then try to be rational rather than emotional. 6 more words


Dutch Myths: Baduhenna

Welcome to the second piece in the series on Dutch mythology! This time I wanted to share a favourite of mine: Baduhenna. Not a lot is known of this Frisian Goddess, which makes her all the more intriguing. 683 more words