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Tarot Tuesday: 5 of Wands

You might still be having regrets over something that happened a while ago, still playing it out in your head – what you said, what you should have said, what you shouldn’t… 57 more words


A Very Magical Weekend

I knew it was Imbolc weekend but I forgot it was also a Blue Moon.
To find out more about Imbolc and see my recipe for Grenadine Mulled Wine click… 451 more words


Lammas - A Time to Improve in Health, Wealth and Happiness

Lammas – A Time to Improve in Health, Wealth and Happiness
by Alison Yates

Lammas is normally celebrated on August 1st in the Northern Hemisphere and is one of the eight Sabbats celebrated by Wiccans, Pagans and Druids. 163 more words


~Legends and Lore of Lammas (Lughnasadh)~

In many cultures, there are different legends and lore surrounding Lammas (Lughnasadh). Here are a few of the stories about this magical harvest celebration from around the world. 411 more words


Blue Moon Wishing Spell

Another blue moon.  A rare event, and a unique opportunity for the practicing witch.

It’s here!  Well, it’s three days away.  But you need time to plan for it.  538 more words


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Tarot Tuesday: 2 of Wands

So, decision time. Which path to take?

Obviously, only you can decide that, whether you choose to ask others for advice or not. If it’s a choice that’s going to affect other people, those closest to you, it might be polite to at least talk it over with them before coming to a decision. 123 more words


On Dealing with Death (a pondering)

Have you ever experienced the sudden, echoing, yet fleeting feeling of overwhelming fear in your chest?  The one where it feels like something wraps its icy hands around your heart, squeezes, and it pulses across your body like frozen lightning. 1,026 more words