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Oracle Cards: Metamorphosis and Unexpected Visitor

Paradigm shifts – a completely unexpected happening will bring about a change in you. This might not be an easy thing; a sacrifice may be required of you, and sacrifices, by their very nature, are difficult things. 36 more words


Three Elements of Practice: Water, Darkness, and Movement.

I have noticed three elements that are always present when I seek to do deep, spontaneous magic from my heart: water, darkness, and movement.

Movement… 648 more words


Oracle Cards: The Dragon and Fire

Unless you really want to get into arguments this week, take a deep breath and a step back, then return to the fray armed with calm and logic. 42 more words


Sorry for being quiet

Though, this is one of the few places I’ve been quiet. I’ve spent the past two months being extremely vocal and active in other places, including Twitter, which I’ve never used much before (except when on vacation). 369 more words



When I was in my coven, we had to write a poem, and I wrote one about the Goddess Brighid. I think it fits with Imbolc that is coming, since it’s Brighid that brings Spring to us, and Imbolc is related to Brighid.  I had an image in my mind when I wrote that poem, an image I found on the internet years later, which I will share here as well. 106 more words


Oracle Cards: All That Glitters and To Be Fair

Take the time this week to see beneath what you’re given to see. Is that person really as stand-offish as they seem, or are they hiding a crippling shyness? 69 more words