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Nile - Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten (Ancient Egyptian Death Metal)

Genre: Brutal, technical death metal

Location: United States

Themes: Ancient Egyptian Mythology

I love this song because it’s a great embodiment of what the band Nile does well, create an expansive, over-the-top soundscape with an impossible to remember title that fuses cinematic, Ancient Egyptian-esque instrumentals with the mind drilling riffs of modern death metal. 205 more words


No Such Thing as a Free Tarot Reading

I recently saw a disturbing post by a newcomer in a Facebook group. The person, who clearly had not noticed that there are literally thousands of people in the group, offered free tarot readings. 442 more words


The Call of Home

I know, I know, I’m reviving a long-dead blog (nearly two years!), but please bear with me. I have some ideas floating around and I need to get them out. 973 more words

Sacred Space

Last weekend was the winter edition of Castlefest, which is one of the biggest and most “gezellig” fantasy and pagan festival┬áhere in the Netherlands. The summer edition is amazing and we’ve been considering it our holiday for years now. 441 more words

Travel Altar Project ~ Part 2

Now for a look at what I keep in the up-cycled travel altar. I try to keep what I carry in it to a minimum so there is room to put in extra items I may find while out and about. 279 more words

Travel Altar Project ~ Part 1

Having moved a large amount of furniture around of late, created a new studio space and spiritual den and rearranged the look, feel and surface used for my main altar space I found that I wanted and needed a small travel altar that I could move easily and set up around the house, take with me when travelling and use on the go. 479 more words

Grimoire cover

I’ve talked about my spiritual path here before, but to be honest, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus when it comes to witchcraft and paganism. 536 more words