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Book Donation: Ariadne's Thread!

Thank you Laura Perry for donating her book Ariadne’s Thread: Awakening the Wonders of the Ancient Minoans in our Modern Lives. And special thanks for giving us a new branch of polytheism to add to the library!



2016 April 28


The three-day Roman festival of Floralia commemorates the goddess Flora, deity of flowers and the pleasures of youth. Her feast day was noted for its license, and medallions showing various positions of sexual enjoyment were distributed to the revelers. 517 more words


Dutch Deities for D&D pt.2

Are you guys and gals ready for part 2 of our Dutch Deities for RPG’s series? ‘Cause here it is! Last time I gave you a quick rundown on a few Dutch deities with their corresponding alignments, domains and symbols. 1,373 more words

Oracle Cards: The Deer and Wealth

Diplomacy will win you more than any amount of bull-headedness or shouting. Be humble and gentle, and see how much more comes your way.

Cards: Wisdom of Avalon, Colette Baron-Reid


2016 April 25

Robigalia/St.Mark/Cuckoo Day

St. Mark’s Day is the old Roman festival of the Robigalia, the observance of which was magically intended to avert the spirit of mildew, which threatens crops around this time. 369 more words


2016 April 22

(listed as April 21) Parilia/Earth Day/ Egyptian Day

The festival of the Roman pastoral deity, Pales, known as the Parilia, included decoration sheepfolds with green branches; kindling fires, through whose smoke the animals were driven; and offering milk and cakes to the divinity. 594 more words


Dutch Deities for D&D pt.1

…and other RPGs of course! Being pagan I love reading and researching mythology. A year ago I started looking into my own countries history. I knew we worshipped the Germanic Gods here, but were there a few Gods of our own? 736 more words