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Oracle Cards: The King and The Stag

A week in which you need to be a leader. You’ll need to step up and stand firm if you want to see justice done, whether it’s for yourself or a cause you believe in. 29 more words


Oracle Card: The Satyr

Revelry and indulgence. This is definitely the week for it! Enjoy the final few days of 2016 with your families and friends, and remember – there’s a difference between ‘indulgence’ and ‘overindulgence’! 7 more words


Oracle Cards: Earth and The Knight

Don’t get carried away, coming up with complicated plans to sort out any problems this week – any issues you have will be better resolved by using common sense. 16 more words


Oracle Cards: Exchanging Gifts and Mending

“Well, yes,” you might think, “of course Exchanging Gifts, given the time of year!” And it may well genuinely have that meaning here.

However, with Mending, it may also mean that now is the time to rebuild relationships, to both give and accept forgiveness, to make amends and allow healing to take place – what greater gift is there than that? 32 more words


Oracle Cards: The Well Watcher and The Altar Priestess

Time to pay attention to yourself; more specifically, your spiritual or emotional wellbeing. Offer up prayers, in whatever form suits you, but remember to listen for the answers, whether you believe in answers from a higher being or you’re listening to your intuition. 39 more words