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Oracle Cards: Exchanging Gifts and Mending

“Well, yes,” you might think, “of course Exchanging Gifts, given the time of year!” And it may well genuinely have that meaning here.

However, with Mending, it may also mean that now is the time to rebuild relationships, to both give and accept forgiveness, to make amends and allow healing to take place – what greater gift is there than that? 32 more words


Oracle Cards: The Well Watcher and The Altar Priestess

Time to pay attention to yourself; more specifically, your spiritual or emotional wellbeing. Offer up prayers, in whatever form suits you, but remember to listen for the answers, whether you believe in answers from a higher being or you’re listening to your intuition. 39 more words


Oracle Card: Ride The Wave

Ride the wave indeed! You’re in a positive cycle right now, where things are going well and you feel confident. Make the most of it. However, don’t think that you can simply glide along, you still need to make an effort or you’ll just crash into the shore. 15 more words


Angel Cards: Blessings, Celebration and Trust

Trust your instincts; you’re making the right decisions if you go with your gut feeling. This should be another good week, with positive news (however minor) and / or gatherings. 22 more words



feet strike the ground

connecting to earth from the winds of storm


emotions calm

thoughts slow and focus from tumultuous repetition

feet strike the ground… 6 more words


Card of the Day - The Desert Prince

The Desert Prince stands ready to assist you. He is strong and capable. The moon and pyramid behind him indicate that he is familiar with the mysteries. 211 more words


Oracle Cards: Humour and Prosperity

A week for having fun and appreciating everything you have. You might not have everything you want, and indeed, you might not have all you really do need, but you have some things and those are things to be grateful for. 17 more words