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valentine's day... v is for

Below is a post that was intended for PBP letter V last year that I never did post.. however, ’tis the season..

Valentine’s day, not a holiday I celebrate usually, but the below was what popped in my head for the letter “V”.. 67 more words

Musings & Other Randomness

Z is for Zero Tolerance for negativity

I have zero tolerance for negativity. This includes an especially important thing: Negative self talk! Cut that crap out, I hate it!! I work like a spiritual warrior against those inner judge voices and regularly tell them to shut the f*ck up! 246 more words

Pagan Blog Project 2013

Z-Is for: 'There is no Dana, only Zuul'

Ok so I had to make a silly post, (that’s a reference to Ghostbusters, for the other 80’s children around here) Well I had to skip one Y and admit that I just won’t be ‘perfect’ and get to every letter twice in the Pagan Blog Project for 2013. 474 more words

Pagan Blog Project 2013

Y- Yule! Merry Yule and Happy Winter Solstice!

This will be a quick one since I need to catch up to Z and do two more! (no spam intended, heehee) :) Merry Yule!! A little known fact about Yule is that Red stands for the blood of the mother as she is having the baby Sun god and Green is the symbol of the hope of the next spring to come. 30 more words

Pagan Blog Project 2013

zen and the scent of jasmine

I recently realized that I have been slowly surrounding myself with jasmine in my little garden area.. tucking it everywhere along the perimeter. It seems to me that I must have unknowingly developed a strong draw to it. 62 more words

Pagan Blog Project

yarrow to bring what is needed

Ruled by Venus and the element of water, Yarrow is often used for divination and to seek out love. It is used in spells of attraction. 157 more words

Musings & Other Randomness

X is for Gebo-Elder Futhark Rune

Well, the letter X is not an easy one but I’ll do my best. I’m thinking the next post will be X marks the spot, heh heh (gotta get some cheesy jokes in sometimes) … 265 more words

Pagan Blog Project 2013