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Stories Make The World Go Round

‘2. A myth or story from folklore. ‘

-LittleCityWitch (Tumblr)

Now this question calls for a bit of a think. From what I’ve read on pagan blogs, the myths that stay with a witch are the ones that shape their faith. 247 more words

Pagan Blog Project: C is For Candles and Charms

I’m still kind of behind, but let’s try to catch up!

The theme for February on The Cauldron is slumps/downtime/fallow periods. I was debating to use candles or charms for this, but both fit for different reasons. 427 more words


A Beginning

Guess what I found while looking for other PBP-less souls? PurpleMoon831 over at My Goddess Path is starting a 44-question challenge that originated on Tumblr- quite a resurrection, since… 358 more words

We've All Got To Start Somewhere

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

- Arthur Ashe

Truth be told, I’m bummed that Pagan Blog Project isn’t continuing on for another year.  270 more words

Pagan Blog Project: B Is For Books

Better late than never, right?

Following on the Cauldron’s January theme (shh, I know it’s not January anymore) of doorways, “Books” is perfect for this. 219 more words


Beginnings and Endings.

I realize the PBP is over and done with, but I’d had this in my drafts, and wasn’t sure how, or if, I would post it. 400 more words

Pagan Blog Project

Monday Musings - personal practice

This week’s Monday Musings is:

Personal Practice- Share your favorite spiritual/magickal practices. What tools are incorporated into your daily practice? What feeds you and replenishes you? 199 more words

Pagan Blog Project