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W is for Wheel of the Year

When I began working with my first coven, there was a heavy emphasis on marking every Sabbat. Regardless of what day the holiday fell on, we would rearrange our schedule, sometimes even skipping other important events in order to gather and celebrate. 899 more words

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A is for Alice

The 25th of July of 2015 changed my life. It was the day my first child – Alice – was born.

How could she not be the first letter of my project? 356 more words

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Spiritual Growth - Looking Glass

A lot of the new year is about making plans for the future and looking forward to many goals. Part of this process is also looking back and reflecting on what happened and what you did in order to be able to make decisions about moving forward. 249 more words


A is for Abundance

I have become increasingly aware of a theme running through neopaganism/neofolk thought patterns that I’m sure I’m not the first to pick up on. It’s just one that I’ve come increasingly sensitive to. 485 more words


V is for Vanilla Bean

I haven’t written for a while. Working full time at a new job and being a full time student has taken a lot of my free time, but I at least want to finish my alphabet posts before I reconsider what to do with this space. 281 more words

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V is for Vocal Techniques for Magick

Recently, I was invited to a small full moon ritual hosted by a solitary I’ve known for years. I have never practiced with her or any of her other Pagan friends, but I was excited to attend. 315 more words

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V is for Vodou Shopping List

I recently celebrated my birthday by spending a weekend in New Orleans with some friends. While I was there, I was able to visit a lot of Vodou shops and bought some interesting things. 100 more words

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