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U is for Unconscious Magic

    When many magical practitioners think of magic, typically their thoughts include elaborate rituals. Even those who practice folk magic will have thoughts on using candles, gemstones, or herbs in their magical practice. 240 more words

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U is for the Unknown

    This past Tuesday marked my last day at a company that spent over seven years. I didn’t want to leave, but my other option was to apply and get a lower paying job within the company as a result of my previous position being eliminated. 230 more words

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T is for 30 Things Before 30

will turn 30 on August 16, 2015. This will be a huge milestone! In my 20’s I haven’t really challenged myself that way I would have liked, so my goal is to complete this list before I turn 30. 212 more words

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Book Review - Carry the Rock

Carry the Rock  by Jessica D Rzeszewski

Carry the Rock is an honest, first hand account by the author J D Rzeszewski of her experiences as an apprentice in Toltec shamanism with a Nagual in Hawaii. 169 more words


S is for Setbacks and Sacred Promises

In an attempt to make a long story short, I was recently demoted at work. Demoted, might be the wrong word. My position was eliminated and I have been turned down from the two positions of equal standing within the company. 473 more words

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S is for Sickness

Cross-legged in my front of the fireplace in my basement, I tear the kindling into smaller pieces. Mindfully, I light the fire and count myself down into a meditative state. 188 more words

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Stories Make The World Go Round

‘2. A myth or story from folklore. ‘

-LittleCityWitch (Tumblr)

Now this question calls for a bit of a think. From what I’ve read on pagan blogs, the myths that stay with a witch are the ones that shape their faith. 247 more words