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X is for X Marks the Spot

A veve is a ritual marking used in Vodou. Each Lwa (spirit) has a veve that is used to represent them. The veve is used both as a beacon to alert the Lwa of the ritual and as a gateway through which the Lwa can move into our realm. 203 more words

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X is for Xenomancy

Let me start by saying that X is a terrible letter to base a blog post on. You would not believe how many online encyclopedias I browsed through to find something to write about. 369 more words

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W is for Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop (or O Yea of Little Faith)

Before getting to the meat of the topic, I feel the need to share some background. I’ve practiced Witchcraft in various forms for many years. However, my practice has been mostly Eurocentric. 462 more words

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