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Book Review: Raven's Feast

This was the part of the battle that tore at Hakon’s nerves. It always had. It was the moment between life and death, when his emotions swirled and his bowels loosened and the dark cloak of doubt ate at his thoughts. 499 more words

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Cernunnos Horned God

He is known as the God of The Hunt …there is also another ‘supreme deity’ referred to as ‘The Horned God’, ‘Cernunnos’, ‘The God of Wicca’, ‘Pan’, ‘Herne’, ‘Dionysus’ and many more titles. 355 more words

Book Of Shadows

High Voltage by Karen Marie Moning

Published: March 6, 2016

Holy Hell!! What a book! I mean when it ended I couldn’t believe that was it! I needed more. I NEED more! 744 more words


Foolishness and a Stumbling Block

What does proclaiming Christ crucified have to do with being a joyful disciple? That is the theme that I want to explore today, but first, just a little review of where we have come from so far in our Lenten exploration of discipleship: The first week we explored what it means to be a disciple of Christ, baptized into the joyful family of disciples that is the Catholic Church. 1,809 more words


'They Had One Job to Do' (2014)

Sometimes I wonder why none of the pagan civilizations ever came up with a god or goddess of stupidity. He would’ve been the biggest idol of them all, with by far the most worshipers and the biggest temple. 17 more words

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Prayers Don't Need to Be Overly Specific

I wanted to say this just because it was on my mind for a bit today:

If you’re like me and have a tendency to over-specify what you’re asking for in prayers to the gods out of fear of repercussions that might stem from unspecificity*, know this: 324 more words

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Following the Straight and Arrow - Saint Sebastian - January 20th

There have been some pretty tough times in the history of the Catholic Church, perhaps none so much as the the period known as the Great Persecution, which happened under the Roman Emperor Diocletian. 1,109 more words

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