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"Anti Christ Beliefs and Christian Beliefs Do Not Mix" by Dr.J.

Be careful not to mix pagan beliefs or other anti Christ beliefs with our belief in Jesus Christ and God’s principles. “Karma” is from the Buddhist and Hindu religions. 82 more words

Anti Christ

Pagan Gods – The Deities of Powerful Ancient Civilizations

Paganism is the worship of more than one god, and most pagan religions recognise powerful goddesses as well. The stories of ancient pagan deities are still passed down throughout the generations and the ones that we are most familiar with are the Egyptian, Norse, Greek and Roman religions. 516 more words

Wendy Saunders

The True God

God is the most supreme of all beings. He’s not a God, He’s the God. Now some people worship the sun, moon, and stars. That is part of their culture and those beliefs go back to thousands of years. 88 more words

Ideas Sprout

by Robert Berendt

Our minds are not only as active as we allow them to be

“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen” – John Steinbeck. 1,346 more words

Christian Life

A Christian Testimony and the Norse Gods

Video description:

Abandon Stones and take up Understanding.

This is my Christian testimony as well as my workings with the Norse gods. I hope you enjoy the tale I have sung. 6 more words

Historical Revisionism

Does Scripture Support Substitution Theology? Part B

Last week’s blog may not have established with sufficient clarity the fact that though Abraham was indeed a monotheist, he was still influenced by pagan perspectives of their fictional gods. 1,038 more words

Using Your Gifts for the Gods

There are many ways to honor the gods. Prayer, rituals, and offerings are the ones we think of most often; they are so very explicitly god-directed that it can be hard to look beyond them. 557 more words