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In search of Fonti Su Lumarzu, Bonorva

A quiet village

A sign off the main road reads – Rebeccu medieval village – the road winds; upwards past an old Gothic Aragonese church surrounded by grazing sheep to the small hilltop village of Rebeccu – a lost village 508 metres above sea level. 602 more words

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Pagan Gods and the naming of the days | Ancient Origins

We speak the names of the gods on a daily basis and most people do not even realise it.  Every day of the week, religious and non-religious people alike follow the old pagan tradition of giving th… 11 more words


Carry on our Wayward Sons: Supernatural Season 3 - Poison Breaks Down The One Where Dean Gets Bitten

Welcome back to the overview of Eric Kripke’s Supernatural; the monster-of-the-week mystery drama series about the Winchester brothers Sam and Dean.

We last saw them closing a Hell Gate and killing their longtime foe in Season Two; now let’s take a look at what’s in store for them in: 1,257 more words


Sardinia's well temples and their votive objects and bronzetti

In my regular posts this year on the incredible prehistoric sacred spring history of Sardinia, I have referred to votive offerings the bronzetti and other votive offerings. 638 more words

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The sacred rams of Sa Sedda and Sos Carros Sardinia

One of the most remarkable aspects of Sardinia archaeology is that it can constantly surprise. The journey to Sa Sedda and Sos Carros is a long and winding one, through dirt tracks and narrow roads. 543 more words

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Deity & the Divine: Familiarity and Risking Disrespect 

For this month’s Deity & The Divine post, I wanted to discuss something some friends and I have been debating over recent weeks/months. It seems that more and more often (at least among the younger pagan types, and most prevalent in realms like Tumblr) that UPG and personal relationships with deity tend to take a more personal turn. 617 more words


1482 Clyde Billington - Mask of Pan

Archaeologists found a bronze mask of the Greek/Roman god Pan at the decapolis city of Hippos/Sussita. Who was Pan and how did he relate to the biblical story? 49 more words

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