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I am celebrating by just cleaning up my shit life! I have rearranged my altar accordingly, and I finished my rune stone studies! The runes were quite excited, they made me basically learn them one after the other until I was finished (I was already halfway through, but still, it was a lot to take in, my head ached for about thirty minutes). 94 more words


How Passover became Easter

This year, 2016, shows a clear distinction between Passover and Easter. As most Christians know, Passover was the crucifixion day of Yeshua (Jesus). Three days later was the resurrection day. 880 more words


How Dare You 1 – Easter

Hosea 2:13-17 – “I will punish her for the feast days of the other gods, and take their names out of her mouth.” (paraphrase) 665 more words


It’s Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere – not Spring/Eostar by Glenys Livingstone

Despite the chocolate bunnies, eggs and toy chickens in the shops along with the coaxing to buy and celebrate Easter at this time in Australia, it is not Spring: Earth here does not seem to co-operate with the Consumer Faith, built as it is around the Northern Hemisphere and dominant Christian calendar. 1,201 more words


Patrick's Day or Trinity Day?

Patrick’s Day is just another international opportunity to promote continued paganism hidden behind partying, food, and symbolism.  The Christian version of this holiday’s origins involves the celebration of the actions of a missionary called Patrick (saint?).   124 more words

Valentine's v. Halloween: Writers After Dark Episode 3

Valentine’s and Halloween share many things in common. They are both co-opted pagan festivals, they both involve some amount of “treats,” and they both have become commercial successes in terms of consumer dollars spent. 226 more words

Writers After Dark

The Goddess Mokosh by Laura Shannon

Candlemas / Imbolc, the midway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox brings with it (in the northern hemisphere) the first signs of awakening spring. 1,079 more words