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Lughnasadh- The First Harvest Festival

Y’all know I love a good celebration.  Especially when it comes to celebrating this beautiful Earth’s bounty.  Lughnasadh was the original county fair.  In the old agricultural calendar it was a celebration for the community to share bread, beer, life, and the first harvests.   317 more words


Why Most Christians Need the Milk of the Word and Not the Meat

We have been talking about a few concepts considered the meat of the word in the last two or three articles. The meat of His word is the deep things of God. 1,192 more words


Happy Litha!

Merry Meet! (Greetings)

Today marks the beginning of the second half of the year in which the Dark God of the dying year overtakes the Sun God. 157 more words


Happy Easter!

I used to be Christian (good little Southern Baptist boy, saved and dunked) so I know a thing or two about the Christian Liturgical Year. Christmas gets all the press attention, but the real meat and potatoes of Christianity is not that Yeshua ben Yosef was born, not that he died, but that he rose again on the third day. 238 more words

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Easter- a Christian holiday with Pagan roots?

Another Easter has passed. Filled with bunnies, eggs (both chocolate and decorated hard-boiled) and baskets. As we well know that according to Christian tradition Easter is known as the day of Resurrection for Jesus Christ. 622 more words

Pagan Beliefs


Join Bill Watson and Wayne Hendrix as they explore the historical origins of the Easter holiday.

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Happy Ostara and Spring Equinox!

Happy Ostara and the start of a new Spring!

Happy Spring Everyone! Although here in New York City it doesn’t quite feel like spring yet, but it will soon enough!

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