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How Dare You 3 – Halloween

Hosea 2:13-17 – “I will punish her for the feast days of the other gods, and take their names out of her mouth.” (paraphrase) 492 more words

Occultic Observances

How does Yahowah view celebrating Halloween

Witches and pretend Pagans attempt to convince you that Halloween is innocent fun, and even claim it has a Christian origin.  “What harm is there in dressing up as witches and enjoying a party?, they ask. 760 more words

Christians And Halloween

Halloween, an Occult celebration ... nothing new under the sun

As popular society begins to rev up for this year’s Occult celebration …  let’s look at Halloween’s pagan history :

Samhain… marked the end of the  325 more words

Tlachtga, a Light for the New Year (Samhain) by Deanne Quarrie

This is the story of Tlachtga. Her name means “Earth Spear.” Her story gives us the name for a famous place in Ireland where to this day, the rites of Samhain are held in her honor. 831 more words

Goddess Spirituality

To Every Season by Deanne Quarrie

We are closing in on the last of the season of abundance. Wherever we look we see Her harvest around us. Purple grapes hang from their vines. 847 more words

Feminism And Religion

Mabon: Autumn Harvest

As a calendar publisher, we immerse ourselves in information about all kinds of holidays and their related traditions. Changes of the season are especially ripe with many celebrations around the world. 262 more words

Holiday Lore

Christmas: Christian or Pagan?

Pastor McClarty takes a look at the various Babylonian and Celtic religious influences that are found in our Christmas traditions.