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A Valentine's Day Message For You (edited)

It’s Valentine’s Day and what better way to say “I Love You!” than with sex, candy, and some Victoria Secret’s lingerie? I am deviating from my original page’s theme in celebration of this sexually themed holiday. 399 more words

Pagan Book Study - Part 1

In my quest to learn more and start anew, I’m reading through the book Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions by Joyce & River Higginbotham.  There are several areas in the book that contain exercises and questions for reflection, so I thought since I’m already writing these things out I might as well include my process here on my blog.  719 more words


A Light Story by Barbara Ardinger

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,

Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—

—first there was a dark eye at the window. 1,164 more words


Happy Imbolc! and something to do with large rodents

I don’t know if this was on-purpose or serendipity, but the made-up US celebration falls square on the Pagan holiday. We Pagans of many stripes can celebrate our minor fertility festival on the same day as the muggles lose their minds on a groundhog seeing his shadow or not, and most people can’t tell the difference. 779 more words

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Celtic Sun Goddess Brighid

Fire Goddess Brighid

Brighid (or Brid) represents the supreme Mother. She is the Celtic Sun Goddess of fertility, fire, creative inspiration, healing and protector of children. 107 more words


Winter holidays and ancient paganism

“Death and rebirth occur at midnight by interrupting time – switching off the lights – a gesture that recreates the chaos from which time arises, and with it the world around it. 3,072 more words