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Music Monday

What: One hour of emotional, fantasy flavored music.
Who/Source: Peter Gundry | Composer.
How: This album features vocals (soloists and choral) and piano, and range from slow to medium paced, gently happy to bittersweet. 39 more words


Joyfully wrong

One of my favorite parts about church when I was a kid was the music.

Going to Catholic mass with my mom was one of my first exposures to seeing the notes on the page and realizing they meant something. 245 more words


Spiral Dance Melbourne Concert: back the PCV on Patreon and get 50% off your ticket!

Multi-award winning Pagan band Spiral Dance is returning to Melbourne in July 2018, thanks to the Pagan Collective of Victoria.

Late 2017 saw the arrival of a new member of Spiral Dance! 57 more words


The Witch's Corner Newsletter ~ March 2018

Welcome to the March Newsletter!CLICK HERE

I’ll be resuming monthly in-house tarot readings at Next Millennium in March.  My first session will be  240 more words


[Music] Hagalaz Runedance - Wake Skadi

Although this song came out in 2000 (which was effing 18 years ago…! I’m old.) i still love to listen to it, and I think it’s my favorite from the whole album. 29 more words


[Music] S.J. Tucker - Firebird's Child

A little music recommendation :3 quite catchy!

S.J. Tucker – Firebird’s Child
Album: Blessings


Preparing for the Solstice: A Midsummer Music Playlist

I love getting into the festive mood of the season as the Wheel of the Year turns- seasonal home decorations, seasonal altar, eating the foods of the season, etc. 79 more words