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Brand new Witches' Ladders

All of these were just listed yesterday, on May Day!

GODDESS ISIS:¬†three groupings of nine beads each–8mm sparkly blue goldstone, 8mm orange sodalite (with gorgeous shades of royal and navy blue, white, peach, and orange all swirling together), and 6mm vivid green Russian amazonite–interspersed with gold-plated pewter scarabs, fire-polished royal blue and metallic gold Czech rondelles, 12mm carnelian rounds, and metallic gold seed beads, on cornflower blue silk cord. 659 more words


Brand new Witches' Ladders: Njord and Freyja

This witches’ladder¬†was designed with Njord–patriarch of the Vanir–in mind but could be used for any deity or spirit with whom the gemstones and imagery resonate for you. 366 more words

Wytch Of The North Shop

Introducing: Witches' Ladders

I’ve only completed two of these so far, but am so excited about them I couldn’t wait to share! (There will be more posted in the very near future!) 539 more words


Sobek Rosary - coming soon!

So I was asked a while ago about whether I might ever sell prayer beads with set prayers, and my brain decided this was a challenge I needed to meet. 864 more words

Brand new: Earth Goddess Mini-Mala

Just added today! This earthy green mini-mala was crafted especially to aid you in grounding, fertility, and abundance magick, and connecting with the glorious planet we live on. 257 more words


Brand new: Self Love Mini-Mala

This tranquil, soothing mini-mala was designed for spirit workers, witches, hard-working parents, and anyone else who gives a lot of their time, energy, and compassion to others and can sometimes find it hard to remember to save some for themselves. 319 more words


Brand new: PROSPERITY Mini-Mala

Just added today! This glowing gold and green mini-mala was crafted especially for you to bring the blessings of abundance and prosperity into your life and enhance your devotional practice with any deity closely associated with wealth, such as Njord, Poseidon (many sea deities can help you manifest wealth–hence the choice of a fish pendant for this piece), Lakshmi, Freyr, or Freyja. 224 more words