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New in my Etsy Shop: Egyptian God Prayer Beads

I am super-happy to announce that I am adding a line of prayer beads for Egyptian gods to my Etsy shop!

These are pocket beads, each a string of nine beads with an ankh on one end, and a pendant on the other with an image of the god the beads are made for. 245 more words


New in my Etsy Shop: Prayer Beads for Celtic Gods

My relationship with the Celtic gods has been a complicated one over the years; they have not always been a steady presence in my life, but they have been a strong one. 997 more words


New in my Etsy Shop: Travel Prayer Beads

Sometimes I add something to the shop simply because I want one. This is one of those times.

This design is meant to be carried on your travels; it is easily hung from the rear view mirror of a car and closes with a strong magnetic clasp. 115 more words


My Etsy Shop: Custom Orders

I try not to have too many posts in this blog that are mainly or mostly commercial; after all, I’ve got a whole other blog for that (which you can see… 444 more words


Off and running!

Welcome to my think tank and design space for Rosie Gypsy Designs. Here is where you will see some of the madness behind my designs. ;) Here I will discuss some of my thought processes, new ideas and upcoming products, as well as limited information on custom orders. 246 more words

Beading Fun

Horse Chinese Zodiac Rosary Necklace, and custom rosary listings

For anyone who may have missed it, I launched my Chinese Zodiac Rosary Collection the other day, but since I haven’t showcased any of the individual necklaces yet, I thought I’d devote a few posts to that. 859 more words


New in my Etsy Shop: Prayer Beads for the Norse Gods

Today I’m introducing a new shop section and prayer bead design: pocket prayer beads for the Norse gods.

As a multi-faith polytheist*, I tend to go where I am most drawn in spiritual matters. 497 more words