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What's In My Etsy Shop

As a multi-faith polytheist I honor many gods, and most of the beads I carry in my shop are for gods I have honored and do honor myself, although I have done and will do custom beads for gods from other pantheons. 1,471 more words

Hearthfire Handworks

Rosary Service to Lady Isis

  • I approach the Temple of the Great Goddess Isis. Open the gates for me, O Guardians of the Gates, for I have in my possession a Golden Key to the temple, given unto me by the Goddess Herself.
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Brand new: SEASPRAY Mala

A symphony in aquatic blues, this is the perfect mala for anyone devoted to one of the sea deities (such as Njord, Poseidon, Mannanan, Yemaya, Aphrodite, or Freyja as Mardoll), or for anyone who feels a close spiritual bond with the ocean and/or defines themselves as a sea priest/ess or sea witch. 320 more words

Wytch Of The North Shop

Brand new: NERTHUS 108-Bead Mala

Although designed with Nerthus in mind, this mala could be used with any other deity or spirit with whom the gemstones and symbolism work for you, and would be especially appropriate for another earth or fertility goddess, such as Gaia or Venus. 240 more words

Wytch Of The North Shop

New Pagan Prayer Beads

New Pagan prayers beads are in stock in my shop! They are one of a kind and will not be relisted after they sell. Only 1 prayer beads are in stock for each kind. 59 more words


More brand new Witches' Ladders: Frigga, Freyja, Hela, Macha, & more!

Just posted to the shop today and yesterday: six brand new witches’ ladders!

HELA:┬áthree sets of nine beads each–6mm snowflake obsidian, 8mm water-clear quartz, and 10-12 mm carved ox bone skulls–interspersed with larger 15-20 mm ox bone skulls, white turquoise rondelles, black onyx rounds, and metallic silver seed beads, on black silk cord. 845 more words


Brand new Witches' Ladders

All of these were just listed yesterday, on May Day!

GODDESS ISIS:┬áthree groupings of nine beads each–8mm sparkly blue goldstone, 8mm orange sodalite (with gorgeous shades of royal and navy blue, white, peach, and orange all swirling together), and 6mm vivid green Russian amazonite–interspersed with gold-plated pewter scarabs, fire-polished royal blue and metallic gold Czech rondelles, 12mm carnelian rounds, and metallic gold seed beads, on cornflower blue silk cord. 659 more words