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Horse Chinese Zodiac Rosary Necklace, and custom rosary listings

For anyone who may have missed it, I launched my Chinese Zodiac Rosary Collection the other day, but since I haven’t showcased any of the individual necklaces yet, I thought I’d devote a few posts to that. 859 more words


New in my Etsy Shop: Prayer Beads for the Norse Gods

Today I’m introducing a new shop section and prayer bead design: pocket prayer beads for the Norse gods.

As a multi-faith polytheist*, I tend to go where I am most drawn in spiritual matters. 497 more words


Loki Pocket Prayer Beads

This set of chapelet-style prayer beads was designed in honor of Loki, blood brother of Odin and Trickster of the Norse pantheon (also, apparently, my Brother).  268 more words


Aphrodite Pagan Rosary

I’m so excited about this piece! I just love rosaries; I love prayer beads of all types, but from a purely aesthetic standpoint I love rosary chain, and the way rosary-style necklaces look when worn. 623 more words


In my Etsy Shop: Prayer Beads for the Mothers of the Gods

Today’s new listing of pocket prayer beads is for the mother of Aphrodite, the Titan goddess Dione.

These beads are the latest in a series of prayer beads I’ve been making for the mothers of the gods; in honor of Mothers Day, I am presenting them all again here. 300 more words


Going a little crazy with the prayer beads...

They’re just so much fun to make! Aren’t they just so pretty? At this point, they are literally littering my entire altar space. I’m not ashamed to say~ 56 more words

Prayer Beads

As with many others, I’ve always had a fascination with prayer beads. Considering my fervor for jewelry along with a fixation for using my hands, a piece of jewelry intended for handling is simply irresistible! 600 more words