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Bast Prayer Beads Necklace

Personal Bast prayer beads necklace :) I love how they turned out! I’m also taking custom Pagan prayer bead orders. Contact me on Etsy if you’re interested. 9 more words


Moon Goddess Prayer Beads

2017 Design, Moon Goddess Prayer Beads.

Made these Moon Goddess prayer beads for the Hungry Ghost Moon 🌕. I love how the rainbow moonstones have a beautiful iridescent glow. 21 more words


New in my Etsy Shop: Wire-wrapped Prayer Beads

I’m actually not quite sure how best to describe these, but basically they are
prayer beads made with rosary-style chain construction. Rosary-style chain is made by threading each bead separately with wire, forming a wire link on either side and joining the beads together with those links. 59 more words


What's In My Etsy Shop

As a multi-faith polytheist I honor many gods, and most of the beads I carry in my shop are for gods I have honored and do honor myself, although I have done and will do custom beads for gods from other pantheons. 1,471 more words

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