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That moment when...

I was openly out with my students in years past. I could trust my students. They had a lot more maturity and were much more open minded. 345 more words


Catching Up - What a Year It's Been!

Hello everyone! It’s been quite the crazy year and we’re way behind on sharing what we’ve been up to. And there is awesome news to come! 323 more words


Spirit Teachers – Spirit Medicine

When you are raised on a path, you are not trained the way someone seeking a path is.   I need to make it clear, one doesn’t hold more worth than the other, the approach and training is generally all that varies.  1,072 more words

Divine Connection

The Veil is Always Present

The veil is always present,
it’s right before your eyes.
Do you only chose to lift it,
during Samhain time?

The ancestors are always waiting,

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A Witch's Autumn Dance

I call to all who are witches,
to come forth and celebrate here.

I invite you to dance with autumn,
to twirl with the leaves in the air.

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Burial Plots

I tried something different and made a video blog last week. Pagan Pride, burial sites, and giant rotating fish. Currently gathering material for another one. 59 more words