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Ullr's Touch

Never lasting,
always returning.
Your arrow is ice.

Brightest touch,
almost too much.
Your aim is precise.


Christmas: A True Ancient Holiday

Most Americans today are unaware that Christmas was banned in Boston from 1659 to 1681.”America and England helped pass laws making it illegal to observe Christmas, believing it was an insult to God to honor a day associated with… 2,710 more words

Muggle-Friendly Holiday Cards for Witches and Pagans

Yule is one of the Sabbats that blends almost seamlessly with its Christian holiday equivalent: Christmas. On Samhain we can go overboard and get called out because of it, like a man who dresses up as a woman for Halloween as a “joke,” but looks so comfortable that it starts whispers. 455 more words


Oracle Cards: Exchanging Gifts and Mending

“Well, yes,” you might think, “of course Exchanging Gifts, given the time of year!” And it may well genuinely have that meaning here.

However, with Mending, it may also mean that now is the time to rebuild relationships, to both give and accept forgiveness, to make amends and allow healing to take place – what greater gift is there than that? 32 more words


A prayer to Tyr

​Tyr do I call

and Tyr do I hail
Prince of the Temples

Dispenser of Justice

Wise sage,

Do I greet you.
That though my path… 44 more words


Seth's Sacred Critters

Like many of the other ancient Egyptian Gods, Seth-Typhon has a number of animals that are considered sacred to Him. I thought I’d take a moment to discuss each of these creatures and how they relate to Seth in their own unique ways. 1,857 more words


Pagan Journaling Practice: Week #2

This second week of my journaling practice from Nature Bound Pagan blog focuses around Pagan holidays and celebrations. I thought this topic would be perfect to jump into since I’m in the middle of trying to focus on studying the different traditions of Yule. 865 more words