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Pomegranate Glazed Chicken ~ To Hobnob with the Dead

It’s said that around the end of October the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, allowing the Living to hobnob with the Dearly Departed. 880 more words


Joining the Circle

I knew it had been some time since I had written here, but more than a year and I feel a little guilty. Especially since some months back I joined a Circle and have so much more to say. 327 more words


Dionysus Pull The Trigger

We all want to be responsible and Conserve

But sometimes you are frayed to the last Nerve


You feel tainted and Dirty

Fuck it, it’s Beer-Thirty… 106 more words


Simple dinner prayer

Thank you, Earth Mother, for the bounty laid before us.
Thank you, gods for your favor that keeps us in good cheer.

Thank you, to the animal who gave its life to feed us. 11 more words


Oracle of Hekate

On November 11th I fulfilled my annual contract with Hekate and became Her oracle. She spoke to the people present and gave prophecies. But She has a general message which I am sharing here: 97 more words


Ogham Ngetal

Ogham-Ngetal, Broom, Reed.

My harvesting of this essence tonight was blessed with two strong images.

Firstly the Cailleach came to me, broom in hand. Broom to cleanse, to sweep away all that no longer serves me. 155 more words


my elemental friend is back

I truly didn’t expect to hear from them ever again. But over the last month, we have spoken a little. I don’t know why that is, but I care less about the why and more about the fact that I don’t have to say goodbye just yet. 62 more words