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Down the rabbit hole, dude

I did my daily meditation today, and I saw the weirdest shit.  It was a series of really odd scenes, each one lasting only a few moments.   779 more words

Orange County Covenant of the Goddess's Mabon Ritual in the Park

Join the Orange County Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess (OCLC – CoG) at their public ritual in the park for Mabon. 215 more words


The Tower: Rip it All Down!

A rather feared image, among a few other tarot cards is the Tower. What a chaotic image! Lightening and fire- people falling. The world crashing down. 306 more words

Inanna Freedom

We are always really Free
And that is how I want to Be
But sometimes the pressures of reality press in on Me

Push that Away… 44 more words


My Essence

My Essence

Shelly Thompson

September 2015 (Final Edit of “My Universal Soul)

This body is the genetic root to this planet and all things living. 272 more words



Great Queen

Lady of Sky

You have been betrayed

From the moment you became locked in myth written

Created by hands of a slave

The imagery of you is blasphemy… 324 more words

Freyr's Path: Nobility

Nobility is a reserve of inner strength – a type of character strength that not everyone develops. Ancient cultures used to assume that nobility meant being born to a certain bloodline. 1,566 more words