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Ongoing Copyright Hypocrisy in Our Pagan Communities

It boggles my mind that those in the neopagan and Wiccan community that believe in the law of return also believe that it is perfectly ok to download books and music of authors in the form of PDF’s online.  992 more words


oh Lady of the Flame
help your servant to uphold Ma’at
help me to not utter lies
to make none to weep
to not be angry without just cause… 75 more words


The start of it all

Hi, this is gonna be a bit of a personal post just to update you on the really cool opportunity I had yesterday.

The local museum had a reopening and gave myself and a friend of mine the privilege to be the opening act for their reopening. 170 more words


Cuban Santeria

A few years ago, I had the amazing fortune to go down to Havana, Cuba.

During my time there, I stayed with the relative of a friend, who was an especially gracious local. 423 more words


Lughnasadh: Honoring the Space Between

A SONG of the good green grass!
A song no more of the city streets;
A song of farms—a song of the soil of fields. 750 more words


The Many Types of Witchcraft

Okay, so there seems to be a trend going around. Let’s break it down.

I am a witch.

I am not any kind of particular witch, just…a witch. 675 more words


So My Girlfriend's Havin' Mah Baby Daddy's Baby.

So yes, Kunxi (the reaper) and Aphrodite are going to have a kid. We don’t know (or want to know) the sex until their birth but yeah…I’m going to be a faery-godmother… 230 more words