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A Doula in the Wild

I suppose my first post should be an introduction of sorts *wry smile. Waves* So here’s my resume in a nutshell: “hippy/crunchy”, esthetician, homeschool mom, certifying birth doula, Google monster, liberal leaning, pagan, ASoIaF nerd and amateur extrodinaire of writing, axe throwing, and vegan eating (I’m trying!!). 243 more words


Day of Atonement

Today I’m observing a day of ‘atonement’. yes, yes, I know – Pagans don’t generally observe these days, but please remember while my path is Pagan, I am openly Interfaith.  643 more words


Death & Initiation at the autumn equinox

The eight seasonal festivals of the modern Pagan year teach us about the great cosmic pattern, showing us the ebb and flow of energy in the manifest world and the spiritual truths which underlie them. 2,436 more words

Celebrating Mabon

I started my Mabon celebrations today. My house smells amazing! This morning I went out before it got too hot and collected some things for an herbal/flower mix for Mabon offerings and ritual work. 51 more words


Mabon: autumn equinox.

Mabon: it is also called harvest festival, banquet day, also known as vintage party, avalon party. Equinozio di autunno (strega). Alben Elfed (caledonios). The Teutons called it “winter search” The month of September was known in Celtic culture as: Haleng-Monath, literally, the holy month. 327 more words


Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen Had 'Constant Conflicts', Says Source: 'He Can Be Very Antisocial'

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen‘s personality conflicts played a large role in their split, a source close to the actress tells PEOPLE.

“Rachel is very outgoing and her friends are very important to her,” says the source. 431 more words