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Book Donation: Ariadne's Thread!

Thank you Laura Perry for donating her book Ariadne’s Thread: Awakening the Wonders of the Ancient Minoans in our Modern Lives. And special thanks for giving us a new branch of polytheism to add to the library!



Happy Swedish Valborg!

In a country so far north on our planet that its people’s collective cultural identity is largely rooted in its long, dark winters, the arrival of spring (aka LIGHT!) deserves nothing less than a national celebration! 549 more words

The H.I. Life

Bright Beltane Greetings!

Happy May Day!

Rise and put on your foliage, and be seen
To come forth, like the spring-time, fresh and green,
And sweet as Flora.  Take no care… 457 more words


What Pagans can learn from Asia

Since February 2015, I have been in Asia. I spent a year teaching English is Korea and since then I’ve been to Japan and Thailand, with Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam on the itinerary for the next few months. 1,489 more words


Bealtaine: Carmina Burana

Bealtaine.  All the warmth and light that I don’t see at Alban Eilir comes rushing out to play at Bealtaine, eager to make up for any lost time. 635 more words

Highway to Hellas

Surprisingly, I’ve never really delved into Hellenic polytheism until recently.

It’s surprising because it was reading books on Greek Mythology as a kid that first really turned me on to polytheism. 221 more words

The Night Before Beltane

This is what happens when the system goes down at work. Never let a pagan’s brain roam.


T’was the night before Beltane

And all through the house… 379 more words