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Loki the Fox

This has been in my shop a little while now and I’m REALLY surprised it hasn’t gone anywhere.

Loki the Fox: A necklace that Loki helped me design over the weekend of May 23rd/24th. 218 more words


Faith or Fiction?

Last night, I was driving home with my mother from my brother’s house and were having scattered conversations. I had brought up the fact that any potential suitor has to accept a few things about me or it’s a no go from the start, like how I have mental illnesses, that I don’t drink, I’m not a bar or club scene girl.. 550 more words


How the Fire learned her magic

Once upon a time Fire thought she had no magic. She knew Earth had magic. Earth held the seeds that sprouted in the soils both rich and poor. 297 more words


Admin Message

Things went out of order yesterday. It was my error. Sometimes being a witch does not go well with technology. Not because we short out thing or don’t know how they work. 44 more words


Possessory trance, part 1: self-deception, and testing the spirits

I had to submit myself to possession recently, to fulfill an obligation to a spirit.  I’d refused to let him take hold of me before — during a Spiritist mass!   814 more words

July for Loki 2015: Day 2

I was thinking about sharing a prayer, today.  I do have a prayer I use every day for Loki, and it’s serviceable, but has always left me feeling that it should be better.  432 more words

Today's reading

 The Fool

You have come to a junction or turning point in your life. It may be an unconscious state in which you feel the tide has turned or sense something is going to happen. 367 more words