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Learning: Devotional Practice to the Dagda

Ruadh Rofhessa – Red One Great in Knowledge

I don’t remember where I first heard of the Dagda.

It seemed fitting to start with a confession, just dive straight to the start of it. 2,845 more words


A Month of Devotional Thought -- Demeter, Day 24

Demeter Soteria

Mistress with your daughter of Eleusis

You purify us from our miasma

in preparation for our journey

from your court to Persephone’s

We who are merely mortal… 12 more words


First Pagan Book

When I was in high school I told my step mother that I wanted to be a Wiccan, having no clue exactly what that was. I thought Wiccan was what Pagan is, and have only recently realized the difference. 579 more words


The Shame of Being a "Non-Practicing Pagan"

I remember when I left the Mormon church, I didn’t want to admit to anyone that I had been a less than perfect Mormon.  You see, when you leave the LDS Church, the people who stay start looking for all kinds of reasons why you left, reasons which have to do with your own moral failings.   949 more words

Gift for a Gift

You ask what price I paid to paint Ymir’s brains
across the cosmos? Sacrifice of hangman’s jig to
my own mortality, morality, I lost humanity come… 169 more words


The Tradition of Well Dressing

We are now approaching a fascinating tradition of well dressing. This is an annual event which takes places predominantly in villages throughout Derbyshire, but it is now also spreading to other parts of the country. 732 more words

18th Century Folklore