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Litha Celebrations

Today I got to spend a lot of time with M, my oldest bonus daughter. She’s going on 13, and she’s been asking lots of questions regarding how I practice my faith and what it means to her. 632 more words


The only time you deign to admit we share anything in common is when you’re trying to plant in me the worst seeds of yourself. I can almost feel your hand on my shoulder and your breath against my ear as you whisper, You and I, we can never give them everything they want and they will always resent us for it. 73 more words


Litha 2018 Recap

I’m so very thankful for the Litha I was able to have this year. While I had not planned to celebrate it so brightly because of how fast it approached as I still work things out in my own Craft, from the move, to looking for a new job. 278 more words


Release An Unwanted Person

You know me!  I’m not going to spell it out for you and give you all the steps!  Develop your own craft (after much study, of course): 40 more words


Midsummer Day's Dream

I wrote something for Midsummer, see below. Walking in the woods always inspires me and sometimes brings out ideas that I turn into writing. The piece references the legend of the… 417 more words


My Gemstone Collection 

I love rocks. I love rocks so much. I’m the type of person to hand out rocks as gifts to make friends. I’ve always loved gemstones. 573 more words


The Rabyd Register - The Self-Reliant Minimalist

Steps to the Microphone

I have long suspected that to achieve the desire of being self-sufficient I need to also follow a minimalist philosophy.  Much of what I do these days is about building a new life for myself one that I am not reliant on others.  778 more words