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Spiritual Journey

There are times when wish I could express my spiritual journey. Express it in ways that are concise and informative. Yet, if I were to try it would be an expression that would seem mysterious and even contradicting. 390 more words


“Old Habits Begone” Spell

158 more words

Wednesday Witchstagram - witchy.quinzeth

Today’s feature Witch is @witchy.quinzenth!

Do you have a name for your craft?

I consider myself a pagan witch who practices different traditions in my work such as parts of wicca and druidry ect; … 419 more words


Getting in Touch with Your Higher Self: Imagination

Are you a peacekeeper? Are you highly imaginative, full of dreams and creativity? Do people remark on your calm nature? If so, you are likely naturally connected to your higher self — even if you don’t know it yet! 297 more words

Hermes Rebirth

Enter from the Rebirth

And fight for all you are Worth

It is Great

To have a fresh Slate

Start new, Begin

Go for the Win… 55 more words