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Make Time

Always make time to give thanks. You get what you give.


Omen 1/21/2017

A Divine Message of the Gods / Goddesses / Nature Spirits / Ancestors (collectively)

This week I pulled the card Eadha / Aspen which means courage / steadfastness. 138 more words

Irish-American Witchcraft: Winter Court Wisdom

We are moving into what is usually the coldest part of winter in my area, and I find myself contemplating the wisdom I have learned from the darker Fey. 6 more words



With their large eyes and excellent field of vision, owls represent truth and wisdom. Just like the owl guides Athena, they show up in your life to warn you that something important is being hidden and help you see the true picture. 191 more words


The proof is in the sleep

For two nights in a row, I set up a sleep recipe in my diffuser across from our bed: equal parts lavender and cedarwood oils. Hubby and I, the first night, quickly and easily settled into sleep dispite not feeling “totally” ready. 249 more words


Why I'm Thankful For Prayers (even though I don't believe in their God)

Growing up in the South, most conversations that involve tales of hardship end with a hug and one party saying to the other, “Well, we’ll be praying for you.”. 532 more words


Shadow Work

I have been engaging in some deep shadow work. That is why I have not been posting here very often. This work is inner child work combined with present day work. 274 more words