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Shamanic Journeying through Infinite Potential

Spirit is potential, as I explained in a previous post, but what does that mean for spiritual people?

When you recognize that spirit is infinite potential and that imagination is a direct sense of this infinite potential, it becomes clear that imagination is a direct sense of spirit itself. 306 more words

I can be Aphrodite 

I’m as finicky as the Ocean

I can heal you, calm you

Raise you up

Or break you and smash you with my unyielding power… 476 more words


Ye Olde Moral Compass

Correction: In this I refer to “the rule of three,” which is generally the “law of threefold return.” However, the point of contention tends to lie within “…an’ it harm none…,” although this is not usually addressed (sometimes it is). 1,570 more words


Mojo 2017

What will you be doing on Inauguration Day?  I will be attending a free online event called Mojo 2017.  What would happen if your Muse designed your year? 25 more words



Five of us walked down a woodland path, deep in the darkness of night.


How odd. I looked at our shadows stretching ahead, and counted again. 113 more words


Getting Back On Track - Ancestors

The year I began my blog there was a Pagan Blog Project running where each week the organisers would post the letter for the week along with some suggestions of what we could write about. 734 more words


Spirit is Potential

Spirit is, by definition, non-physical. That is spirit’s only clear and obvious attribute. This is also the only attribute we can name for potential. Potential is simply something that is not currently in existence, since a possibility is no longer a possibility when it is in fact actualized and happening – it is verified fact. 524 more words