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A giveaway!

So the high spring festival is coming up in Vanaheim, it’s the Vanic equivalent of Beltaine.  I’ll be talking more about that soon, but the day celebrates love in all its forms and love for life itself, so it is inclusive of LGBT+ and asexual folks.   681 more words


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of practical things

Once I finally managed the altar into place (what seems now an eon ago), I started putting the workroom back together. I am sure I have mentioned how lucky I am to have my own space that opens to the tiny back garden.. 187 more words

Musings & Other Randomness

Tarot Tuesday: 2 of Cups & 9 of Swords

This week is focusing on a relationship or partnership of some kind that’s causing you to worry. You’re concerned over what is being said or thought about you, and you’re suffering a lot of grief over it. 82 more words


My Tarot Reading

Deck: The Witches Tarot
Spread: Card of the Day
Date: Tue Apr 28 07:25:33 EDT 2015

Today’s Card
Queen of Pentacles (Upright)

The beautiful and exotic Queen of Pentacles sits on her floral throne, a bower of climbing red roses growing above her. 513 more words


My Rune Spread

I drew this rune spread today:

Rune Of The Day

Rune for A 28, 2015: ingwaz

seed, germination, personal development, inner growth, cocoon, stored energy, male sexuality

Generated from Galaxy Runes.


Build your Beltane fires high......

Beltane is the second most significant fire festival in the Pagan calendar after Samhain (Halloween) It marks the beginning of Summer as it falls 6 weeks after Ostara, the Spring Equinox and is my favourite Sabbat. 621 more words



Avalon will always be there for all men to find if they can seek the way thither, throughout all the ages past the ages. If they cannot find the way to Avalon, it is a sign, perhaps that they are not ready.” ~ Kevin, the Harper ~ “The Mists of Avalon” ~ The King Stag ~ Chapter 1 ~

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