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Cup of Plenty (Full Moon Poetry)

To you who holds

the cup of plenty

between Her thighs,

To you who fills

the heart of men

with lust and vigor,

To you I offer… 65 more words


My Take on Lammas

To me Lammas is the day that I remember what is involved in keeping me feed. It’s the day I reflect on the human labor involve in getting our food on the shelves of our local grocery stores. 341 more words


From the Homeric Hymn to Dionysus

Be favourable, O , Insewn, , inspirer of frenzied women! We singers sing of You as we begin and as we end a strain, and none forgetting You may call holy song to mind. 17 more words

July for Loki 2015: Day 31

if i must confess my faith, let it be this:
i believe that from Him, good things flow,
just as good things flow from the reaper… 166 more words

Today's reading


King of Cups 

The picture shows male and female reindeer as both sexes have antlers. Male reindeer rut in the autumn for dominance of the herd and the antlers are a potent symbol of sexual power.  74 more words


Witchy Ways #5 About offerings

On the heels of finding your god or goddess, I thought it would be appropriate to talk a little about offerings.

I can’t think of a pagan path that does not offer something to the universe in its various forms at sometime or another. 448 more words


Tarot Talk # 5 Swords

This week is probably my favorite suit. It’s a little weird to talk about favorite suits, but I think most readers have one. For me it’s Swords. 535 more words