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8 Ideas to Make Your Winter Solstice More Like Solstice and Less Like Christmas for Pagans.

Sometimes the Winter Solstice feels a little too much like “Christmas for Pagans” for my liking. After reading some blogs posts on the Winter Solstice, I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. 1,023 more words

30 Days: Cross-Cultural

If Frigg and Frija are one in the same, then Allmother is equal to all Earth Mothers. This would equate her to Gaia, the Earth Goddess from the Greek pantheon. 98 more words


A Bunch of Random Stuff and a Rant

What to say, what to say?

I cannot tell a lie, every so often I think about running away and becoming Amish. But then I remember how much I love TV, electricity, and not churning my own butter, so I go back to my life. 582 more words


Newsflash: Jesus Still Doesn't Want Your Eggnog

God fearing folk’ across the nation have been in their feelings for ages about the abbreviated spelling of our country’s most unanimously celebrated holiday, Christmas. 874 more words

Soapbox Rants

FACT CHECK: Is Summer Solstice Still Existing Nowadays?


            The solstice happens when the sun reaches the highest point in the sky relative to the equator, meaning the Northern Hemisphere is tilted fully toward the sun. 143 more words


Pipe And Slippers:The Gospel Of Betty Martin

Good evening my dears and welcome to Perilous Wight’s Lovely Library (which we are keeping safe for him until he returns from his ‘business trip.’) I am Mrs Baker (otherwise known as The Last Witch Of Pendle) and Peril has kindly allowed me and my little street urchins to shelter down here from the flesh eating Liver Birds and Wizmas Witch Hunters until he returns. 236 more words


Untitled Night

She is ageless.
Ancient and reborn.
Never lost, never torn.

Only silent.