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The legends had it that the universe was the product of the Leviathan and the Timeless Lady’s lovemaking. The stars and galaxies the void god’s cum splashed and smeared across the goddess’s gorgeous ass and thighs, existing only in the time it took the Leviathan to lovingly wipe her clean. 129 more words

Micro Fic

My Days So Far

What’s been going on with my days? So far a bit hectic, a bit fast, a bit of everything. As of thursday, I only have 5 weeks go, originally 6 because I’m subtracting a week to be on a safe side because my son ended being 2 weeks early. 271 more words


Hey y’all! Welcome to my modest little corner on the web! Let me just dig right in here. When I first decided to create this blog, I was a bit stuck on the direction that I was going to go. 395 more words


A Month of Devotional Thought -- Demeter, Day 27

I didn’t always know as much as I do know now or have as close of a relationship with Demeter as I do now. And at first, I really didn’t think that she was a Goddess that I would need to build as close of a rapport with. 50 more words


The New Beatitudes: Blessed Are the Winners

From Andrew Sullivan, The Pope and the Pagan. Thanks once again to Hans.

Blessed are the winners: for theirs is the kingdom of Earth. 116 more words



Who are my ancestors?

They who have fought and loved and died, a thousand, thousand bodies committed to the clay; the river, the crushing ocean floor. 220 more words