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Back at it

Oh man, it’s been a while, huh!?

This has been one of my busiest semesters so far at uni. All of my classes have very strict assignment schedules so I always have to be on top of it. 433 more words


Our Plans for Mabon 2017

Merry Meet, Loves!

As we all know Mabon is here! The autumn equinox, Second Harvest, and Witches Thanksgiving are other names for Mabon. Mabon is when the night and day are of equal parts. 576 more words


I Am Reborn

Anyways, It’s certainly been a process…

I don’t have a name yet as I choose to be anonymous. As I get older in life, I find that I prefer to keep my personal life away from the spiritual (online anyways) I have personally dealt with a good amount of emotional abuse within the outer “pagan” communities and because of that I personally no longer wish to interact within that sphere of context. 245 more words


Autumn Equinox Prayers & Meditations

The changing of the seasons is a time when many friends and family come together to honor the transitions and cycles of life. The Autumn Equinox is a time when we honor the hard work and fun times we enjoyed throughout the summer. 215 more words


30 Day Pagan Journaling Challenge 9-20-2017

There is a 30 day Pagan journaling challenge for the month of September set up on Instagram and I thought it would be fun to do it – and would get me back into the swing of things as well. 315 more words

Wednesday Witchstagram - _.aura.creux._

Today’s Wednesday Witchstagram is _.aura.creux._ !!

Do you have a “name” for your craft? Or do you follow a certain path?
I practice an eclectic mix of the wiccan, hermetican, and thelemic rites of witchcraft, though I study all rites of witchcraft including leviathan satanism and satanism proper, freemasonry, gnosticism, hermetism, the old religion, etc. 411 more words



Quert (Apple) is traditionally about love, healing, cleansing, the underworld. Some of these came through as I harvested the essence from my Quert Ogham stave tonight. 105 more words