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Lifting the Aged Veil

And the boy is more beautiful than
she expected—
the old god more beautiful than
she wanted him to be.
Unworldly, unlined, glassy almost
sinister for the symmetry of… 40 more words


Hermes: "Will You Have Me Young?"

Poking around the Internet yesterday, I came across this photo and haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Usually, Hermes presents himself to me as somewhere in his mid-40’s. 259 more words


Full Moon-Blood Moon Eclipse in September

Okay, I read this article posted on Spiritual Magazine, and I’m sitting here, slack-jawed, saying “Holyshit, holyshit, holyshit…”  I mean, I’m reading it and I’m fidgeting like a kindergartner with ‘ants in their pants.’  I can’t sit still because of this super-excited, full-of-energy feeling that’s coming from Gods-know-where.   297 more words

August Full Moon Ceremony

Below I have given an example of a Full Moon ceremony you are welcome to use for your own purposes. This ceremony is made up of elements from ceremonies and rituals I have attended before, along with new elements that I have added. 741 more words

Wild Spirit

Connecting to Past Wisdom

I listen to the mellow tune of a native flute that plays in my room and I connect to a long time passed.
A time when sisters and brothers did not share the same blood but instead, were native kinsmen. 224 more words

Poetry And Quotes

Beneath the Evergreens

Do not attempt to tame the wolves
That live inside my tangled mind
I long to roam this wondrous land
To travel to a place called home… 61 more words

Poetry And Quotes

Should I join?

Day 17 of #100Daychallenge

This morning, I attended a Quaker meeting in Galway. It’s a small community. I enjoyed it, I will go again, but I have a question. 215 more words