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15 Must Have Books All People Interested In Magick Should Read

Every practitioner of the magickal arts should have, in my opinion, a vast library of books relating to magick, witchcraft, paganism, etc.  I will discuss fifteen books that I believe every person interested or just starting out in magick should either read or acquire.  2,236 more words


Happy New Year by Barbara Ardinger

Here we are, beginning a new year. Let’s hope it’s a good new year. I grew up in a working-class family in St. Louis. We were Calvinist and Republican. 1,076 more words


With Enemies at the Gate

A Discussion Between Alexander Reid Ross and Shane Burley on Paganism and the Resistance to Fascism

SB: For people that are uninitiated, what role has paganism played in what we call the “broad fascist movement?”  What importance has it had? 8,650 more words


The Myth of the Pagan Passcard

By Pegi Eyers

(As a “manifesto” addressed to white folks in Pagan Community, my sincere apologies to people of colour or mixed heritage who may feel excluded.) 2,438 more words

Cultural Commentary

The Bird Goddess by Judith Shaw

Birds soaring high above the earth reaching for the heavens have long inspired humans as links to the divine realm. Birds fulfill various functions in world cultures and religions – from playing a central role in creation, to birth, to healing, to death; from messenger to trickster to oracle. 914 more words


On Expressing A Pagan Worldview

I’ve had a few days to reflect upon the election. I’ve read and reread my last post many times, and have spent a lot of time reading posts by other Pagans. 703 more words

Everyday Life

Let us Tend the World Hearth Flame

I have a candle that was lit at the Brigid Shrine in Kildare. I received it as a gift from my Grove last Imbolc. I haven’t done anything with it until now. 575 more words