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Die Verbotenehexerei

My mind likes to jump around when I am thinking, which makes beginnings somewhat difficult and this is certainly no exception to that particular foible. Predominently,  I intended this to be included in “Salt in the Unguent” as a commentary fresh on ‘the day of’ however not only have my attempts to do so grown far beyond a reasonable size for that particular purpose, the commentary no long strictly discusses the original topic because in following some advice I was given post-“Olives of Asperity” the scope of the topic has broadened more than slightly. 1,377 more words


Let's Talk About Science

Because there are a lot of people, especially some anti-theists, who seem to have the wrong idea about what science is, and what it isn’t. 897 more words


The Great Dragon, Níðhöggr by Deanne Quarrie

I am a student of the Northern European/Old Icelandic worldview known as Seidr. What I find particularly fascinating in my studies are not the deities but rather the creatures living on the World Tree, along with the Primordial Giants who predated the gods. 629 more words


Lady of the Apocalypse

‘And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars …’ 213 more words


I Am Not Ashamed or Embarrassed

I am not ashamed to be Pagan. I am not embarrassed by my religion. If I were, then I would have left it a long time ago. 628 more words


I feel dumb

Guys, I just don’t know if I can ever be as smart, or sound as smart, as some of the Pagans writing about theology on the Internet. 46 more words


Prayers for Odin

Prayer for Wisdom

Harbard, Wise Ferryman,
Help me learn patience
Help me learn to answer well
Help me  find my wisdom
Greybeard, May it be so… 108 more words