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Family Gatherings: How to Cope

…here’s my question.  This Thanksgiving I’ll be required to spend the holiday in the company of conservative Catholic and “born again” in-iaws who are very “in-your-face” with their views.  

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Gratitude for myself

For me, it feels right to start giving thanks as the crops grow and the time of the first harvest.  So when Thanksgiving rolls around, it seems to me like it’s a little late. 954 more words


Dahut, the Once and Future Goddess by Judith Shaw

Dahut Ahes, Breton goddess of Love and Sensuality is a Celtic Goddess whose origins are obscured by patriarchal tales which cast Her as wanton and depraved.  1,110 more words


Transgender: A response

Some members of the pagan community have issued a call to write and report personal views on what has been happening as of late. It is a time of critical mass for the polarization of views on Transgendered persons and the challenge they present to previously conceived notions of gender fluidity. 318 more words

I Remember You

The spiritual journal continues, just in case you were wondering.

As I mentioned previously, I am exploring something that’s kind of earth-based, kind of pagan. As such, I thought I’d look depend into Halloween ( 628 more words

Daily Life

What's In a Name?

When I began the dedicant path, I chose Anglo-Saxon as my hearth culture. Before discovering ADF, I was curious about heathenry and had been poking around various Asatru groups. 452 more words


All Saints Day and All Souls Day by Barbara Ardinger

In the Roman Catholic calendar, today is All Saints Day, tomorrow, All Souls Day. The following slightly edited paragraphs are from my book Pagan Every Day (RedWheel/Weiser, 2006), which is obviously not just about Pagan topics. 800 more words

Barbara Ardinger