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On Reconciliation and Capitalism

“We are born into a way of life that none of us have chosen, raised on it, weaned on it until it feels almost natural, until our own naturalness is something to be ashamed of.”

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The First Day of Autumn

Today is the day of the Autumn Equinox. The exact time of the astronomical event is 22:02 UTC (That’s 2:02pm Mountain Time for me). According to Google (and to my brother for whom Google is never wrong) this is the first day of Autumn. 689 more words


Tarot, Romance, and Me


Everyone who reads Tarot for others on even a semi-regular basis has run into a client or querant who asks the wrong questions. Many of you have developed some sort of system for how to talk to these clients, how to either tell them outright, or gently coach them toward the right questions. 652 more words


Radical Semiotics and The Need For Ontological Anarchism

“radical semiotics can be seen as an existentialist activity for meaning-making”

From Julian Langer

“The repression of an individual by the iron machinery of the State has rarely been so powerfully depicted.

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Every Moon Is Different by Kate Brunner

When my doula clients would share with me that the pregnancy they were going through was not like the previous one, I often gently reminded them that they weren’t the same women anymore. 901 more words


A Prayer to Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga, they say to be scared of you.

But you help those who help themselves.

Your iron teeth that grind the bones,

Your flying mortar, 541 more words


When is Paganism not Paganism?

From Emma Porter: “what Capitalism tries to hide from the seeker, is that Paganism is free.”

When it’s paganism with a small p, that’s when.

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