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Tailtiu, Celtic Earth Goddess of Endurance by Judith Shaw

The Celts were fascinated by the number three – triple designs, images and triadic ideas. The Goddesses and Gods who related to the mysterious rather than the mundane nature of life were always worshiped in threes. 980 more words


Elen of the Ways by Judith Shaw

Dawn follows darkness; shining day gives way to starry night – cycles of change and flow.

Elen of the Ways is She who guides us on these paths of change. 1,000 more words


Chaos Paganism's Calendar: Samhain for a Modern Pagan

Samhain is next month, and I’m excited! It’s my favorite holiday, both secularly and spiritually. I absolutely intend to wear a costume, even if only a simple one, that Monday evening to class! 631 more words


A Celestine by Any Other Name...

I wrote a while back about magical names and my relationship (or lack thereof) with them.

Since then, I’ve changed my name (and thus the url for this blog) yet again. 207 more words


Because I could not stop for Death--

He kindly stopped for me –  
The Carriage held but just Ourselves –  
And Immortality.

--Emily Dickinson

So a thing happened the other day that I was not expecting, and it put me off guard, and it seemed one of those out there WOO things that anti-theists and others use to put down Paganism.

378 more words

The Holy Days of One Modern Pagan

Part of trying to distinguish my path from Wicca–which is important to me not because I hate Wicca or Wiccans, but simply because I’m not Wiccan… 673 more words


Knowing the Live Oaks: Finding the Balance Between Historicity and Inspiration in Neopaganism and Goddess Spirituality by Christy Croft

Last fall, my family took a vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where I grew up. As a child, one of my favorite places to visit was Brookgreen Gardens, a wildlife preserve that was once the winter home of Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington. 1,104 more words

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