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The Magic of Scrying

Scrying is the act of looking into a clear object, whether it be a traditional crystal ball or a simple pond, and deciphering images that appear. 509 more words


Tarot Tuesday's

Happy Tuesday, loves!

So I thought it would be fun to go on a little tour of my favorite Tarot decks. Sort of an ‘Art of Tarot’ exhibit :)  I will start with the minor arcana, as the Majors get a lot of attention in the tarot world. 261 more words


Why I don't celebrate St.Patricks Day

This probably sounds very odd to the majority of people in the world, but I dislike Saint Patricks Day, for these reasons.

1: Remember that story about the time Saint Patrick banished all the snakes from Ireland? 320 more words


Credhe, Celtic Goddess of Love and Spirit Contact by Judith Shaw

Credhe, also known as Creide or Cred is an Irish Faery Queen Goddess of Love and Spirit Contact. She is associated with Danu’s mountains, the Paps of Anu.  1,119 more words


Ancient European Tales

I know nowadays we’re all swarmed by all of those Disney movies, all of those fairytales you have to spend your money on for young daughters, sisters, relatives and so on. 1,700 more words


To Some Pagans: Grow Up.

Snark in three, two, one….

I will never forget that time I joined a Pagan organization and single-handedly caused it to fall apart with my blatant disregard of sacred Pagan values and support of oppressive mainstream concepts such as “officer roles” and “actual organization.” 830 more words


American Goth

My name is Severus Lovegood, I’m a 13th Dan in Wicca
I need treatment for a tumour but I’m sure a spell is quicker
I’ll gather all my candles, mystic crystals and my cat Fluffy… 246 more words