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All That Is Sacred is Profaned: A Pagan Introduction to Marxism

What exactly is capitalism? How did it arise from the severance of people and land? 672 more words


Getting Rid of an Abusive Ex

My daughter just got out of an abusive relationship and the guy won’t leave her alone how can i get rid of him

Call the police so that she can press charges against him and file a restraining order.

109 more words
Reader Question

Fox Wisdom - Cunning, Camouflage and Persistence by Judith Shaw

Fox, as a member of the Canidae family, is related to wolves, jackals and dogs. But unlike these animals who hunt in packs, fox hunts alone. 1,182 more words


My Wheel of the Year

I have always struggled with being present. Not that it’s bad to live primarily in my head; I’m simply an in-my-head kind of person and I don’t intend to become something I am not. 507 more words


The Land Under Our Feet

Tribes which hadn’t spoken to each other in decades gathered together on frigid northern plains to face down hired mercenaries, police, infiltrators, and their army of bulldozers. 1,052 more words


Dragonfly, Guide to Transformation and True Sight by Judith Shaw

Dragonfly, dragonfly darting quickly hither and yonder, up and down, left and right –  a transparent shimmering spark with effervescent wings, representing the dreamtime and the illusionary nature of reality.  1,138 more words


Leadership and Community: Continuing to be Teachable by Kate Brunner

Over the last several years, the North American Pagan community at large has been engaged in an often turbulent process of self-examination. A lot of allegations of abuse, bigotry, and oppressions are surfacing very publicly as the greater Pagan culture is forced to face its own shadow wounds. 1,064 more words

Feminism And Religion