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Because they did it, its ok.

Can’t allow transgendered pagans here. You just can’t lie to god or from god. any god. You are not being honest with your guise, if you can’t be honest with your sex, then how can the god/dess help shape you? 702 more words

Having to hide religious symbols 

Often, I find myself having to hide religious symbols that I wear because of people’s ignorance on the meaning of the symbols.

For example, I have a necklace that has the Hindu “om” symbol on it and I wore it in public. 176 more words


God and Goddess Meditations & Rituals

Meditating with the God/Godess

Published by: AnaMorningstar on 26th Mar 2015 |


When you come before God/Goddess in ritual and meditation do you believe it is right to lie to God/Godess about your life, lifestyle, or ways of being? 589 more words


How to tell people about your spirituality 

I’ve wanted to make this post for a while; this is mostly aimed at people who are struggling with being able to tell people about a said religion. 395 more words


Merry Ostara!

This is such a beautiful Sabbat, and one of my favorite. When I think about our future family, I can’t help but drift to a time when Brandon and I laugh along with our little ones as we color eggs, take a nature walk, tend to our gardens, and otherwise marvel at the beauty of this wonderful season. 82 more words

Our Life

Spring has Sprung

Happy Ostara! Happy Spring Equinox! Happy EVERYTHING & ANYTHING you celebrate :-)

Today on one of the Facebook pages I follow, we lit our Spring Equinox candles and shared our photos. 241 more words


It's Ostara! 

I really hope you all have a fantastic day! Ostara (the Spring Equinox) generally means the coming of spring days, a balance between light and dark and just an appreciation of flowers, warm weather and other beautiful natural things to come! 96 more words