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When is Paganism not Paganism?

From Emma Porter: “what Capitalism tries to hide from the seeker, is that Paganism is free.”

When it’s paganism with a small p, that’s when.

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Paganism and Asexuality

I’ve been trying to write this post for a while because it felt too personal and too angry; then I finally decided to hell with it, just get it out. 1,203 more words


Star Tree - Star Goddess by Judith Shaw

In a world where humans were small and nature was big, surrounded by forests of trees of immense size and stature, it’s not surprising that the ancient Celts came to hold trees as sacred. 776 more words


Shapeshifting Goddesses by Judith Shaw

Magic, divine intervention, shapeshifting – what do these things offer the modern mind, concerned with time clocks, definitive proofs and skeptical disbelief? Yet to the ancients, shapeshifting was a well known tale, found in stories and mythologies across the world. 970 more words


Toronto set to host 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions

Reblogged from The Wild Hunt. We do not endorse any or all of the religions attending, of course, but since our main branch is now based in Toronto, we do intend to make our presence known, and participate as much as possible. 212 more words

Pagan Communities

Of Mead And Molotov

It is the first of May.

For Pagans, witches, and druids, this is Beltane, a celebration of the beginning of summer observed almost continuously in much of the European world for centuries. 1,083 more words


My First Post at Paganbloggers.com!

Hey, y’all! My first post is up at Paganbloggers.com!

You can find it here: What is Chaos Paganism? An Introduction.

My blog at PG.com is called Chaos Paganism, and will be the place I write most of my posts about the path I’m building for myself to hopefully share with others. 105 more words