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My Thoughts on Incense

Incense and spiritual rituals go together like calculators and math. There is some math that you can do without a calculator. You can even be really stubborn and insist on doing as much as you can without one – but at some point, it’s no longer practical if even possible. 931 more words


Eco-Pagan Mythmaking

Cultures are underpinned and shaped by the stories they tell. Not just the big obvious myths, but the day to day stories about how everything works. 404 more words


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I Seek a Middle Ground Between Jungian and Hard Polytheist

My agnostic side and my Luna Lovegood side (I didn’t intend this HP reference become a “thing” – but it sort of has, and I’m going to go with it) are ever at odd with one another, competing for control of the spiritual portion of my consciousness. 1,358 more words


The Problem with Monotheism and the Quest for a World Religion

I’ve been trying to start this post for sometime, but I can’t figure out where to start. Part of the problem is that I have more questions than answers. 1,206 more words


The Power of Air and Earth

I can’t imagine what it would be like to stand next to Zeus on Mt. Olympus and admire Mother Gaia’s embrace around Earth below. We may not have a Mount with the same sacredness of Olympus, but here in Spokane we do have opportunities for a climb and a view. 673 more words


Rosmerta, the Great Provider - a Celtic Goddess of Abundance by Judith Shaw

As we near August 2, known to the ancient Celts as Lughnasadh or Lammas, examples of abundance are everywhere.  Gardens and farms are in full bloom with some crops ready for harvest and others very near.  568 more words


My Beliefs: Hard Polytheism and the Supernatural

I am a hard polytheist and sometimes I find it hard to articulate to others why I am. In this modern world run by science, with paganism a viable path for naturalists and humanists, why don’t I just jump on the naturalist or pantheist pagan bandwagon? 795 more words