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Letting Go of the Past

I’ve claimed whale as my totem animal for as long as I can remember. I spent a good portion of my childhood yearning for the sea, making plans to work with sea life and live near the ocean as soon as I grew up. 796 more words


A proud pagan

Human are regarded as one of the selfish social animal on planet earth.  The existence of human beings is described as ‘people living in a world of dependency. 311 more words

Art Interpretation

US Pagan Conference: Request for Submissions

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with this but we do encourage learned discourse and attendance.

13th Conference on Current Pagan Studies
Visions of the Future… 290 more words

Pagan Communities

Paganism is Personal, and that’s what makes it Political

By Ginger Drekisdottir

A common refrain I hear in many Pagan spaces, both online and off, is “this is a non-political space”. In light of the recent… 1,962 more words


Epona - Goddess of the Land by Deanne Quarrie

This week I bought a pendant that caught my attention.  It is Celtic knot work of horses, meant to represent Epona.  This triggered my interest in Epona and off I went to learn more. 875 more words


Olwen, Welsh Flower and Sun Goddess by Judith Shaw

Olwen (pronounced O-loon), Welsh Flower and Sun Goddess is most probably an ancient Goddess whose original stories and power have been lost to us. Her name means “Golden Wheel,” making Her the opposite of the powerful… 1,083 more words

Earth-based Spirituality

An Open Letter to Cherry Hill Seminary

Hi CHS. Celestine here. You probably don’t know me; well, maybe you do, after the past couple of days. I haven’t exactly been silent.

For the record, I am addressing the individuals in charge over there at Cherry Hill Seminary. 737 more words