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Social Darwinism; Detachment from Community Accountability in Modern Pagan Culture

“ Social Darwinism characterizes a variety of past and present social policies and theories, from attempts to reduce the power of government to theories exploring the biological causes of human behavior.

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San Antonio Pagan Outreach Spring Picnic - April 18th

Open to EVERYONE … Pagan or not! The Spring picnic is a social event, open to Pagan & Pagan-friendly in San Antonio. It also supports Pagan Coming Out Day. 283 more words


My opinions on Christo-Pagans 

A Christo-Pagan is basically someone who mixes the beliefs of Pagans and Christianity together, making a unique branch of Paganism. Obviously, because of feuds and very differing beliefs in each of the religions, many people (both Christian and Pagan) disagree with this mixture of traditions. 195 more words


Jesus' Resurrection or Pagan Easter-What Are we Really Celebrating?

What we call Easter is often touted as a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, yet  it has become a confused blend of festivals combining commercialism, a pagan rooted fertility ‘festival’, and Jesus’ death and resurrection, indeed the very word Easter comes from a pagan goddess. 51 more words


The Internet and Paganism 

Obviously, the Internet can be a great medium to use when expressing the ideas and traditions in different Pagan beliefs. But, I think there are some major setbacks with the relationship of Paganism and the Internet. 163 more words


Spring by Deanne Quarrie

We celebrate the Spring Equinox as a reflection of the birthing time of the year. We have made it through the winter’s cold and ice, experienced the warming of the Earth and the flood waters that prepared for the birth of all that is new. 664 more words

Feminism And Religion