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SWIA: Travel Lightly

Our beautiful planet is dynamic. Every time we take a step we contribute to our planet’s transformation.

Take a step into some mud and you can see the physical evidence of this in the imprint left behind you. 273 more words

Three Elements of Practice: Water, Darkness, and Movement.

I have noticed three elements that are always present when I seek to do deep, spontaneous magic from my heart: water, darkness, and movement.

Movement… 648 more words


Sorry for being quiet

Though, this is one of the few places I’ve been quiet. I’ve spent the past two months being extremely vocal and active in other places, including Twitter, which I’ve never used much before (except when on vacation). 369 more words


Triple Goddesses in the Celtic World by Judith Shaw

Many neopagans and modern Goddess worshipers mistakenly equate the triadic nature of some Celtic Goddesses with the Triple Goddess concept first popularized by Robert Graves in his book, … 965 more words


15 Must Have Books All People Interested In Magick Should Read

Every practitioner of the magickal arts should have, in my opinion, a vast library of books relating to magick, witchcraft, paganism, etc.  I will discuss fifteen books that I believe every person interested or just starting out in magick should either read or acquire.  2,236 more words


Happy New Year by Barbara Ardinger

Here we are, beginning a new year. Let’s hope it’s a good new year. I grew up in a working-class family in St. Louis. We were Calvinist and Republican. 1,076 more words


With Enemies at the Gate

A Discussion Between Alexander Reid Ross and Shane Burley on Paganism and the Resistance to Fascism

SB: For people that are uninitiated, what role has paganism played in what we call the “broad fascist movement?”  What importance has it had? 8,650 more words