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The Cresting Wave

“We’re all in a building that’s on fire, and most of us are wearing blindfolds. Spiritual practice helps us take the blindfold off. We’re still in the building, but if we can see, there’s more we can do.”

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Wisdom of Reindeer Goddess and Owl by Judith Shaw

At this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere we are called to embrace the darkness. Nighttime rules, the cold has set in and we curl up for the long winter nights with our hot beverage and an anticipation of the messages found in our dreams. 1,093 more words


My Year of Divine Consciousness

I celebrate the return of the sun on the third night of Yule; that being the night following the first day that was longer than the previous day. 428 more words


Who appropriated Who?

This holiday season I have heard nothing from my husband except for the widespread discourse on cultural appropriation with regard to how Christianity misappropriated Pagan symbolism from traditions that celebrated Yule. 555 more words


My Morning Devotional

I never thought I would make it to the point where I write my own devotionals. But with all the druids participating in #prayeraday this month, I felt motivated try my hand at using my own words. 388 more words


Season of Change - Transformation by Judith Shaw

Fall is here, the leaves are changing color, the days are shortening and our ongoing natural cycle of change and transformation now moves toward the dark, quiet days of winter. 1,079 more words

Feminism And Religion

On Reconciliation and Capitalism

“We are born into a way of life that none of us have chosen, raised on it, weaned on it until it feels almost natural, until our own naturalness is something to be ashamed of.”

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