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I am writing this article as a result of having a disagreement on a Facebook group where someone is trying to convert me to her way of thinking. 124 more words

Quercus Robur

The Beautiful Anxiety of the Festival

“Would roses be too much?” I wondered, staring at a display of already-decaying white rose bouquets in the supermarket. They were only a few dollars, but I wondered if putting white roses on my bookshelf might draw too much of my parents’ attention to my akhu shrine. 994 more words


It's All Connected

A friend of mine used to play a game of faith. She’d look at an object–a spoon, a book, an old tire by the side of the road–and ask “how does this testify of Jesus.” It sounded silly to me, but it helped her feel grateful and connected to Jesus. 343 more words



Good Morning, Beautiful Spirits! Today I would like to share some information regarding Beltane which is the 1st of May. It is officially less than a week away–it’s this coming Monday!!!! 1,174 more words

Wheel Of The Year

New Venture...The Pagan Paradigm

A new venture of real news and stories is starting to come together. The Pagan Paradigm

A webzine where we are collecting the best writers, telling truths…no holds bar. 16 more words

Jymie Lynn Darling

Memory Lane: My First Pendulum

From the time I was about ten years old, my mother introduced me to many of the “cool tricks” she had learned in her youth during the 1960s and 70s. 748 more words


Far from the Goddess

Sunlight filters through the leaves
Lazily reaching out to the earth
But it does not touch me

Moonlight bathes all in majestic silver
Boldly breaking through inky clouds… 51 more words

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