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It's Ok Not To Know.

I lied. I’m making another blog post.

I started my journey into pagan spirituality at the age of 21 around 2013. Finding my spirituality and path has been largely..unpleasant  However, as I’m writing this I want to convince myself it’s OK not to have a “path” yet and not know where you’re going. 345 more words

Self Acceptance


It’s almost Samhain, or as it’s better known today, Hallowe’en!

This has to be my favourite holiday, in both its Pagan and secular forms, of the year. 413 more words


Rosemary's Baby (1968)

In 1973, a psychiatrist named Lawrence Pazder began to treat a troubled woman named Michelle Smith. Under hypnosis, Smith “remembered” being repeatedly abused as a child by her parents during satanic rituals. 2,673 more words


Not a New Age Witch


October 26, 2016

Not a New Age Witch…

What that means in the 21st Century
It’s the 21st century and I’m not a New Age Witch. 2,011 more words


Rachel Patterson - Seven Days of Samhain...Day 1

Greetings once again,

The seasons turn towards the winter months and we find ourselves indoors, protected from the harshest of weather. I usually spend my time reading, learning new skills and gaining knowledge, reflecting on what I have achieved this year while contemplating what I want to achieve next year and remembering those who have died; leaving this journey to start a new one. 667 more words


Somehow, I Always Knew

Wildwood King, Stag Giclee Print

By Wild Spirit Weaver

From birth I was coerced to submit to the abrahamic cults, even to suffer their Savage-UnHoly Mutilation, stolen from me, that which is Natural and Protective. 661 more words