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The Cudgel

The first thing I do when penning a new blog post is to title it. I declare my subject, and the flavor of that subject, before actually doing any writing. 1,494 more words


The Way Forward

For the past couple days I have been talking about societal ideas, about the real natural state of human society and a method which would be an active return to it. 1,462 more words


The list of books I'm reading now

My future book will have several chapters, I guess. Some parts will be about paganism, of its modern perspective. Other parts will be about the conneection between cosmopsychism and our ancestors’ ancient beliefs. 428 more words


As Things Could Be

Yesterday I talked about what life was like in the distant past. I talked about the bloody and dangerous ritual and practice which was used to impart the important knowledge and secrets to the tribe. 2,004 more words


What does 'pagan' mean?

What does ‘pagan’ mean? In the literal term from the french ‘paisan’ it means ‘from the country’ or countryfolk. Pagan is what the Christians called Europeans who refused to move to the cities where there was money, and promises, status and quests toward fame and glory. 450 more words

What is Paganism?

Paganism is a term that refers to diverse religious movements and traditions sharing certain characteristics. Many scholars of religion classify Pagan traditions as alternative and… 1,009 more words


Serendipity: A Plea from the Pagans

I have always been fascinated by the period of transition from the Paganism of Ancient Rome to the Christianity of the last days of the Western Roman Empire. 444 more words