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Devotional to Odin 3/23/17

I did this devotional in the morning.  I said my prayer joyfully and offered Lord Odin bay leaves because of their ability to produce visions.  I connected this with Odin’s vision of the runes while he hung on Yggdrasil.  92 more words

Elder Futhark

Spirit Guides

This is by no means intended to be a comprehensive study on Spirit Guides (henceforth called SGs for my sanity), but merely a jumping off point for your own studies… 1,186 more words

Hera's Month of Devotional Thought: Day 24 - Own Composition

Χαίρετε πάντες!

Today I will share with you a poem I wrote myself quite a while ago for the Hera devotional of Bibliotheca Alexandrina. 168 more words


Review: The Secrets of High Magic (Vintage Edition)

I bought this at The Works a few months ago.  When I thumbed through it, I struck at how familiar the contents was.  I wondered where I had read this book before.  Then I remembered. 486 more words



When I am shamanic journeying and a lot of the time in my every day life I am actually walking between worlds, more often than not with one foot in ordinary reality and one foot in non ordinary reality. 301 more words


End of the World Lisa Frank Tarot: March

My February was a bit of a shit show. How was everyone else’s?

Yeah that’s what I thought.

This month we have the Star. Thank the Universe. 425 more words

When Spirit Comes Knocking

Sometimes Spirit just really want to get one’s attention, and yesterday She was quite obvious in her determination.

Most mornings I pull some cards to get a feel for the day, and yesterday one of the cards I pulled from the… 365 more words