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The Reading Quarters

What I have been doing over a few weeks now is extending my range of clients for tarot readings. (Social media and the internet are wonderful for this type of venture, because it means I can give readings to people on the other side of the globe without any problem.) So today I decided to write about an important thing to consider for reading tarot (or oracle cards or runes or whatever other divination): The elements of the right environment, the condition of the reading quarters. 567 more words


The Need to Control than Deny HATE.


If you listen to liberals, there’s nothing worse than HATE. Indeed, they want to suppress ‘hate speech’. But, is hatred always or necessarily a bad thing? 12,378 more words

Problem with the Jews Is Not the Culture of Critique but Culture of Subversion


The social psychologist Kevin MacDonald argues that Jews pose a problem to gentile majorities through the Culture of Critique. There is indeed a COC at the core of modern Jewish culture, but that isn’ the main problem. 12,118 more words

Magic Vs. Magick

When curious people are researching wiccan practices they often find themselves reading about Magick, wondering why it’s spelled differently than they’ve known their whole lives. I know I had trouble adjusting to the extra letter at the end. 385 more words


Pantheism and rituals.

Sat in church the low hum of chanting echo’s off the stone ceiling, the sweet smell of incense fills the air. In the zendo the monks rhythmically chant the heart sutra to the sound of wood knocking against wood. 583 more words


Personal Paganism

This week, the Dedicant Path through the Wheel of the Year book asks me to reflect on the questions I considered way back at the start of the DP course. 510 more words