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Origin and attributes of deity

I am responding to questions in Lunar Wisdom’s Mystical Seeker’s Year on Youtube.  This is my response to week 2.

The question of whether humans created deity or whether deity  created humans is a complex one for me.   683 more words

Religion And Spirituality

The Nature of Deity

I’ve been a spiritual seeker all my life.  I was raised Christian, flirted with Occultism and New Age ideas in my late teens, took a passing interest in Hinduism and Buddhism in my early twenties, became a panpsychist pantheist in my late twenties and early thirties, became an atheist in my mid thirties and then regained some kind of spirituality, including flirting with Hinduism and Paganism, even though remaining something of an agnostic. 295 more words

Religion And Spirituality

The Element of Earth

It’s time to go back to some more basics, the Elements.

Earth, fire, wind and water are the basic spiritual elements. Each have their own energy and spiritual aspect. 317 more words

Exposing The New Age Movement - Part 1

The New Age Movement is nothing but a rebranded form of Paganism. This dangerous movement is making a come back under the guise of harmless paranormal investigation conducted by various groups. 528 more words

Ghost Hunting

10 Signs That You Are In A Shady Metaphysical Shop

By: Wynter NightHare

I live in a pretty cool little town that has a lot of personality. It has a long and interesting history, it is incredibly “artist friendly” and it’s filled with funky independent businesses. 1,244 more words