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Autumn Equinox

It’s a bit late to be writing about this, but last week went mental and I didn’t get time to post.

Unfortunately I also didn’t get to plan out my ritual, but had to do my usual standard one. 131 more words

Quercus Robur

Halloween and the Fear of Death

I was a fearful child. My anxiety disorder found numerous ways to manifest itself, but one of those was an overwhelming fear of death and pretty much anything related to the topic. 644 more words


Day 7: Witches and Sacred Symbols, (from Wicca, A Year and a Day)

After reading a discussion of the importance of symbols to all religious traditions, and especially to witches, we are asked to answer the following questions after witnessing a sunrise or sunset. 631 more words


More than Skin Deep

“What’s that say on your wrist?”

Sometimes I miss the good conversations.

The other day I missed a doozy, and by mere inches.

A friend and coworker was chatting with a customer when the woman paused their conversation to ask her about her tattoo. 722 more words

Modern Life

Autumnal Equinox

So, happy Equinox. Or Mabon, or Herfest, or whatever you prefer to call it. I mostly called it Equinox this year, but when I googled for info about what different people do to celebrate it, I used “Mabon” because that seems to be the overwhelmingly popular term. 406 more words


Rustic Shaman's Necklace

Made with  bone, a deer antler “cap” and moose hide.

See it on my Etsy!

Awaken Your Senses, Change Your Perceptions

We are each responsible for creating our own reality through what we think  about and how we perceive experiences.

But this goes beyond mere positive thinking. 255 more words