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Visionary Fiction Writer Margaret Duarte

Please welcome Margaret Duarte, who has a brand new book out just for us to read.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m the daughter of Dutch immigrants. 1,086 more words


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Duarte's new book is based on her research in "... paganism, holistic theory, quantum mechanics, and transpersonal psychology, which takes readers deep into the depths of consciousness to the unified field underlying physical existence, where separateness is an illusion." Definitely my kind of thing and maybe yours too.

Rise up this morning...

I was walking home on a beautiful, sunny afternoon in February. The air was an illogical 70 degrees, the birds were chirping, the plants were all reaching through the soil. 1,915 more words


The Fruit of Duality: The Magick of Black Cherries

The Fruit of Duality: The Magick of Black Cherries

The mysterious energy and deep purple beauty of black cherries is mesmerizing. They also carry latent and oftentimes overlooked magical powers. 35 more words


Beginnings Are Always Hard

Beginnings are always hard. There’s no two ways about it. I actually think I used this same title half a dozen years ago for another blog… Going against one of the main rules in blogging, this post… 620 more words

A Living Witch

Every Day Magic

Moon Books, who are my publishers, have been working on a new community book ‘Every Day Magic: A Pagan Book of Days’ which is due to be published in the Autumn. 67 more words


My Moon Mother/Womb Blessing Journey so far

You may remember I mentioned in a previous blog that I wanted to write a full blog about what has happened with me since becoming a Moon Mother in November, well I’ve had more and more to write as time has gone on, and now feels the time to start writing this out! 1,935 more words


On Binding and the Rule of Three

Regarding “binding” the Troglodyte-in-Chief:

I’m not saying this is or isn’t a good idea, but I understand both sides and feel like I need to chime in as a – well, I don’t want to say “Devil’s Advocate”, because that’s the problem. 793 more words