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The air we breathe will take us..April 2016

Time for the 4th update of the year, how crazy is that! And although my overtime in Rayleigh finished, I’ve still been working a lot and not much else. 377 more words



Floralia, the Roman holiday that’s most likely the origin of May Day, the flowery holiday that initiates the summer season.
The festival honored Flora, the Sabine goddess who represented the reproductive abundance of nature, the sexual aspects of plants, and the attractiveness of flowers. 561 more words

The Green Lady

I am ever so excited to announce that one of my pieces of flash fiction has been posted on The Three Drops From A Cauldron… 90 more words

Creative Writing

Anthropocentricism in "Animal lovers"

“Studies show cows have best friends, just like humans…”

The above statement was read in an article that was shared on a Facebook page that promotes veganism and the destruction of meat industries that I had been following. 727 more words


Mimir's Well

I trow I hung on that windy Tree
nine whole days and nights,
stabbed with a spear, offered to Odin,
myself to mine own self given…

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Encyclopedia Entry

The Witch's Tools

The collection of my altar furniture and tools was for me one of the most exciting parts . I did not spend much because some objects was in my house and other tools I inherited from my grandfather. 535 more words


Working With The Gods: Frigga

For those who practice the Norse spiritual ways, shamanism, keep in mind that when calling upon Frigga or if by any chance you know she will come to you, keep everything as clean as possible, even yourself. 168 more words

Working With The Gods