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Alabama and Reflections on Alex Mar's Witches of America

I’m in Alabama for Thanksgiving, hanging out with my parents, running, writing, and sleeping more than I usually do. Oliver always makes the drive with me, and it’s funny watching him interact with my mother’s three cats, who are comparatively huge and fancy (long-haired, Persian, flat-faced, totally uncivilized despite whatever she says about them). 1,037 more words


Allegiance to the Craft

The sky bleeds colours of midnight blue and the air is laced with magick.
A fire has been lit and it burns brightly.
For tonight, I pledge my allegiance to the craft… 219 more words


Pagan and Spiritual Book Round-Up November 2015

The Story of Bacchus, Andrew Dalby

Another book I pinched borrowed from my Dad’s collection. It’s a novella-length “biography” of the Greco-Roman God of Wine, Bacchus, drawing from the original ancient sources of his mythology. 926 more words



I move through this forest with a touch of melancholy a tear of loneliness and a madness of illusion

I am rich in curiosity
Sweetened with passion… 118 more words

Magickal Arts

The Dawn Shall Always Greet You

If this is our one true life
Then life can complete us
It’s not impossible to discover that within every season, every month and every day… 39 more words


Second book review: Modern Paganism

Hutton, R. The triumph of the moon: a history of modern Pagan witchcraft. Oxford University Press, 1999.

The book I have chosen for the Modern Paganism topic is… 560 more words


Three Kindreds: Nature spirits

While for some Pagans, the term “Nature Spirits” refers to otherworldly or mythical entities like fairies and dryads, as a naturalist I don’t believe such creatures exist outside of the realms of story and dream. 409 more words