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Magic Considerations

So, I’ve been thinking extensively about magic recently. I’ve always been interested in magic and witchcraft, but so far I haven’t really found a system that works for me. 1,255 more words

Surrounded By The Sun

On Tragedy: Abrahamic, Ancient Greek and Modern Horizons

The term “tragedy” and “tragic” are bandied about in many contexts, but what exactly is it about a situation that makes it tragic? I want to suggest that the everyday use of the word tragic within developed European and North American societies is deeply out of step with the Shakespearean understanding of tragedy and more in line with the way that tragedy is understood in Ancient Greek drama.  1,105 more words

Non-binary Mysteries Prompt #2

This month’s theme is Solar and Lunar Symbolism.

Optional questions to answer:

Who are the sun/moon deities that make most sense to you? Are they even from your tradition? 100 more words


Candlemas, Birthdays, and DNA. But Mostly DNA.

Sorry for the silence.  I wasn’t neglecting my blog.  I just didn’t have anything worth saying.  Everything I attempted to write was either overly-snarky or a jumbled mess.  1,047 more words


Leadership in the Pagan Community

As a religious community, we Pagans have produced some amazing thinkers and philosophers.  Think about Scott Cunningham and Margot Adler, poets who have dedicated their lives to writing about the Goddess and her people.  340 more words


[Pagan Experience] Canon & Headcanon

This is part of the Pagan Experience prompts. If you are interested in a blogging project, I recommend it!

Gnosis is a term that is used quite often in Pagan and polytheist discussions, usually as ‘unverified/unverifiable/unsubstantiated personal gnosis’. 1,026 more words