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Beginner's Wisdom

Day 19 of #100Daychallenge

Tonight, I attended the Galway Pagan Moot. As it happened, I was the only pagan-identified person there, to begin with. We had a very small number tonight and four of them were visiting guests. 287 more words


Apple Cake-Perfect for Mabon

This is a recipe my mother uses for apple cake which is beyond delish! She makes this every Thanksgiving and Christmas as she knows it is my favorite. 151 more words


Awkward Encounter

We meet again. I see you sitting across from me, here in my favorite coffee shop. Here’s hoping you don’t recognize/remember me.

A few months earlier… 441 more words


Thoughts on Quitting Smoking, Broomclosets, and Other Things

When I ended a FB convo with a friend to write this blog she suggested I start a second one for it. For awhile I considered it since I can’t talk about this subject without discussing spirituality, but I’ve decided against it as I think as humans we compartmentalize ourselves too much as it is. 1,130 more words

Green Men

On the Green Men who are carved in stone at the church

of St. John the Baptist, Devizes…


Walls, Taxonomies, Spills

Boundaries are often good things, walls sometimes, sometimes not. Walls are much in the US news of late, with a would be demagogue loudly proclaiming the need to build a wall between the US and Mexico, and another would be president imbecile saying it’s worthwhile to explore building one between the US and Canada. 492 more words


By the Light of the Super Moon

The night of the Super Moon was fantastic! I did some meditation to increase my vibration and then took a new wand I made with me as I ventured out to speak with the moon. 175 more words