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Ireland's Folk Religion

When we first arrived back from Australia to live in rural Ireland, we had to register at the Garda Station (police) so I could get my Child Benefit payments. 1,342 more words

Concrete FieldsĀ 

Every time I return to the town where I grew up, another field has died.

I think, “They can’t build anymore houses. There isn’t any room.” 92 more words


Litha Incense


  • Lavender
  • Mint (I used some that I picked from my garden)
  • Rosemary
  • Carnations
    • These are from a Valentines Day flower bouquet my Significant Other bought me at the Pittsburgh Strip District…
  • 198 more words

When Christians Practice Witchcraft

Christians condemn witchcraft, right? In word, yes, but in practice, not always. I believe there are many Christians who engage in what can be called Christian witchcraft. 1,176 more words

Christian Living

The Wild Witch

Her bones are made of earth.
Her eyes are the color of water.

Her hair is like the sun.

This night, it is clothes that feed her fire. 142 more words


Exposing the Grail Message

The first Grail message adherent I met on a personal level was Fola. We were course mates in the university and were posted to the same state camp for NYSC in 2011. 2,747 more words



Merry Midsummer and Blessed Be.

Blessed Be is kind of a Wiccan thing but I really haven’t adapted all my pagan things into anything formal. So? 356 more words

Dear Diary