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Measuring Display Ads

Display Ads
Display ads are advertisements on a website which contain text and imagery for a brand. Display ads are available in many formats such as leader boards; banners and skyscrapers. 624 more words

Cost Per Click

Facebook Advertising

In my previous blog I spoke about the various types of paid-for online advertising.  I have experience in this myself with my website http://www.hurlingmad.com.  This is a website selling Gaa t-shirts and hoodies.   433 more words


Here comes the science bit

Rather than Jennifer Aniston talking about the vitamin complexes in L’Oreal Elvive shampoo, it’s just plain out me explaining the science bits behind measurement. No swishy hair, sorry. 501 more words

Measurement for dummies

How do you measure something?

Well, you usually take something like a tape measure or a timer or even a horrible vice-grip of metal (in case you’re measuring body fat!) 273 more words


Metrics or KPIs are the variables used in measurement to determine whether a particular campaign has been a success or failure. Commonly used metrics include hits, page impressions, unique users, incremental sales, social media interactions and click-through. 237 more words

Social Media

About Google AdSense Revenue Program

AdSense is a free program that empowers online publishers to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on their website or blog.Google AdSense is flexible, easy and free way to earn money online.


Time to end our reliance on unique users

Working out the circulation of a newspaper is straightforward – find out how many copies have been printed, then take away the number returned unsold by newsagents. 720 more words