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Web Hack Tip #1

Put your javascript files at the bottom and css at the top as your design of the page should load quickly and functionality later. Js files at the top makes your page slower. 50 more words


Adding blog statistics can be quite an experience ...

So I am asked to take on adding the blog statistics icons on the blog. This is something that gives me a headache every time I am asked to do it. 700 more words

Blog Stats

Steps to Faster Page Load Times

Part 2 in a series – In my last post, we discussed why page load times are so important. In this post we discuss how to improve them and make them faster. 449 more words


Analyze The Speed of Your Web Site

When you are maintaining a web site it is important that page loads are fast so that your visitors will keep coming back. Recently on my website… 391 more words


window.unload, synchronous ajax and page loads

I’ve been working on a project that had me work with javascript based timers and required me to ensure certain data was updated before the user left the page. 401 more words


Paradigm Unshift

In the pre-web era, databases were used mostly for storage. Unless you developed for a bank, you’ve pretty much gotten away with a basic knowledge of SQL. 336 more words



Everyone likes to see their odometer rollover, right?


So, I guess I'd just like to say thanks for reading — even to all the spambots. 8 more words