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VIEWPOINT - It might be time to learn a third language, and it's not that hard

SINCE I’M LEARNING Turkish as a third language, I found myself improving very fast in a very short time. In less than a month, I became able to speak, understand, read and write the basic words, numbers, and most common sentences in Turkish. 863 more words

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GINTA - Why slow is good, on the road and beyond

EVERY TIME I drive to Vancouver I get reminded of a few things. Firstly, that British Columbia is a beautiful place, no matter the season. Though the Coquihalla is a fast-driving corridor, it is hard to escape the views that crowd your gaze as you make your way up and down the mountains. 190 more words

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FOOD - Generation X: the lost food generation

Senior Fellow

GENERATION Xers don’t cook. They never acquired the skills. Most of this group (born between 1965 and 1976) grew up when food was essentially an afterthought. 671 more words

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DYING - Tying up the loose ends of life


“DEATH IS inevitable. A bad death is not,” blares the headline of the April 29 edition of The Economist. The feature repeats the arguments why more palliative care is needed and why “honest and open conversations about dying should be as much a part of modern medicine as prescribing drugs or fixing broken bones.” 671 more words

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KNOX - Policing's gone high-tech, but it comes with a price

EARLY FRIDAY, Victoria police waded into an apartment where a drunken soap opera was in progress.

Seems one tenant didn’t like the other tenant’s girlfriend being around so often without paying rent, and things went south from there, loudly. 818 more words

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POLITICS - B.C.’s election: the perils of proportional representation

The Fraser Institute

FORMER U.S. president Barack Obama popularized the phrase “teachable moment” by pointing out that events, even tragedies, are often opportunities for the public to learn more about policy. 533 more words

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PETERS - Spina's revelation changes everything

LAST WEEK in this space, I argued against holding a by-election to fill the mayor’s spot on Kamloops council.

But things have changed significantly since then, and there is now good reason for everyone to re-evaluate. 109 more words

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