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McQUARRIE - Social media users are fertile ground for data farmers

MANY OF YOU are probably not aware of this, but back in 2004, when Gmail was launched, Google would digitally scan your emails and based on what you had written, would specifically target you with ads that were felt to be relevant to the content of your email. 90 more words

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PIPELINES - Opposition to Canadian pipelines largely funded by Americans

To maintain secrecy, large U.S. environmental foundations simply “purchased” the co-operation of Canadian organizations to stop Alberta oil from reaching international markets

By LEE HARDING… 744 more words

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EDITORIAL - This minimum-wage and tips system costs too much

LIQUOR SERVERS will, eventually, make as much in wages as other minimum-wage earners in B.C. and it makes total sense.

Currently, they get only $10.10 an hour, compared to the regular minimum of $11.35. 347 more words

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IN THE LEDGE - 'When will premier keep his promise on employers health tax?'

Debate in the Legislature on Monday, April 23, 2018 between Opposition Leader Andrew Wilkinson and Finance Minister Carole James:

A. Wilkinson: I’m sure the incoming government figured out very quickly that school boards are required to balance their budgets. 678 more words

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NATIONAL PULSE - 'Anti-pipeline protesters don't represent mainstream'

Six-in-ten say Kinder Morgan could have done a better job earning public’s trust on this project

April 23, 2018 – Protests against Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain Pipeline have followed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for months, from Vancouver to Ottawa to London. 259 more words

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CULTURE - The crisis of diversity in the realm of the super heroes

Look! Up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane … it’s Daycare Dynamo of the Social Justice Warriors

Senior Fellow… 566 more words

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EDITORIAL - There’s nothing wrong with giving our schools a report card

An ArmchairMayor.ca editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

The Fraser Institute’s annual elementary school rankings are out. This, of course, drives educators bonkers.

Most schools in the Kamloops district rank so-so, a few get high grades, and a few others — like Arthur Hatton, Marion Schilling, and A.E. 331 more words

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