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First blog post

Here is my first post, I am in AIMS class creating site pages!


This side-by-side comparison shows how many ads are in Google search results

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

We’ve become so used to seeing ads on every page of the internet that we might not even notice them any more. In fact, there are so many advertisements that seeing a web page without them actually looks a little strange.  180 more words


“Blank Page Syndrome” — MumblingTrouble

Every artist suffers with it at one point. Either in brand new sketch books, a fresh canvas, a lovely notebook, or on any medium you use.

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Random Thoughts

Membuat Online Shop di Page Facebook


ini adalah lanjutan dari tutorial cara membuat page di facebook

Setelah anda membuat page di facebook, maka anda bisa melanjutkan untuk membuat online shop untuk menjual produk-produk anda dimana anda bisa menggunggah gambar produk dan memasukkan harga produk serta diskripisi produknya. 178 more words


MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE finally on Facebook!

Just a quick post for today. I have finally created a Facebook page for MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE. Another branch on the tree. This will be a fun place to interact more as I can post quick bits there rather than taking the time to build these meticulous write-ups which will continue here. 44 more words